He cares for you

My dads parents were not wealthy by today's standard. In their retirement years they lived in a small bungalow which was decorated in a warm style of homemade creations. This was always one of my favorite items. It is a hand painted plaque on glass. The back is painted to create the background color.
It says . . He cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7. I don't know when it was made or who even made it. I can imagine though that it was a Bible verse that held special meaning for them. I wonder how many times they passed the plaque and thought about God's care for them. I wonder if they had worries and concerns. the plaque reminds me of the well known Visa commercial. It really is "priceless" . .at least to me.
Sometimes I come across a blog that shares a concern or a burden and I ask God to care for that person and I try to remember during the day and sometimes the night to pray for them. I read one like that this morning and I'm thankful that I know that He cares for them.
I said to my beloved Mr. T yesterday that I feel like blogging has become a little like a prayer chain for me. I hope it has for you too. I don't want this to be a waste of time. I wonder about the people I'm linked to and those that just stop by to read my thoughts and I think of their families and wonder if all is well in their world.

Well, it is a perfectly sunny day. I have the sheets laundering. The floors will get a good wash and then perhaps I'll go outdoors in search of spring.


  1. That IS precious and priceless. Makes me think how pleasant it is to find God's care declared in many languages.
    Hope you find a touch of spring, preferably not dandelions!

  2. Lovella, you are so right about the friends found in blogland. If I can be a little bit of light in this dark world, then I CAN make a difference! Sometimes just a word or a prayer is all that is needed. Truly, I have found the Body of Christ is everywhere!

  3. I remember as a child seeing a very similar plaque in my grandparents' home. If only they could tell the stories they have witnessed. The past is very much part of the present when we realize the words that were recorded hundreds of years prior to our existence succinctly capture what we need today. Truely precious and pricless. "He cares for you." Very good to know now and tomorrow!

  4. Cute picture of the two of you. Either I missed it before or it is new. Hope your sheets got dry, and your reasons to rejoice extended beyond that fact!
    Thanks for praying for the blogroll...I think we all need it as we put ourselves out there.

  5. Jill, farmgirlcyn, and Becky,
    While I didn't actually see "spring". . .I felt the warmth (10 degrees celsius) on my face and that was fabulous. I found a corner by the garage and the house that wouldn't be touched by the breeze, took a blanket and sat on my lawnchair and read the new Martha Stewart magazine. . . and thought about my friends and how blessed I am to have you all.

  6. oh and Jill, I need to say a special thank you for finding the perfect name for my beloved Mr. T. I will use it always on my posts from now on. You've captured my delight in this man. That is the reason for the new picture and the verse to go with it.

  7. I found your blog from Heidi's links. I too believe that blogland can connect us with special people and perhaps, just perhaps give them a glimmer of God's love and his personality. I believe a blog can be used as a witness, as a way for people to say, "hmmmm. what's so different about her?" I want to demonstrate the Lord's "fun" side filled with laughter and joy through my blog. Truly you appreciate the beauty of His creation evidenced by your words and your pictures.

  8. Hi Lovella,
    Thank you for this beautiful reminder today and for the encouragement to me to whisper a prayer when we see a need. You are a beautiful example of an "older woman" teaching "youger women" by example, and I hope you don't take that wrong, because you still look way too young to have married kids.
    I love how you take time to reflect and enjoy simple things. I love how you honor your husband. I've sometimes thought of calling mine Mr.H ... like that old show we used to enjoy when we were first married. I think it was called Hart to Hart. does anybody remember it? Anyways, thanks for allowing me a peek into your life in this way...enjoy the sunshine again today.

  9. Annaliese, thank you so much. I really appreciate the encouragement from women of my "era". One thing is for sure, . . putting myself out there so to speak has certainly fine tuned my conscience. There have been many times that I posted and published and then realized what I've said has not been honouring to the Lord. I thought about you the other day and prayed for you as well . .knowing that you must miss your girls.


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