Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 the year in review

Before we get too settled into 2015 I want to look back at where we were a year ago and remember God's goodness each and every day!

In January we had some beautiful weather to begin the new year.  
The kids all were happy to be outside.

Early in the new year...
we often felt like we wanted to keep all the blocks from toppling.

We wanted to protect and keep strong even when we knew our dear family was in God's hands.

We couldn't see what the next day would hold...
and we prayed more for our family this year than ever before.

Many wonderful people joined us in praying for the health concerns we had for two of our adult children.

February came and we took advantage of British Columbia's new Family Day by having the grands over for a sleepover.

We also had some snow in February....

and an ice storm.

It came unexpected to the bulbs that were tricked into believing spring was here during  our January sunshine.

In March we made an investment we will never regret.
We took the whole kit and kaboodle to Mexico to enjoy some time to relax and restore.

No sooner were we home and I started to get texts from the boys that made me smile.

In April we gathered the family together for Easter to remember what Jesus did on the cross for us....

and celebrated our risen Saviour together.

In early May we spent extra time loving and praying for this family.
The children stayed with us for a week.

During that time their Daddy worked and spent every spare minute of his week 
making a surprise for Mommy with a little help from his friends.

It is amazing what can happen in one week.
New lighting ... paint...
new cabinet fronts and new counter top were rushed to be completed.

When Mommy could come home...
everyone was so happy.

The and support of friends and family ...
for my beloved and me and our family has been one of the the best parts of this year.

In May we also bought seeds and prepared our garden to plant.

In June my roses bloomed  with such beauty I remembered over and over again how God never tires of giving us beautiful gifts he has created.

Our garden came up quickly and we started to eat Butter lettuce and tiny potatoes.

We decided to take a rest and so we headed up to the Okanagan before all the kids got out of school for the summer.

In July we spent time as a family celebrating Canada day.

Every year the flag is switched and they are learning to fold it carefully.
I just love reasons to celebrate.

There was a few car shows in July as well! 
That was fun.

In August our neighbors needed to make more room in their yard and so all their antique farm implements came to live with us.

We took the grands on their annual cousin camping trip.

We went hiking... enjoyed the waterslides... 
and ate lots of yummy food that is not necessarily on the menu at home.

The two of us took our time at Manning Park to fish and read...
and eat lots of delicious food.

When I think of September I think about the local MCC relief sale.
Our family joins us every year.... for this tradition.

We eat a lot of Mennonite food together and happily pay for some good finds to help raise money for developing countries around the world.

Towards the end of September we harvested the rest of the vegetables out of our garden.
I won't be buying any jalapenos this year.

In October we went up to Larson Hill for our annual ATV trip.

These littles joined us for one night and we all piled into the trailer for the night.
It was lots of fun!

In October we shared in Thanksgiving for all God's goodness this year.

God is good...
all the time!

All the time...
God is good!

We also admired this guy's new top teeth!
After a lot of surgeries and procedures...
the teeth that were unceremoniously removed...
were replaced. 

We were so thankful for all this to be in his past!

In October we also enjoyed some time floating and reading down the lazy river with our first cousins' once removed and very dear friends ...  Elmer and Judy.  

In November I planted Paperwhites and watched as they popped up much quicker than they were supposed to.

My beloved gave my bathroom....

and our cozy bedroom a new coat of paint and  .... what not all.

In December...
we put nets on our hair and found out what it would be like to be a short order cook when went to go work at the Salvation Army kitchen for a day.
We met lots of amazing people...
dedicated to making nutritious food to many hungry folks. 

I spent some time making ready the home for Christmas.
I sewed nighties and marvelled how every year those nighties are longer than the year before.

We took in all the Christmas programs we were invited to.

We heard our school age children sing in a choir.

They sang O Come O come Emmanuel in a way that prepared my heart for the week of Christmas.

We were fourteen around the table for Christmas.
I love making things beautiful and homey for this family I love so much.
We shared the Christmas story around the table and enjoyed a day spent together.

2014 will be remembered for lost and restored teeth...
a diagnosis.. surgery.. treatments and restored health...
the best ever family vacation to Mexico...
and most of all...

for God's love demonstrated in so many ways we don't deserve but received daily by God's grace.