Wednesday, October 31, 2012


It is interesting how certain facts are forever lodged in my memory.
My mom and dad often talked about Nicolas Pauls who married them.
I never had met the pastor who passed away many years ago but I recall that at their 25th wedding anniversary they so wished he could attend from another province.

It is understandable isn't it?
The one who marries you before family, friends and most of all God has a vital role in your life.

This week I heard that the pastor who was most influential in my teen years and early adulthood has gone to be with the Lord.
He was known in our church as RB.
Always with his Bible in his left hand, he preached the word of God with passion and clarity.

I was wondering today...
How many couples must he have married?
How many funerals did he officiate?
How many couples did he counsel?
How many parents did he encourage?
How faithful he was.

He was instrumental in my life...
Thanking God today for the life of Rudy Boschman.
His suffering has ended and his life has truly began.

all for now...

Monday, October 29, 2012

What I know about Women

I found this little gem in a box of keepsakes.
It belonged to my parents and I've kept it all these years for the reminder of the fun they had.
Someone had given it to one of them and they had enjoyed sharing it with so many couples that came to visit.

The grands were over one day and I pulled it out...
and asked if they would like me to read them a book.
Of course...they always do.

I read the title on the spine of the book...
and with extra drama...pulled it out ever so slowly.
The surprise on their faces was so sweet and innocent...
and of course...they wanted to try to "read it" to me.

That spring snake was tricky to fit back into the bookcase...
but oh...when it was safely tucked inside..
the suspense was quickly released.

Time and time again..
the spring snake was pressed flat...
and another unsuspecting victim was approached.

I have no idea how many times Kobe watched the spring snake escape...
but his reaction kept the game going.

All of it...
made me smile.

all for now..

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Celebration Cover

We have shared our upcoming new book cover on the Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog...
but for sake of documenting part of my life journey...
I'd like to share it here too.

When I see the cover,
I think of all the love and care that so many put into each part of the details you can see.

More of the story behind the table and what that day involved will be included in the book.
Our new aprons and the inspiration for them...
the color choices ...
the theme of the book...
and so on.

The first three sections have been completed in each kitchen and now we are checking and double checking for accuracy before compiling them into a manuscript.
It is a blessing to have this opportunity and I am grateful every day for the gift of the team God has blessed me with.

It is a recipe testing and photographing day.
I find the days that I plan for this exciting.
At the end of a photo shoot I can't upload photos quick enough...
and then I sit and savour them on the screen...
deleting...starring...and narrowing down the choices.
I can't imagine anything I'd rather be doing.

all for now..

Monday, October 22, 2012

knot hole fill

We were picking the apples off our trees and the little ones were helping.

I came around the corner and found him fixing the fence.
Cutest fence fixer ever!

all for now..

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

the jalapeno crop

I picked the jalapeños off our one plant.
I said yesterday....
"I wonder how much that plant cost us?"
He couldn't remember either but we've been eating the hot little peppers for a few months already.

They are now tucked into the freezer and ready to warm us up during the chilly winter.

Make sure you visit Mennonite Girls Can Cook today to see our new Celebration cover.
It is an exciting day and we are so happy to share it with you.

all for now... 

Monday, October 15, 2012

behind the scenes at Stillwood

On Saturday Kathy, Judy, Julie, Bev and I went up to Camp Stillwood to join the women who were enjoying some time of refreshment.

We were invited to come share our story and do a cooking demonstration.
We did not need to think of what to demo..
they had requests.

The "class" was full and Bev placed recipes on each chair for them to follow along.

Judy set out trays of plates so share our finished products.

Kathy was busy in the kitchen starting the first recipe of Portzelky.

She measured...and measured...
and I tried very hard not to confuse her in the process.

Julie was rolling pans of Falafel...
a naturally gluten free chickpea treat.

I scooped and turned and fried the batter.

Judy sugared.
They were delicious.  
Our husbands did not mind one bit that we brought them each a small bagful.

The story was shared...
the Falafel was shared...
and the Portzelky was shared. 

After the kitchen was cleaned and our dishes were washed...
and our totes were filled with our "stuff"....
we headed back to our homes...
enjoying the most beautiful scenes around us.

all for now.. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Creative Reading

The group of three has a large book case with beautiful books.
This is one of their favorite and I sure can't blame them.

I can understand German ...
enough to get by.
I can't read it worth a bean.

The illustrations ...
help tremendously.

They politely listen to my version of the tale.
They understand that Grammie needs to improvise because she can't speak Deutsch very well.

what I lack in my language skills...
I make up in my creative imagination.

The rain has begun here in the Fraser Valley.
The longest driest last two and a half months has ended.

It feels like Autumn today.

Happy Weekend my dear ones ...
all for now..

Thursday, October 11, 2012

from Auntie Hilda

There are so many things that matter most....
but every now and then...
it is the little thoughts of kindness that bring cheer!

I can't remember the last time I went to the mailbox and discovered a parcel.

Do you know that moment just before opening a gift?
Have you ever just let is sit unopened and pondered it?

I did that.
Once I opened the brown wrapper and found this pretty paper inside..
I let is sit...and emptied my dishwasher.

I kept glancing over at it...
not willing for the surprise to end.

Inside...was a handwritten note from Auntie Hilda...
written with love.

Still taking my time..
I put on a pot of coffee..
and checked email.

Truly...I did that.

A gift from this my favorite store. here.

She saw this sweet apron while shopping with cousin Nancy.
She thought of me...
imagine that.

It is perfect!
I love it!

You are...
 as always..
so kind..
and generous.
Thank you so much!

A girl never has too many aprons.

all for now...

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

wiener roast 2012 recap

The littlest one was stuck in his chair and couldn't get enough Turkey Barley Vegetable soup.
He ate with such gusto that he drew a crowd.
He had a bath later.

The oldest two roasted their hotdogs with care.

The middle one threw the ball for Kobe...many times.

Seeing these two...
 made me remember a thanksgiving wiener roast many years ago when I ate one hotdog and was invited to share a second one.

They shared it.

The grandpa expected it might be cut in half..
but how much more fun it is to eat your way to the middle!

The wee roasting fire was drenched...
and the wiener roast was a success..

Monday, October 8, 2012

O GIVE thanks!

I was spending some time this last week in my Mom's Bible and felt the gratitude and thankfulness in her underlinings and notes.

This verse they selected for their 50th anniversary. 
I love that she wrote that in gold pen.

It is a day to be thankful for all the Lord's goodness to us.
His mercy does endure forever.

Blessed be the name of the Lord!

Our family is coming over for a wiener roast today.
We'll pick apples and enjoy  the sunshine.

I'll surely have some photos to share of today's event...
and I'll leave you with the smile of the day...
Mennonite Girls Can Cook signing another contract with MennoMedia.

We are indeed very thankful.

all for now..

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October Summer

Oh it is so busy around here that my posting is suffering from a missing person..

I did stop a minute to take a photo of my hanging basket on the weekend.
Yesterday it cooled off a bit and everyday we wonder...
if summer is over.

Summer will be over when I don't see this mid afternoon anymore.

It wants to be fall.
The sedum has turned color and the fall asters are blooming.

all for now...