Wednesday, January 31, 2007

little dresser

When I was a little girl, I had a little dresser. By the time it was used by me, it was already well loved.
It's the same dresser that I hid my dime in that was meant for the Sunday school offering. I believe that was the only time I stole something intentionally. (one can't really count a middle aged mind walking out of a card store with a card in hand . . .realizing in horror that you've shoplifted and hurried back to the store)

No, that time with the dime, was completely on purpose. As sometimes a mother does . .she asked. .Do you still have your offering? Even then, I was a pathetic liar and my face revealed easily that I was guilty.
That is the only time I can remember receiving a spanking from my dad and the sadness on his face is firmly etched in my memory. Forgiveness came quickly and also his trust in me returned . . I was truly repentant.

Oh, yes and the drawers were properly christened during one of my famous sleep walking episodes. I'd like to think I was quite young, I can't remember. My mom had a bit of laundry to do after that night. My older brothers had fun with that.

Now my beloved Mr. T has transformed the little dresser into something "differently" beautiful. The little dresser has been stashed in the crawl space of our bungalow for the last 12 years. It really didn't suit a big boys room and our space was limited during those years.
Now our space is spacious enough for us to shelter a childhood dresser. I'll use it for my place mats, napkins and tablecloths.

It proudly displays one of my mothers crocheted dresser scarves. . . .and a touch of spring. Snowdrops. They are the first flowers to peek out of the grass in spring. When I was a child, snowdrops would be cut and displayed in the same little vase every year. Have you found that as a blogger, you've learned things about yourself? I certainly have. I've realized how senitmental I am.
After the dresser was settled in its spot. My beloved Mr. T looked at me and said .. is that it then? Have we finished all the pieces? I just smiled and said . . .nearly. There is still this little round plant stand. I said. . ." just give it a little squirt of black". He said . ." just give it a little squirt of black" . . and I said . . "uh hu." and I smiled when I said that.
He took it with him. It's all good.
I made him his "Anneliese's Tomato Soup" for supper, he was happy. I'll post the recipe tomorrow.
Do you have a piece of furniture that holds memories that are waiting to be told?

Monday, January 29, 2007


Sunday night we had the most fabulous sunset. The top picture is from our field looking at the neighbors barns. What you see is the reflection of the sun on the snow crested mountain.

This picture is the opposite direction as the sun went down. It reminded me that we all reflect something don't we? It may be our upbringing or our marriage, the friends that we spend time with , the joy that our children bring us, maybe its our jobs. I suppose then that we also reflect what we believe about our future. Our pastor said on the weekend that 52% of Canadians believe that after death they will just die and that will be the end.
I don't really spend that much time thinking about what my reflection looks like. I know that I am sometimes quite unlovely. Many times I have regretted an unkind word. I'm like many of you if I could redo some conversations, I would do them different.
I have hope though. I know that the more I look at Christ and spend time with him . . well, slowly I will reflect His love.
I was reading in the Bible the second part of 2 Corinthians 3:18. . . . as the Spirit of the Lord works within us, we become more and more like him and reflect his glory even more. Now that is hope.
Tuesday morning . .
Well I'm off bright and early to run some errands. I've ordered some glass knobs for the dresser that my beloved Mr. T has just finished.
My good man also reminded me that it has been a long time since I made "Anneliese's homemade Tomato Soup". Perhaps if I can prepare it in a neat and tidy fashion, you will be treated to the recipe as well.
What do you plan to reflect today? I hope that someone will show you kindness today so that you have something wonderful to reflect.

basking in the canadian sunshine

Yesterday the sun came out and we went out. It was a balmy 9 degrees Celsius. We relaxed off the back porch and basked in the sun like sun deprived Canadians in the middle of winter are known to do.
We realized that the day could not be wasted completely so we ventured out for a walk. Up until a month ago we lived in the countryside where the mail man delivers the mail to the mail box and then one day we received the dreaded notice with a key. Now we have joined the throngs of people who go to the community mail box to retrieve the mail. They say this is for our benefit. Our mail won't be stolen as easily. True perhaps but I felt a bit sad that our "country" living was shaved a bit thinner. So . .it gives us another excuse to go for what should not need an excuse anyways. . .walk. This is taken about 15 minutes from our house up a slight hill. I never tire of the snow crested mountain in the background.

I have no idea how I continually talk my beloved Mr. T. into yet another pose but I suppose that is just one more reason why I love him. Even Otis was feeling rather in a mood to follow us about the fields yesterday.

I checked the nest . .its still empty.
All in all it was a wonderful weekend. In the evening we felt somewhat spontaneous and invited our friends over to help us eat the rest of our Christmas Appetizers from the freezer. Pretty funny . .I served shrimp in a variety of ways. Coconut shrimp, shrimp in tempura batter, shrimp in a crispy fillo . .phylo ? dough. Oh and then so as not to seem redundant for variety I served some more seafood. Crab cakes and bacon wrapped scallops. I'm laughing at myself here. I didn't even have a crusty bread on hand. I tossed together some salad and made a quick berry crisp and we called it a meal.
I trust that you will feel full of hope as you go into this week.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

He cares for you

My dads parents were not wealthy by today's standard. In their retirement years they lived in a small bungalow which was decorated in a warm style of homemade creations. This was always one of my favorite items. It is a hand painted plaque on glass. The back is painted to create the background color.
It says . . He cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7. I don't know when it was made or who even made it. I can imagine though that it was a Bible verse that held special meaning for them. I wonder how many times they passed the plaque and thought about God's care for them. I wonder if they had worries and concerns. the plaque reminds me of the well known Visa commercial. It really is "priceless" . .at least to me.
Sometimes I come across a blog that shares a concern or a burden and I ask God to care for that person and I try to remember during the day and sometimes the night to pray for them. I read one like that this morning and I'm thankful that I know that He cares for them.
I said to my beloved Mr. T yesterday that I feel like blogging has become a little like a prayer chain for me. I hope it has for you too. I don't want this to be a waste of time. I wonder about the people I'm linked to and those that just stop by to read my thoughts and I think of their families and wonder if all is well in their world.

Well, it is a perfectly sunny day. I have the sheets laundering. The floors will get a good wash and then perhaps I'll go outdoors in search of spring.

Friday, January 26, 2007


Posted by PicasaI am continually amazed at how beautifully God paints. As I looked at the colors of the sunset yesterday I just thanked Him for the gift of the sunset.
Today I was reading Oswald Chambers and he talked about Matthew 6:26-30 It says . . . "Consider the lilies of the field . . .(6:28)" .He goes on to say "They grow where they are planted. Many of us refuse to grow where God plants us." later he goes on to say that "Consecration is the act of continually separating myself from everything except that which God has appointed me to do."
This reminded me of the poem that my son Stuart wrote in Grade 2. It has been framed and hung in our home ever since. . . .because it is so true and such a good reminder for me.
Flowers are just like you and me.
Some flowers are selfish flowers
sometimes we're all selfish
but when we're not selfish flowers
we bloom for the Lord.
Selfish flowers say I will not bloom,
I'll be sitting here but
an unselfish flower says
I'm going to bloom because Jesus said I would.
By Stuart

Thursday, January 25, 2007

train ride

This is one of the Russian Postcards from my postcard collection. It is one of the few that actually has been sent. I'd love to know what it says. Russian anyone?
I'm interested in the fact that it needed to be stamped so many times before it was actually at its destination. It is written in pencil.
Well, I'm off to have a walk on the treadmill. We are socked in here with fog this morning. We have promises of sunshine and that will be a delight.
Early this morning I was booted out of bed. It seemed that I was suffering a form of a "fever" again. I can't figure it out hot and cold and hot and cold. My beloved Mr. T was not getting his well deserved rest because of the fanning of the covers. Big sigh, I went to wait for morning on the couch. We would have been a bit grouchy this morning but then we were treated to a comical comment from Jill on yesterdays post and our morning was off to a good start.
Last night we went for our weekly visit to Walmart. I picked up some candy canes for 25 cents and I'm going to make Valentines.
My beloved Mr. T and I are creatures of habit. I was once told that it seems as people age and you do lovely things for them, that once you've done them three times in a row . . it becomes a "thing".
Three Wednesday nights in a row to have a Walmart date . . I guess it's a "thing". Well, I hate to say it but I can see a bit of truth in that in our own empty nest. We do the same thing week in and week out. We like it. Who's to stop us? We are a team and we'll continue on in our pathetic little routine.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

swimming at Stanley Park

Kitsalano Beach and Swimming Pool, Vancouver British Columbia Canada. . . Once again I'm posting a few pictures of my grandma's postcard selection. I would sure love to know exactly when this picture was painted. It is so frustrating that there is no dates on these. What I do know is that I'd love a day at the beach right about now. The sun is shining today. Thank you Lord. My whole world seems just a bit brighter.
Siwash Rock and the "Empress of Japan" floating by. I have a few other pictures where it states the name of the ship floating by. Obviously there were not a lot of ships floating by in those days. I love that rock. I wonder if it is still there?
I found a really great site of Stanley Park with some pictures of the history and also of the recent destruction of the storms. If you are interested it is quite a nice site.

Last time I posted some of my postcards "CityFarmer" suggested they may be from the 30's. I'm wondering about displaying some of my favorite pictures in my home. I was thinking of having them framed and hung. Any suggestions out there? I certainly don't want to damage them in any way. I just need to do something with them. They are in the original photo album but it is falling apart.
Last night we watched the State of the Union address. Well to be fair, I should say I watched it more than really listened. I love to watch how the Americans do this. I'm glad that we have the opportunity to see what not only our country does but what the rest of the world does as well. It helps us to be well rounded in our thinking, or does it? Maybe it just makes for interesting dinner converstaion. What do you think?
I'll go take a walk on my treadmill, Martha Stewart is making Valentine Cupcakes today. And then I'll be off to my coiffure.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

sweet baby camryn

Posted by PicasaMeet Sweet Baby Camryn. I am her "Taunta" Lovella. I'm not sure that I spelled that right. Taunta is Auntie in German. These pictures are not current and I will post her Christmas picture. Camryn is my daughter-in-law's little niece. Her mommy and daddy are Shawn and Priscilla. The top picture on the left she is with TT (uncle Terrence). The top picture on the right is the little coat I made her. I also made her the fleece housecoat. Her BB (auntie Bea) picked out the fabric for both of these sewing projects. In the second row she is with her daddy and on the patio with her "Aami" . . .her grandma.
I'm not sure why when I make a collage not all the pictures show up and then I end up with duplicates. I'll need to post some more pictures of the ones I missed another time. In the middle pictures she is with her daddy and her Aami (grandma).
Now, I know that I'm not directly related and yet I love her as though she is truly my little niece. I just really like this little girl , she is such a smiley little thing and well. . . she likes me.
This weekend we were in church and Shawn and Priscilla came in with Camryn and sat just in front of us to the left. We were already standing singing. I kept trying to catch her eye and felt a bit bad for doing this during worship but . . well, I like her.
Priscilla sees me and squeezes her little cheeks together and whispers something in her ear. She turns right around and spots me. She puts on the biggest smile and then . . .well, quite frankly I thought I would cry, I felt oh my goodness Lovella , get a grip.
I hear as clear as a bell. . . Lalalalala. I'm thinking is she singing or is she trying to say my name. She was one year old in August surely I'm just being hopeful. Then, she turns around and looks right at me again and says Lalalala. Well, I didn't want to even ask Priscilla, so I asked Bea yesterday and yes, there was a confirmation, she not only calls me Lalalala, she also calls Terry . . Teaee. Big sigh.
I'm a bit embarrassed to say, I don't remember my boys calling me Mommy for the first time, but I assure you I will never forget Lalala as long as I live. It felt like I received a gift from a little girl.
Now permit me to say that she is quite clever. She is learning English and German at the same time and she responds to both equally well. She speaks so well already, I'm just amazed.
Last night I asked for permission to post pictures of Camryn and I thank her mommy and dadddy for their kindness in allowing me to share their little girl.
I pray that God will bless this child and that she will grow to become a woman that will not only be a blessing to Mommy and Daddy, but to all those whose lives she will touch. I know she has already touched my heart. I Love you little Camryn.

Monday, January 22, 2007

1970's furniture reborn

For years and years now we've known it was time to refinish our coffee tables in our family room and last week we finished the job. OK to be fair I should say Terry finished the job. I am primarily the support group to cheer and to bring coffee and to say "it looks so good, good job Honey". What can I say? It's our system and it works.
I'm just so pleased with them. We have nearly gone through all our furniture and redone it all. Even our original Sears china cabinet has been redone.
There is something so satisfying about the work that goes into a project and then being happy with the results.
Yesterday as I said we were invited to friends for dinner. We had such a nice time talking about our last bike trip together. After dinner I offered to help Kathy build a blog.
You won't find her linked to mine just yet. She asked me to give her some time to learn her way around the blog. We'll give her a few weeks to become familiar with being in this world and then I'll introduce her properly.
It gives me satisfaction to know that someone has seen the enjoyment I have derived from this hobby. Kathy has become acquainted with my friends across the world by the stories that I've told her and she wants to become a part of this community.
It is raining buckets here today but I have to say . . . what a blessing to be in a warm dry house. Thank you Lord for the rain. Thank you for the blessing of a husband who works hard to make our home a cozy one.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

tobee comes to brunch

Guess what? I have a grand dog. Meet Tobee. Stuart and Karlee brought their new little pup over for brunch today. He's a little Yorkie Cross. They brought him over to begin his socializing skills. Otis was quite impressed and wanted to have a better look at him but like all new parents they were a tad protective. He's such a cutie and if I may brag like I see my friends all do with their "for real" grandchildren, . . .well, he is quite clever. He's nine weeks old and he . . . comes on command and sits and lays down. I was completely impressed. He sleeps through the night in his own bed and is pretty much paper trained.
Who doesn't love a puppy? I'd be happy to babysit . . even if it is just a pup.

We had a great brunch together with all the kids and Terry's mom. We had the usual fare. Slow Roasted brown sugared bacon, Hash browns, fresh eggs, Veggie Crustless Quiche and Waffles with Strawberries , Custard and Whipped Cream. Terry is the wafflemaker. Well, technically I make the batter but he bakes the waffles as we eat. The key to this meal is to eat a "little "of everything and/or what you like most.

Stuart and Karlee left first to continue on with their puppy training. Bea marked papers for a while, Terrence and Terry went to check on something in the shop. Mom and I had a visit. Pretty typical Sunday afternoon. They come, they eat and they go home to their own nests. Exactly like it should be.

Later today we are heading to friends for dinner. We are having a motorcycle trip reunion. I'll give you the details another time.

I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday Afternoon with those you love.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

dating on a friday night

Terry invited me on a date. He scooted around the farm yesterday quickly gathered the eggs, and by 2:00 we were set to go.
I debated whether or not to take my camera but the poor guy has lost so much privacy since i started to blog, I thought I'd give him a bit of a break. I was of course sorry that I had that moment of compassion. Some things that I see out there are well just really "out there".
One of the things we have found that since our kids have flown the nest, we have ample time to ourselves and yet we still need to plan to really be together. For that reason we really enjoy going for coffee and talking.
First we stopped at Starbucks.
We ordered 2 Americanos which we just love and Terry ordered a Date Bar (fitting don't you think?).
Well the fellow misunderstood and presented us with something that looked dangerously close to those Suet things that you put out for birds. Hmm, not our first choice and I wouldn't recommend it. It wasn't even a granola bar, it was a seedy thing with a few cranberries tucked in for our amusement. Terry cut it in half and then kept slipping little bits more my way. Throughout this whole experience he kept making farm animal noises as he declared it grain for the barn yard.
After that we went to Wal Mart. I know, I know, you can't believe the things that we do to treat ourselves. Now this is where I am so sad that I didn't have my camera. I had my cell phone with which I can take pictures but my middle aged mind chose to forget this.
I found this delightful valentine chocolate box that said "To my gitterdone Valentine".
I hunted him down in the men's section of Walmart and presented him the the box. I often do that and then I don't have to waste money. Sometimes we'll be picking out greeting cards and we'll pass cards back and forth and say . .this is for you. Well, he gratefully accepted the box of chocolates and then we left it there.
After that my good man took me to Macy's where they had a 65% off sale on their winter coats. I've waited for coats to come on sale and there they were. Racks and racks of long black coats. I found an Anne Klein coat for 106 dollars, taxes in. I was pretty excited.
I can't wait for church. Somehow our church has discovered exactly how to point the fans so the wind blows directly down my neck. Well, bring it on, I'm ready.
Then we found the first season of "The Office" that our kids have us hooked on. We weren't into it in the beginning so now we can catch up.

Ah yes, a little dinner in the mall and we headed home. That was about as much excitement as we could handle for one evening. Such fun.

Well, it's Saturday morning which in this house is translated into cleaning and baking. I'm hungry for some Cinnamon Buns. I know this will not help Terry's and my resolve to get in shape but perhaps one cinnamon bun won't hurt, will it?

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Friday, January 19, 2007

happy birthday heidi

Well, . . if you don't know her, you love her anyways . . just from the stories. I found that Hallmark card this year and I gave it to her.

Heidi and I have been sisters ever since my brother Gerry married her. She is impossible to describe in less than ten words. It's a bit sad really that I have so very few pictures of her not behaving herself.

These are the basic facts of my reality as I know her.

She is intelligent. She learns difficult things easily. Her present job now involves keeping money straight which is mind boggling to me.

She is determined. She started to train last year for the half marathon and finished the race, in quite respectable time. Last year she won the Canada Day race in her community in her ladies division. I could also say here that she is a fierce competitor. She always wins when we play croquet because she cheats and doesn't care if you know.

She is compassionate. She listens with great interest to all my sob stories and whether I'm right or wrong she'll take me in her arms and say "oh, I'm sorry".

She is a devoted wife. She has for the most part of their marriage been a pastors wife and she has stood by her man. She is fiercely protective of her family and marriage. Way to go Heidi.

She is a fabulous Omi . . .(grandma) to her grandchildren. They love her to bits.

She is a wonderful aunt. When my boys were little she could be found hiding with the boys feeding them red licorice just because she could. She has since been hospitable to our sons and their fiances during marriage preparations. Gerry performed the marriage ceremony for both of our sons.

She is the funniest thing ever. Never ever dare her to do something that would cause you to blush. If we suggest some silly practical joke. . . she'll say . . should I? We always so . .no don't.

She is quite beautiful. She is so put together. She cuts her own hair and it is always the cutest style and people always ask her where she gets her hair cut.

She reads my blog and I love it that she supports me in this way. That is why she is getting treated to a post all about her.

Most of the pictures I have of her are at parties. She is the funnest one there. I just asked Terry if there was anything he wanted to say about her and he called her "the crazy Brazilian". I wouldn't go quite that far but yes she is a bit crazy at times. If you notice in the pictures, she loves to pose. She not only is in pictures with her husband, she has managed to be in pictures with my husband as well.

She is a wonderful sister. The first memory of our real sister time together was shopping for the fabric for the bridesmaid dresses for her wedding. We went into Vancouver where her single sister who is a bit older than her had a flat in a beautiful old Victorian house. I fell in love with the idea of living in a flat except for the fact that the washroom was shared by other tenants in the lower level of the house. To save time we all trudged down there together to bathe and was quite shocked that we would be naked together. This was so funny to her that I was a bit bashful. We were sisters for goodness sake. I had never had a sister of my own, I didn't know this was done. After that episode I really did feel like we had bonded.

Well, I must post this now. I could tell stories all day that would make you smile. I love it that I have a "sister" who is all these things. I have been taught so much from Heidi about keeping Faith in her Lord even during difficult times.

Thank you dear girl and have a wonderful day. My prayer for you today is that God will bless you and that His love will be revealed to you in a very special way.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

vintage postcards . . Stanley Park

I have inherited some beautiful original postcards from my Dad's mom. I plan to post some occasionally and today's Postcards feature Stanley Park in Vancouver BC. I can't find a date anywhere so I won't venture a guess at their age. They appear to be painted. I have others that say that they are real photo's hand coloured.
This one says it is the Seven Sisters. With all the destruction from the recent storms, I would think it is safe to say they are gone. Isn't it interesting how we work so hard to maintain, and preserve and set aside and then in an instant a storm removes all of man's futile attempts.
Every once in a while Terry and I take a weekend away in Vancouver. On beautiful sunny days, Terry and I love to go down to English Bay and sit and watch the people walking on the seawall. We've enjoyed the fireworks from the harbour and I remember extended family picnics at the park.
That was when the kids could run and play for the afternoon and the only concern was not to get lost. That was when the zoo was still in full operation. I miss the zoo. Even the aquarium just isn't quite the same without our killer whales.
Oh well, we'll have to be content with the memories, because I don't think the park boards idea of restoration is bringing back the animals and whales of our childhood. I'd love to hear some Stanley Park stories if you have any. As you remember, I told you about Terry being hoisted out of the wheel chair at Stanley Park in my post about Tim and Flo. Good times.
Well tomorrow morning I'm off to the B&B for some cooking and serving and chatting. I'll talk Terry into coming up and sampling some of our lunch. That usually isn't a difficult task.
It should be a great day.

fresh snow and fresh paint

We awoke this morning to one more fresh blanket of snow. This picture is taken behind the barns looking out to the fields. Terry came and told me to come and have a look. There was a young eagle sitting in the back tree.
There he is. The tree was pretty tall and this was as close as I could get without climbing the tree which is difficult in pajamas.

Since I tend to take pictures from the bungalow I thought that should venture out and take one of the bungalow.
This is the view from my window. The raspberries have their beautiful times. This is one of my favorites.
Oh, look. Terry has finished the old dresser and its back in its place. The mirror above it was an old window taken from a house that was being torn down about 15 years ago. I am so thankful for my talented husband. I'm not gloating, that would be unfair. We make a pretty good team the two of us. He works hard and I try to feed him.

That reminds me, has anyone read the Proper Feeding and Care of Husbands? My friend has read it and is now passing it around. I've looked for it but haven't found it. It is written by Laura Schlessinger. She has a new one out now called the Proper Feeding and Care of Marriage. Any reviews?
Well, I need to run, I've a luncheon to attend. It looks to be a great day.
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Monday, January 15, 2007

Oliver and Sweet Pea

Today's post is in honour of International Cat Lover's Day. Actually if the truth be known, I have no idea if it is that day or if one even exists. What I do know is that I have several friends that are Cat Lovers and I will honour their love of cats.
The first friend I'm thinking of is Lorna. She had an adorable cat named Mitzie. Mitzie was always a bit shy around me but I was never disappointed in her keen sense of smell. She could be sound asleep in the bedroom upstairs and would be down in a flash if Lorna opened up a container of Yogurt. Mitzie liked to sit in a high chair to observe family dinners.
The second friend that I'm thinking of is Dorothy. She has two somewhat obscure boys cats named Girly Girl and . . . Trudsy. Dorothy's cats are seldom seen but occasionally they are sighted making a quick run for their private domain. They live very comfortable lifestyles and are loved dearly.
Then I have a new pen pal friend named Jill who has two ridiculous boy cats one of which likes to pose for pictures. Reading her posts lately I have thought about how my two boy cats liked to pose for me in pictures and I dug some oldies out to prove it.
The big white cat was Oliver and we brought him back with us one year from well. . . Oliver, where we had gone on Vacation. He would not be considered tractable but I liked him nonetheless. I featured him in a story with our dog Otis on November 20. He was quite a handful if I'm honest. Our guests were a bit afraid of him and would quickly glance around the house when they entered to be sure there would not be an imminent attack. His favorite trick would be to hide outside the washroom door where there was just enough space underneath for him to reach his leg and swat people while they were . . lets just say . .otherwise occupied. I would know he was up to no good when I would hear screams coming from down the hallway. On one occasion I had to have him sit down and write a letter of regret at his lack of hospitality. Fortunately this was to my friend Brenda who was a cat lover herself and understood the ways of Cats.
The black and white cat was Sweet Pea and he was pretty happy to go outside and torment our dog and often brought me back a present from the field. He was quite happy to sit on someones lap and be entertained as you can see in the picture of Sweet Pea and Stuart.
We are without felines presently. It became apparent that I was maybe allergic to cats and so the cats then became farm cats and well. . .they just don't live forever do they?
All this just to say that my cats and perhaps all cats really have quite good amounts of self esteem. While they offer us not much more than entertainment and the occasional snuggle we somehow are amused by their antics and personalities.
Well, this was just a silly post and I'm determined to accomplish great domestic things today and have a walk so I won't waste one more moment deliberating whether this post was at all intelligent or not. I would love to hear your cat story so leave me a line so that your cat can be honoured as well in my comment section.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

come to tea

Yesterday I had the privilege to serve tea at a birthday party. It was held at the B&B where I'm occasionally found helping in the kitchen. It was a surprise for this dear lady and she was delighted at the kind gesture of her daughters.

The two daughters along with the granddaughter had fussed over tiny little sandwiches and beautiful table settings. In the decorations they incorporated the quilts that their mother had made over the years and had blessed her family with.

The guests were treated to a lovely afternoon, visiting together in grand style. What a special outing for them all. What fun it is to serve ladies who are absolutely delighted to have "just one more cup of peppermint tea".

As I observed the preparations for the afternoon, I realized once again that the blessing in giving is not merely for the receiver. I saw the biggest blessing is for those who offer their time as a gift of love for their mother. I can't imagine how proud that mother must have been that her daughters would have done this "all " for her. I heard her say several times. "Can you imagine?" and "will you look at this? "

I just couldn't resist one picture of the sunset while I was there. What beautiful gifts God gives us so freely. Sometimes we just have to pause and take note.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

the old dresser

Terry is refinishing an old dresser that was originally always in the "boys" bedroom when I was little. I meant to take a picture of the layers of paint but Terry was a tad too efficient and by the time I got out there with the camera the sanding was complete and the new coat was being applied. After the boys left home (I was the last to leave) my mom delighted in painting it every time she changed the color of her sewing room. After that Terry and I gave it a home and used it for our boys and again it was "modernized" into a lovely beige color.
The cupboard now resides in our laundry room were it holds the chore clothes. The colors of red and white, royal blue and white, all beige and all white are gone. Layers and layers of memories covered up but not forgotten.

Some one had suggested that we should make a cozy area so that I could visit Terry and enjoy coffee with him in his shop. These chairs have lived in my parents-in-law's house, then they lived at Stuart and Karlee's house and since we gave them new chairs for their media room for Christmas they have come to live in Terry's shop. Now you might be thinking. . .wow, those chairs are going to get grubby and dusty living in that shop. No, I assure you they will kept dust free, covered with old sheets when not in use and a greasy pant leg will never rest on those soft cushions. I suggested to Terry that I find a small round braided rug and I think that I may have crossed the line. He rolled his eyes. I then suggested that the lighting is wonderful in there and maybe we could share that space and I could have a nice craft table. Oh, well, you can't blame a girl for trying.

Friday, January 12, 2007


As you already know I have just recently acquired a new piece of "office equipment". It has already proved invaluable for things like faxing information for our business and printing out the receipts from my Internet banking but I actually had plans for it that would be far more entertaining for the purchaser.
Yesterday I was reading my niece Lori's blog and she was talking about the joy of having cousins. In the picture above I am the smallest one in the left hand corner. I love this picture. It was taken at a time when life was simple and my parents and my aunts and uncles enjoyed many Sunday afternoon Faspa's together. This visiting on Sunday afternoon did not need to be planned far in advance. A simple phone call at the urging of one of us was all it would take to secure an invitation. My Auntie Tina made the best buns. I don't believe we were ever turned away from staying for supper because fresh buns had not been made. She prepared to be hospitable. My cousin Julie is the pretty one behind me in the back row to the left. My earliest memories about going to Auntie Tina and Uncle Jake's house don't really include Julie. The only memory of I have of her living in that house is seeing her wedding dress hanging in the bedroom ready for her to be a bride. She sewed it herself and I absolutely loved it. It was a beautiful ball gown. I'm not sure how much Julie sewed before that but since then she has sewn many very beautiful wedding dresses for brides.
It's interesting how our lives connect and then reconnect. Julie and I have not really known each other very well. Perhaps it was because of our difference in age. Our extended family doesn't connect as often as we once did. Our grandparents have passed away and then as it often happens, families lose their reason to be together for the major Holidays.
Since I have started this blog, Julie has been a source of encouragement to me. She immediately "delurked" and has since regularly left notes to spur me on. I say all this, because I feel that it really has been a blessing from God to have this opportunity that I may have otherwise missed. I always knew she was gifted. What I confess I didn't truly know, was that Julie is a very kind cousin. I've also learned that we share many of the same interests. When I was little I often wished that I had a girl cousin my own age. I was too little then to know that God knew exactly what his plans for me were. He knew what was best for me and gave me everything that I would need. Isn't it wonderful that long after God's plan was put in place, we continue to realize the gifts that he has given us?

Thursday, January 11, 2007

snow day and spaghetti sauce

This is a picture from about 1965. Clearly the gutter was either non-existent or else plugged and not draining. Sometimes I have to laugh. If that was 2007 the mother who would be taking the picture would be saying . . don't stand under those icicles, they'll break lose and you'll be killed. We just didn't worry about safety details back then. In the picture you see my brother Gerrytrying to injure me in some way. I was obviously oblivious and I obviously survived . Bea had a snow day yesterday and so we took the opportunity to to go outside for a bit and watch Terry shovel snow. Once again I'm glad I'm the lady of the home. Otis was happy for some attention.

It was snowing so heavily, I just couldn't resist just a few more pictures for my friends out there that have to deal with automatic sprinklers year round.

So, yesterday I once again made the really complicated and delicious spaghetti sauce. Bea practiced her teaching skills by reading the entire 5 pages of instructions to me upside down. It was pretty funny. Sorry, I didn't have time to take a picture of that, she didn't stop reading and I had to keep cooking.
Terrence was supposed to work late but because of the storm they were sent home early. The dinner guests that I was planning on having today needed to postpone and so we decided to pack up the Spaghetti Sauce, pasta, Caesar Salad and Garlic Bread and head out to Stu and Karlee's for a quick dinner together. Now, those of you who know me best know that one of my character flaws is that I tend to hurry.
I put the Spaghetti sauce in a bowl and put it in a grocery bag so that it would be convenient to carry. Most people would have a warning sign go off in their heads that the bag might not be strong enough. I probably had that sign as well, but because we were rushing, I chose to ignore the alarms. I made it as far as the laundry room, where the bag split and the bowl and the sauce went flying onto the tile floor.
The bowl was smashed to pieces and the sauce travelled further than physics should have allowed. We used a dustpan to scrape it up. Fortunately I still had a bit of sauce left in the pot so we were not without dinner.
Well, at least I had something to write about today. It's all good.