Sunday, January 13, 2008

Heavenly Sunshine

Heavenly Sunshine,
Heavenly Sunshine,
Flooding my soul with glory Divine,
Heavenly Sunshine,
Heavenly Sunshine,
Jesus is Mine.
Do not adjust your screen,
This is blue sky you are seeing on my blog.
There are clouds mind you,
but there is as much blue as grey.
Have a wonderful day,
Come back tomorrow to see who is all wearing a pedometer at the farm.


  1. I think I could break out in song too! Isn't that sun glorious?

  2. Hi Lovella, I'm a friend of Heidi's. I love your blog and have been silently reading it for a few weeks. Can I just say that your post on depression was such an inspiration. Thank you. Also, I'm up for the pedometer challenge! Can I join? Thanks for being so lovely.

  3. Oh for heaven sakes. I bought myself that little gadget to 'join the club' and for some reason it keeps turning off and starting again. I had it on by belt and now I have it in my pocket. It is the same as yours. How do you not by accident not have it 'reset'. I was on a good roll this AM and then the next time I peeked it was like I had walk many hundreds of steps backwards. Where should I clip this silly thing? BE NICE! Kathy

  4. Hope all of Canada has sunshine today! The sun is shining brightly here and it's cold...brrr!
    Love that song 'Heavenly Sunshine'.

  5. We had sun today too!

    It was lovely.

    Found my pedometer - I'm ready!

  6. Isn't the sunshine just glorious?! It feels like a 'spring' day!!


  7. Whew...what a pleasure to see the sun again! It's so nice to see those snow-capped peaks clearly today.

  8. I love the song. I always think of it as my dad's song! I can hear him now, singing it at the top of his voice. I have great childhood memories of Dad singing "Heavenly Sunshine". I'll have to send him to your blog to see the pretty picture you posted with the lyrics. I'm glad you have sunshine. We've had fog all day with weather advisories for several counties because of it. I'm glad I'm not driving anywhere today!

    Enjoy a lovely week. Happy walking! The sunshine will make that really nice!!!!!


  9. I bought my pedometor today! Woo hoo! I'm on my way!


  10. What a beautiful day!!!

    PS: You might be interested to know just who James pulled out as winner on Saturday. :)

  11. I have a pedometer; I have two feet. :)

    If anyone deserves blue skies, it's you folks after all that rain. Are you getting the snow today?

  12. I love the song and I love the blue skies! After a gray and rainy weekend, it looks like blue skies, but cooler temperatures, for us today... perfect for walking!


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