Posted by PicasaI am continually amazed at how beautifully God paints. As I looked at the colors of the sunset yesterday I just thanked Him for the gift of the sunset.
Today I was reading Oswald Chambers and he talked about Matthew 6:26-30 It says . . . "Consider the lilies of the field . . .(6:28)" .He goes on to say "They grow where they are planted. Many of us refuse to grow where God plants us." later he goes on to say that "Consecration is the act of continually separating myself from everything except that which God has appointed me to do."
This reminded me of the poem that my son Stuart wrote in Grade 2. It has been framed and hung in our home ever since. . . .because it is so true and such a good reminder for me.
Flowers are just like you and me.
Some flowers are selfish flowers
sometimes we're all selfish
but when we're not selfish flowers
we bloom for the Lord.
Selfish flowers say I will not bloom,
I'll be sitting here but
an unselfish flower says
I'm going to bloom because Jesus said I would.
By Stuart


  1. Lovella, I have always loved the sky !! what a beautiful picture. And you read Oswald Chambers?? He is my all favorite devotional writer. Have you read his biography? What he wrote he lived in his life !!
    And Stuart's poem is so precious..I'm glad it's framed !!
    Have a wonderful God-painted day !!

  2. Aw that is such a beautiful poem and for a Grade 2 student? wow!!! amazing. Yes it is difficult to see some blogs on a bright or white background...but your font color is GREAT!

    Just so you know I added a new post with PICTURES ;)

  3. I've finally taken root....

  4. Lovella...God was putting the same verse in our hearts today. I carried that verse with me all day and I was stunned when I saw what you had written when I got home at sunset.
    Tell Stuart to write poems more often. Or at least more.

  5. I can clearly remember Stuart as a young lad. He was so likable and had such a good nature. He had a gentle spirit, and I often was greatful for the positive influeace he had on our girls as they grew up together as neighbours and church friends. He began his 'blooming' young and his life now as an adult is evidence of a good root system norished by his great parents through love and the word of God. Lovella, it is neat that you have saved the treasure of Stuart's young thoughts. I admire the relationship you share with your sons. Kathy

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  7. I love the poem.
    That's a beautiful photo - did you take it?

  8. Julie, I do read Oswald Chambers, It really is timeless isn't it? Year after year. I haven't read his biography. I have Hudson Taylors though which is also very good.
    Danna and Carolanne, Yes I did take the photo, I ran from the barn to the house to get the camera.
    Demara, I can't really say thank you for the poem but . . thank you
    Cityfarmer, yes I think I've taken root as well. I like that thought, thanks,
    Jill, isn't that amazing? Actually our Heavenly Father is amazing, he did that.
    Kathy, that is so sweet, our families have very deep roots,Thank you.

  9. I too, love the picture! Amazing is almost an understatement. It looks like someone went to paint a blue picture then dabbled thoughts of pink all over. I love the way the clouds look to the mountains, as if moving to a waltz.

    Beauty is not just in the eye of the beholder, it is real, and it is God like. It causes you to worship.

  10. Oh, Lovella, I don't know you, but thank you so much for your gentle reminder. My Dad once told me to "bloom where I was planted" and it's always stuck with me.

    This post makes me want to praise, praise, praise.

    (Kudos to your son for his tremendous poem! I hope he's still writing.)


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