tobee comes to brunch

Guess what? I have a grand dog. Meet Tobee. Stuart and Karlee brought their new little pup over for brunch today. He's a little Yorkie Cross. They brought him over to begin his socializing skills. Otis was quite impressed and wanted to have a better look at him but like all new parents they were a tad protective. He's such a cutie and if I may brag like I see my friends all do with their "for real" grandchildren, . . .well, he is quite clever. He's nine weeks old and he . . . comes on command and sits and lays down. I was completely impressed. He sleeps through the night in his own bed and is pretty much paper trained.
Who doesn't love a puppy? I'd be happy to babysit . . even if it is just a pup.

We had a great brunch together with all the kids and Terry's mom. We had the usual fare. Slow Roasted brown sugared bacon, Hash browns, fresh eggs, Veggie Crustless Quiche and Waffles with Strawberries , Custard and Whipped Cream. Terry is the wafflemaker. Well, technically I make the batter but he bakes the waffles as we eat. The key to this meal is to eat a "little "of everything and/or what you like most.

Stuart and Karlee left first to continue on with their puppy training. Bea marked papers for a while, Terrence and Terry went to check on something in the shop. Mom and I had a visit. Pretty typical Sunday afternoon. They come, they eat and they go home to their own nests. Exactly like it should be.

Later today we are heading to friends for dinner. We are having a motorcycle trip reunion. I'll give you the details another time.

I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday Afternoon with those you love.


  1. What a lovely grandpuppy! Be sure to get pictures of his first bath, first hair cut, sleeping, cute outfits, put his picture on the refrigerator etc etc.
    Just like the folks who have grand BABIES!
    (someday, right? Since your kids are married and all, just a matter of time.)

  2. That's quite the puppy! Check out my new blog. Somtimes when you have friends over for dinner you never quite know what will happen.

  3. So cute that grandpuppy of yours. And what a yummy sounding made my mouth water! Slow roasted brown sugar bacon?!? That sounds delish!

  4. Aw I think Tobee is SO VERY CUTE!!!
    I want him...


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