to the river

Yesterday just as I thought Terry was quite willing to take me on an Eagle Watching Date. We went down to the Fraser River where just last week he had seen many eagles feeding on salmon. This week however the eagles must have heard about the big yearly eagle count over in Brackendale and flew over to be counted. We saw a few but none close enough to warrant a published picture.
We did find some young guys who were in a predicament. The tire had come off the rim from one the the quads. They asked Terry if he had a tire pump which of course he had. He really didn't think he would be able to have success in pumping it up again but he tried and I prayed and the tire miraculously filled with air. Normally this would need to be done with a compressor but we were so happy that they were able to be helped.
They offered Terry a Canadian Tire Gift Card which he graciously declined. He told them to go to Canadian Tire and buy themselves a pump.
Terry told them that by the end of the day they would be famous. Pretty funny.
So this is the second time that I am publishing this story. I tried to add a link onto Brackendale and messed up my post so bad I nearly tore my hair out and so this is the short version which does not seem so funny anymore.
I guess I'll have to have my clever Software Developer son Stuart come and teach me how that trick is done which everyone else seems to be able to figure out on thier own. This does not please me.


  1. I guess you should have had lunch with us on Sunday and watch that eagle soar overhead. But I am sure you had a fun adventure to add to many more to come. Terry the hero. Sounds pretty good! Does that make you the hero's sidekick? Hmm... They always get good names, and outfits too. :)

  2. Sidekicks do get good names don't they? Perhaps I could sew us a couple of matching super hero outfits. Terry will be so excited when I share your good idea.
    Perhaps Terry will take me to the land of Brackendale so I too can count the eagles. Want to come?

  3. Brrr...I think I am too far away to join you in eagle viewing just now (a good excuse to avoid freezing my situpon off.)

    I'm adding you as a link too...couldn't figure how to ask, but figure if you are OK with me in your linkhood, then you won't mind being in mine. It used to be hard to add links.

  4. Hey Lovella,
    I managed to read your first post and they were both good. You had me a little confused when I came back to leave a comment it was all worded different and I wondered what was going on. I can't wait to see the superhero outfits riding the quad at the river with capes flailing in the wind!! Is flailing a word?!?!? If it's not it should be. Dwain and I will come just to get that on camera!!!


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