Friday, May 1, 2015

April 2015

We had really beautiful weather again for Easter.  

I am always so thrilled when the family can gather together and spend some time outside to play and enjoy the prettiest time in our yard.

I learned that folding Bunny napkins an hour before everyone arrives is a bit of a crazy lady thing to do... 

and I only had to refold three after the littles were finished petting them before lunch.

Hunting for Easter Eggs is not yet a boring event here.

Some of the eggs are real...
most are plastic with nothing in them....
but each egg is treated like a treasure.

One day I'll look back on all the Easter Egg hunts and they will become my measuring stick of wee tots turning into little people. 

You know you are a blogger when you say to the Moms...

"Can they just go out and look for a few eggs in their Easter finery before they change into play clothes for the proper hunt?

I've noticed that they like playing outside a lot more if Grandpa plays outside too.

If the Dad's join in with their own bit of hilarity it only gets better.

I remember years ago when my beloved was giving me the reasons why we should invest in pavement for our yard.  

One of them was...

when the grands get old enough to ride bikes....
they'll love it here.

I somehow wouldn't have believed him if he would have told me that they would have fun times playing follow the leader train while rollerblading.

A game of croquet was established and enjoyed by the little ones first.

They don't know yet about being mean and smacking your opponents balls to kingdom come.

While the littles went to go look for their Easter eggs at the back of the property...
the big boys went to town on their own version of croquet.

Stories were told later as they were still laughing on where their opponents balls ended up being sent.

H couldn't find his bag.  He enlisted the help of his older  (by nearly exactly a year) cousin.

His relief in finding it was clear to one and all.

The old egg in the knot hole trick...
works every year.

There is a saying about putting all your eggs in one basket. 

I'm not sure if there would be a saying about tossing them all into the heavens. 

They all sorted their loot.

Our fruit trees budded so early.

I was looking at our Italian Plum tree today and  noticed that many of those buds died with no hope of bearing fruit.

The weather continued to be pleasant.

A play date was arranged while the older siblings were in school. 

Chuck It ...

a game that gets better and better.

Wash the Dog.

A game that is mostly enjoyed by all. 

Warm water is brought through the hose for all the dog lovers out there. 

On yet another glorious day...
we took a date day to the ocean which is only 25 minutes from home.  

White Rock with the tide in.

We decided to Beer Can a turkey in our kamado style barbecue cooker.

It was quite good.  I won't be blogging it but would say that it was moist and the drippings made a delicious gravy. 

The pink dogwood and the white lilac are fully in bloom. 

Is it just me...
or do I get a lot of play dates?

I can honestly say that we go on more dates now than when we dated.
I didn't complain then and I'm sure not complaining now.

On this date we took a few nights at Harrison Hot Springs. 

The weather was great for walking and when it rained...
we sat in the hot pools and let our stresses soak away. 

Our Provincial flower ...
the dogwood and my Mom's favourite. 

OH.. and then there was the day we showed up for a date with the littles.

The boys enjoyed the shock value with their new spring cut.  

BMX spring season has begun.

This girl who leads the boys in her 5 year old class still cares about the important details in a girls life.

She took off her sock and shoe to show me her pedicure.  

It began with sunny weather.

I suppose if I were to race up and down those hills...
I'd be looking for an instant gratification cooling technique as well.  

I do my part.

I supply food for energy.

I also cheer.

"pedal pedal pedal.......
good job!!!!......"

They hear me and it makes them smile. 

Picnics are a sign of spring at the track. 

A bucket of chicken along with some buns from home and a pasta salad.

This guy ....

is new to the track this year.

He has been busy practicing for several years on his strider already and has no worries in the 4 year old class. 

This one loves to balance.  

I hope he always sticks to fences and doesn't start thinking about high wires.

This one loves her Mama.  

To end the month....

I went with the farmer girls on our annual Ritchie Smith Feed Ladies getaway. 

The girls in the office at the feed company do an excellent job of planning one night away for 50 ladies to connect and leave the chores behind for two days. 

My sister in law Mary, Judy and Marg and I fully enjoy this quick little get away.  

Mary and I bunk together.

Judy and Marg bunk together. 

We finished the outing at Horseshoe Bay at the Boathouse.

And that wraps up April.
Today I'm getting my hair cut.  I had never in my life grown out my bangs.
  I've done it ... and now will cut my hair today and that will be the end of that saga.  

all for now...