I don't smell no coffee

On Saturday after I had the bungalow cleaned and the laundry done and clean sheets on the bed I decided to mosey over to the shop to see if I could get myself a cup of coffee.

You might remember that my beloved likes to look me square in the eyes first thing in the morning and tell me . . ."I don't smell no coffee". I put a little thought into this whole me dragging coffee out to the shop and I took it upon myself to sort this out.

I bought him a coffee maker for the shop.

I know . .. pretty smart.

I even gave him a coffee scoop and some coffee.

So, I went into the shop and there he was busy working on Miss Ella's steering column.

I asked him if he would be so kind as to allow me to pretend too.

We went for a bit of a ride .. .so to speak. . .

and then he showed me the brackets and the welding on the floor and other things that your men folk might notice in the pictures. . .

Then. . .I said to him .. .

"I don't smell no coffee"

Then. . .he went and got out his swanky new coffee maker .. .

While he made ME a cup of coffee I perused his assortment of magazines that are laid out on his workbench.

While the coffee drip. . .drip .. .dripped . ..
we chatted .

He then invited me proper like to have a seat ..
and enjoy a cup of coffee.
I did.

So .. .the pedometers are firmly attached to the waist bands?
After a weekend of enjoying the freedom I'm excited to be back at it,
I plan to do better than last week and leave a little room for improvement for next week.

Have a great day my friends . .


  1. Really nice haircut Lovella. I also like that coffee maker. How handy, just two cups and already in thermal mugs. Have fun walking and counting. I'll put mine on right now.

  2. Love the haircut, Lovella! And so nice that you and hubby could enjoy that cup of coffee together. Always a good thing to be interested in each others hobbies.
    You two look so cute in that truck, bet you can hardly wait till you can go for a proper ride down the road and show off a little.

  3. Ooooo...I love your haircut! So pretty and sassy!
    Every single morning of the world I get up, turn on the coffee maker (I don't drink coffee...ew) and then go into the bedroom and tell my hubby "coffee's cookin'". He usually gets his coffee in bed because I'm a very nice wife! *lol* It's just become a morning ritual.

    I've forgotten..again..to put on the pedometer. *shaking head* I have to get into the habit! Good luck with your walking this week!


  4. Right now as you speak, I'm waiting for my man to come back from the barn and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee.

    The cut is so cute. That's quite a change from before and I bet your man feels like he's in bed with a new women!! Enjoy

    I need to look for a new pedometer, one that doesn't always fall off.

  5. I tell you girl, that is one shop to be envious of for sure! Enjoy...

  6. I love your haircut!

    Yep, I'm wearing my pedometer, but it certainly is hard to rack up the steps when I'm driving my hubby around town. We're back home again...maybe I'll brave these strong, chilly winds and walk a few laps around the neighborhood today.

  7. yup, firmly attatched to waistband. i now have to keep it hidden by my shirt because if tristan sees it, he grabs it thinking its his new toy (since i let him play with it the other day...oops!)

    gorgeous hair!

  8. Sassy! Shake that mop and give a grin. You looked great before and after!

    Love the coffee in the garage thing. Add some greasy car magazines, a March 2006 Women's Day magazine and you can pretend you are getting your oil changed at a mechanic station without that annoying up charge on all the parts and services that always seem to happen.

  9. What a beautiful friendship and marriage. Love the little coffee spot you have...enjoy your sit time together, you are so cute!

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  10. I've actually never seen a shop that looked so 'pristine'...does he have another shop where he makes the mess? It looks like a fine spot to have coffee together!
    Enjoy the sassy cut...it looks great.

  11. Lovella,
    First, right off the bat, I love the truck's name....Miss Ella'...that was my Mother's name and thousands of times I heard her addressed as 'Miss Ella'.....thank you for the memory....

    Your hair cut is adorable...Betty @ Country Charm.....Betty

  12. Hi Lovella, now don't faint or fall off your chair or anything. Yes, now that we are on higher speed it is much easier to leave my comment!!
    Your hair looks very cute and it looks like Miss Ella is coming right along!

  13. That's quite a fabulous workshop! Complete with comfy seating area and brand new coffee maker...and what a wonderful workbench - long enough for all those magazines to be laid out for reference.

    And the new haircut is cute; I envy people who can wear their hair short and sassy! And with bangs.

  14. Looks like the truck needs a cupholder!

  15. Such a sweet post! And I say you look much to pretty for so early in the morning! Adorable!


  16. You guys are just toooooo cute!


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