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Now that I have my swanky new scanner my world has opened up to so many possibilities. I was looking through old photos and trying to learn how to use my new "office equipment" when I came upon this gem. It probably dosen't need much of an explanation but I'll offer one anyways.
Every year my Auntie Betty would go to Hawaii in winter. I really did not know too much about Hawaii other than what the postcards revealed. Who wouldn't like it there? Pictures of sand and Hula girls and Palm trees . . oh, don't you just want to pack your bags? What I usually could count on was a gift, some small trinket to make me feel special. This gift generally conicided sometime around my birthday and I quite looked forward to Auntie Betty's return.
When I was born my mom released my first name with delight. She had hidden the name in her heart for decades and never told anyone of it for fear of someone snatching it up and using it for their daughter before she had a chance. There was 4 boys born to my mom before me and although she delighted at the birth of each one of them . . well, I was special. (I'm trying to eek out a comment from my brothers here) My mom blessed me with 2 middle names after 2 of my aunts. I'm not sure why she didn't use my Auntie Betty's proper name Lorena to name me after but it dosen't matter . . named after her and my Auntie Frances I am.
This delightful outfit was from Auntie Betty. As you can see I wore it with pride. The saddest part was that there was no appropriate place to where it. Church was definitely out of the question. It was the middle of winter so I couldn't wear it out to frolick in the sun so I delighted in running around the house pretending to be in the land of lovely brown skin, sand and palm trees.
Isn't it funny how memories are so vivid? I can clearly remember my Auntie Betty smiling at me as I modeled the "authentic" Hula girl outfit for her. She assured me that I looked very nice in it. I believed her. Did she know that making a young girl feel special would last a lifetime? Did she realize that her sweet way was a blessing?
Today we have another storm rolling in. I have a pot of homemade Chicken Noodle Soup on the stove. The barometric pressure has been causing havoc on my sinus cavities and I've decided to consume copious amounts of Chicken Noodle Soup tonight in hopes of a headache free day tomorrow.
Perhaps I'll go now and see to making some fine egg noodles . . with of course farm fresh eggs. Terry loves fresh pasta.


  1. I love the Eagles picture and to read about your mom that's so sweet. I'm sure God is smiling down from Heaven and the Holy Spirit is surrounding you right now as you honor your mom even in her death. And you looked very cute in your hoola outfit too. (;

  2. So, is this the beginnings of the SuperHero outfit we were last talking about? I was thinking along the lines of tights and cape, but this would be much more unique! Maybe a wee bit cold on the quad, but I am sure you could paint a few flowers on the helmut. You are so cute!

    What a wonderful thing to remember ~ the generosity and kindness of one's family. I can imagine what your brothers may have thought about this outfit! I would like to hear from at least one of them on his version of this gifting.

    With the latest weather storm blowing in, may I suggest you not revisit your old costume but find a good woolley sweater? I hope the sinuses clear soon. I feel for you!

  3. I can just imagine the sound that grass skirt made. What a fun aunt!
    Dress up rocks!
    I'm going to try your brother's idea on paperboy management. Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. What an adorable picture! And we can all see that you are just so pleased with your new outfit. Isn't it interesting how some memories of our childhood stick clearly in our minds? We were just talking at dinner about some crazy things the kids had done years ago... like C. cutting off a piece of K. hair and me having a total fit. He still remembers that.

    I've been enjoying the posts you've written about your mom. It's wonderful to have those memories to treasure.


  5. You haven't changed a bit:)
    Fresh pasta! You're putting the rest of us to shame!!

  6. Hey Lovella Frances, That's too fun! Was that taken at my place? I tried to figure out where it was and I think it was taken in the room off the kitchen. The white door is now where the entrance to the family room is right?!? We had some snow already tonite! The wind and rain has been viscious here today! I wouldn't mind a chicken noodle soup recipe posting with fresh egg noodles if you could. I think my boys would like that! Nothin like homemade.

  7. Lovella you look so cute! Funny thing is both Karlee and I had an outfit just like yours that our Auntie Kari brought back from hawaii for us! I too thought i looked smashing!

  8. Thank goodness for generous aunts and memories to hold dear to our hearts forever! That is such a cute little hula outfit!

  9. Lovella, I am ready 'way back' in your blog, as I've just discovered it. It says here that you have to middle names. So cool! So do I, but rarely meet others with two. I think it must be a Canadian thing. Is it? I'm enjoying your blog so much. I hope you don't mind, but I'd like to link you from my blog so I can share your lovely site.



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