Friday, April 30, 2010

flowers for Auntie Eleanor

Yesterday I attended the memorial service in honor of my aunt . .

my dad's sister.

She was ready to go home to heaven and at age 93 had looked forward to seeing those she loved.

It surprised me how my emotions came to the surface as soon as the service began.

Knowing that we were singing the songs that meant so much to her and to so many of us that love the Lord Jesus caused me to both sing out beside my sister in laws and then drop off to silence . .

when the words reminded me of my own parents who have been gone so long already.

My Dad and his sister who were both adopted were born in the same year but my dad's birth year was adjusted to be one year younger .. .to avoid questions of how two children within one family could be so close together.

They were loved and that was all that mattered to the two young children.

How thankful I am for my grandma and grandpa who brought the two youngsters to Canada to a place where they could raise their children with freedom in what they believed.

The tributes from her children and her daughter by love and her granddaughter and the slide show . .all added to the beautiful service that was the last act of love for the mother that had birthed ten children.. . and who loved them all so much.

My siblings and I sent flowers of course . .

as they did when we lost first our mom and then our dad.

I wondered who to call . .

I wanted the flowers to be just right.

I remembered then . .

a bloggy friend . who had once called to use a few acorns for boutonnieres.

She was more than happy to make us an arrangement . .

and now. .

she'll be my forever florist.

Call Jan's Floral Design when someone special needs a bouquet . . .

you'll be glad you did.

I wonder .. how far will she deliver?

All for now . .

Thursday, April 29, 2010

just a word or two on bloggers

We are all the same. .
and we are all different.
Bloggers that is.
Yesterday I had the distinct privilege of lunching with a group of bloggers.
Normally when I tick off boxes of things that apply to my person . .
it has recently seemed that as far as my age goes . .
the box I tick is lower and lower in the row. . .
but when I sent in my rsvp . .there was no age limit box to tick and so before they had a chance to change their mind. . .
I whipped up a wee batch of Charlottes Maple Twists . .
printed off my map. .
and drove under big black and white poofy clouds to the bloggy luncheon party.
Upon arriving ..
I was greeted with hugs as girls who have been friends a long time tend to do.
I was made to feel welcome and comfortable in the home I had never been.
About the blogging girls . . .
I met their beautiful children . .
I saw the kindness in the friendship between them . .
I saw the love they have for their families .. .both immediate and extended. . .
and I recognized the connection between us all.
What we talked about . .
We wondered about the people that read our blog . . .but don't want us to know that they do . .
we wondered about people who leave comments but not their name . . .
we shared our reasons for blogging . .
and how it has brought groups of women together . .
being encouraged and encouraging along the way.
So ..
that is how I spent 2.5 hours yesterday afternoon.
I'd say it was time well spent.
I'd like to thank the lovely hostess and her dear friend who came from far away to visit.
They were the two girls within the group who's blogs I always read and who inspired the beginning of the blog you read today.
When I read their blogs . ..
I offer a word in response . .
and then . . .
I always leave my name . .
because that is who I am.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April showers . .April flowers

Tell me the truth. .

is there any prettier time of year?

Is there anything better than breathing in the "real" scent of lilacs while capturing a rainbow against a dark stormy sky?

Taking pictures against the blue skies is my favorite .. .

or is it the dark stormy skies?

The verdict is still out on that question.

I wonder . .. is God pleased when we keep our tiny patches on the globe trimmed and clean?

I'm pretty sure. .

this is my favorite time of year.

How many times have I shown you the raspberries across the road?

I'm pretty sure. . .

when you least expect it. .

you'll see them one more time. .

or maybe two .. or three . .or . .

All for now . .

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

pink day

Yesterday was a grammie day . . .

we grocery shopped . .

and I was kindly instructed to stop at the pet store which made me smile.

A two and a half year old that says. .

"come on grammie" and knows her way around the big store surely is destined to be an animal lover her whole life.

We arrived home just as grandpa was finishing chores ..

so we had to go have a look to see if chickies had arrived yet . .

and no .. they had not. . but we double checked several more times during the day . .

just to be sure.

We very carefully carried fresh from the hen house eggs to the bungalow ..

and scrambled them up for our lunch.

My daily walk was unnecessary yesterday but playing tag whilst carrying a toddler and having grandpa chasing me us . . .had me huffing and puffing and laughing so hard . . .I needed not the treadmill and indeed needed a cookie to even out the caloric count for the day.

I saw a long time ago reflection of myself a little bit yesterday.

When I was a toddler I didn't have a backpack for my dolly nor a fancy schmancy stroller . .

and not even one camera slung around my neck . .

never mind two. . .

but I made many trips around the bungalow with my dollies .. .

and suddenly I wondered where the time has gone.

This is where I am at . .

yesterday I wanted to stop the clock . .

and soak in giggles and the squeals . . .

but I can't . .

so we'll just make these grammie days count . . .

and make memories. .

one day at a time.

All for now . .

Monday, April 26, 2010

the welcome home party

On the way home from Portland . . .

we admired over and over again how drivers drove so nicely.

For the most part. . .

posted speed limits and sign rules are kindly observed and it occurred to me that anyone can be trained given the opportunity to be reformed.

We drove through a state and a half with not a siren nor a display of cheery lights on our behalf.

When a driver refused to follow the signage. .

they were over on the side of the road with a patrol car behind them ....

and we tsk tsked and shook our heads and wondered when people will ever learn.

At the border crossing . .

we were allowed back into our Canada with only a concern that we hadn't overspent our budget.

We hadn't.

Nothing brings a smile to a girls face like the perfect timing of arriving home and the showing up of the grands . . .as though it was a carefully timed car rally.

Arms open wide and wee smiles of recognition . . .

was more than enough to make us happily leave the unpacking and the sorting of the goods for yet another day.

We opted to sleep one more night in the trailer since the bungalow sitters were so comfortable in their beds and we were in ours and one more night in our trailer would allow for a bit more open arms and wee smiles in the morning.

Yesterday . . .

I walked back and forth from the trailer to the house . .

carrying the laundry bag and books and the last bit of perishables.

I could have walked with my eyes closed with only my sense of smell to tell me I was passing the lilacs both white and lavender.

I might have been photo snapping silly as I passed through the beautiful subdivisions in Portland . .

but the dogwoods back on the farm . . .

welcomed me home.

Friday, April 23, 2010

personal shopper for "me"

Yesterday morning . ..
we looked at our bare bones street map and headed in the general direction of Pike Place Mall.
We are doing better at bare bones street finding and just as we are ready to head home. .
we have a sense of what is where in the fair city of Portland.
One of the things we have learned is that people are exceptionally kind and friendly where ever we go.
The clerks in the stores were interested in where we've been and why we camp this time of year. . and they are fascinated to know about the cold north.
The fine looking and very mannerly young man at Banana Republic sang O Canada for us and told us how he learned it in grade school in Indiana along with the Lord's Prayer.
He had us in stitches as we were selecting Polo shirts for my beloved.
The highlight of the day was our stop at J Crew.
I saw the offer in the store window to ask for a personal shopper . ..
and had no intention of taking them up on the offer as I shop the sale rack and would have been intimidated by the notion that they would try to sell me a rack full of clothes I wouldn't be able to afford.
The salesgirl Ciera found me and offered first a few helpful hints about how to roll up the jeans I was wearing as I tried on a top or two.
Then came her hints about how to add in the clothes I was trying on with items I might already have at home.
Then. ..she wrapped me in belts and tucked and eased and before I knew it. .
my beloved and I were engaged in a two hour lesson on how I should be dressing.
She offered tips on appropriate attire for someone of my age . .
which I trusted as she herself was my age and looked classy and beautiful.
So . .we left the store with a bag full of sale rack items and then implemented her suggestions at Nordstroms rack store.
Oh. . .fun times.
What was really fun was that the person I dress for. . .was enthused and involved and . .
adding his own opinion which I always value.
So . .
today my friends we are heading back home.
I'm estimating our time of arrival to be around dinner time. .
and I'm hoping. .
that some wee ones will show up around that time . .
because we'll be ordering pizza . .
grammie is coming home darlings.
All for now . . .

Thursday, April 22, 2010

shopping tax free

We had our leisurely breakfast of coffee and bagels with cream cheese and homemade sour cherry jam.
Everyone needs a proper breakfast before setting out on the highways and byways without a proper map . .don't they?
Call us cheap . .we looked everywhere for a map of the city .. and we just couldn't find one without a big spiral bound book .. .and we haven't yet invested in a GPS. .
so ..
we get lost and found and ask at gas stations and then again at the next one because we couldn't understand the man at the first one.
We persevere though. .
and while I should be looking at the bare bones map with only the major streets ..
I take pictures of the neighborhoods that we travel through.
I must say ..
Portland has the most beautiful streets . .
their dogwood both pink and white are blooming in all their glory now and I wouldn't have seen that had we stuck to the highways and byways that should have taken us from point a to b.
Around noon . .
we pulled into Lloyd center . . after our side trip to camping world.
I'd like to say it was just as I remembered it. . .
but everything from our honeymoon memories did not not include much of the mall itself.
Having said that. .
it was nice to be back.
The little kids have a few things in the bag ..
and I found a few tops . .
and Terry found himself a gas powered hedge trimmer . . .saying he is still plenty young enough to be trimming his own hedge.
On our way "home". . we wanted to find Costco to pick up some jammies for the wee ones.
We got desperately lost once more . .but arrived before the big door closed.
We won that leg of the race . .woo hoo.
Just before pulling back into our campsite. .
we pulled into a grill .. and enjoyed some jambalaya. . and fish tacos. .
and arrived back at the trailer in time to see who got kicked off American Idol while I chatted online and kept an eye on the score of the hockey game.
And that my friends. .
was yesterday.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

jantzen rv and shopping

We arrived at Jantzen RV park right around noon.
While he hooked up the appropriate hoses. .
I opened up a can of salmon and lunch and being set up coincided perfectly.
Right across the street is a selection of stores and we ventured across to see what we could find.
In Target .. .I went my way and he went his and we met back like we usually do.
I wasn't done and he was so he walked across the parking lot to best buy.
Once I finished my first sweep of shopping there . .
I rang him up and he met me at B. coat factory and he followed me around ..
offering helpful suggestions for his and his lil' farm hand's wardrobe.
He just couldn't get over the fact that for $99 (taxes in) he could be the proud owner of a swanky tuxedo. . . .
. . .complete with trim.
Needless to say . .
the only bag we brought home was the one from the first store we visited.
And. . .
that my dear readers is just a peek into what is in store for me ..
We're heading to Lloyd center mall.
That last time we were there . . .
I was a bride for less than a week.
I'll let you know if it still all looks as wonderful as it did ..
back then.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

bungalows by the ocean

We are pulling up our stakes today and heading due east to the place where I intend to buy enough merchandise tax free to cover the bit of extra revenue we offered up to the Washington states folks.
Is there anyone who travels that doesn't fall in love with a place or two?
We have walked the lanes. . Cannon Beach.
Many of them are left unpaved and as I walk .. .
I easily can create stories in my mind of the people that come and go . .
the ones that come and stay.
Since it is the type of person that I am . . .
all the folks in my stories that live in these wee bungalows . .
are friendly sorts. . .with stories that tie them together with love and laughter.
It is a wonderful place to visit . .
and if my grands lived in any one of these bungalows. .
I'd be hard pressed to find my way home.
They don't . ..and I won't .. .
for I am much like my mother I suspect . .
eager to get away ..
and more eager to come home.
(as soon as I reclaim my losses in the city where taxes do not apply)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Puffins and such

On Sunday morning we woke to crisp blue skies . .
and after we finished our pot of coffee we ventured down to the beach where we expected to see it crowded with folks . ..
staking their spots for the day.
What we saw instead was more real estate.
The tide was out further than we had ever seen it before and so we headed to Haystack rock to see what all the hub bub was about.

The local volunteers had telescopes set up to observe the puffins who have arrived to nest.
So far. .
they are only foraging for food and setting their sights on their nesting spot.
I could not capture a Puffin properly . .
this was the best I could do with my little powershot set as far as it could see.

We tend to lose interest much faster than most folks and we left them to their puffin observing.
Further down the beach we found we were able to head out to the huge rocks and climb about looking for starfish and mussels . ..jelly fish and other things we could not name.

Since the tide was out. . .
we were able to walk out around the bend to the next beach and found this shipwrecked house or beached house. . or house taken out by storm or tsunami.
Terry went up and did a proper tour . ..
I declined.

The beach was empty . .
except for us.
Lots of beach . .
two of us.
He felt it was safe enough for him to roll up his shorts a little higher . .
the kids back home always get a kick out of this habit of his.

We were finally met by others . .
out for their morning walk.

When our tummies began to grumble . .
we turned back . .
passed our rock . .
and talked about what there was to eat back at the trailer.

After lunch . .
we sat and read.
I have discovered this holiday . .
that he is better at cleaning my glasses . .
than I am.

. . and so he does.

We may not be in the tropics . .
but it sure did feel like it yesterday.
All for now . .