happy birthday my friend

It's my friend Kathy's birthday today. You perhaps are wondering what I like about Kathy, so I thought I'd name the things I like best.
  1. When I need someone to talk to, I can usually track her down and she always takes the time to lend an ear. That is rare commodity in our fast paced culture. Thank you for listening. She has excellent taste in clothing and I often copy her. Did you know that Kathy? She is transparent. She is quite willing to let me see the good and the bad and we try to encourage each other to be kinder and more gracious. She loves loves her family and doesn't even pretend to not brag. I love that about her. She knows how to have fun. We appreciate the impromptu invitations out to the lake or over for dinner. She is a wonderful hostess. Her food is absolutely delicious. I wonder how many times we've eaten at her beautiful table. Thank you for your friendship Kathy and Happy Birthday.


  1. Happy Birthday Kathy you sound like such a great friend!

    Portzelky, mmm...I love them too and I always wondered how my Grandma made them. Do you drop them into a deep fryer to fry them?

    And I love how your sewing machine is sunken into the counter, that's an awesome little looking nook.

    Thanks for your kind comments Lovella! And that's so good Blogger finally offers labels now. I wonder if I should bring mine back into my sidebar, what do you think? Did you use them?

  2. What more could a girl ask for on her birthday than to be the main feature on her friends blog! I too value the friendship we share. Thank you for your kind words. I know you have quite afew pictures of Scot & I, but thank you for choosing such a nice one. One day you may choose one that we will really laugh at, and that would be fun too. I look forward to the coming year of sharing more good conversation, laughter, and just celabrating life as friends. I appreciate you! Kathy

  3. Thank you Demara,
    You know I loved your sidebar helpful hints. I was looking for them the other day when I was trying to figure something out. I found them very helpful. The thing I liked was that I can trust your little warnings about what to do or not do, like where you said that if you add certain links, people might be able to tap into your blog. Really good info.


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