the old dresser

Terry is refinishing an old dresser that was originally always in the "boys" bedroom when I was little. I meant to take a picture of the layers of paint but Terry was a tad too efficient and by the time I got out there with the camera the sanding was complete and the new coat was being applied. After the boys left home (I was the last to leave) my mom delighted in painting it every time she changed the color of her sewing room. After that Terry and I gave it a home and used it for our boys and again it was "modernized" into a lovely beige color.
The cupboard now resides in our laundry room were it holds the chore clothes. The colors of red and white, royal blue and white, all beige and all white are gone. Layers and layers of memories covered up but not forgotten.

Some one had suggested that we should make a cozy area so that I could visit Terry and enjoy coffee with him in his shop. These chairs have lived in my parents-in-law's house, then they lived at Stuart and Karlee's house and since we gave them new chairs for their media room for Christmas they have come to live in Terry's shop. Now you might be thinking. . .wow, those chairs are going to get grubby and dusty living in that shop. No, I assure you they will kept dust free, covered with old sheets when not in use and a greasy pant leg will never rest on those soft cushions. I suggested to Terry that I find a small round braided rug and I think that I may have crossed the line. He rolled his eyes. I then suggested that the lighting is wonderful in there and maybe we could share that space and I could have a nice craft table. Oh, well, you can't blame a girl for trying.


  1. I love the idea of a braided rug.. and a craft table and a real wood burning fireplace and some pictures and plants and ... oops! I think we just lost Terry's shop !!

  2. Holy Cow! That Terry is one lucky guy...a full workshop AND a good looking "Tool Time" girl bringing him coffee to boot!
    I vote for a pot belly stove.
    Have you ever read Love & Respect by Dr. Eggerichs? Especially the part about how men feel connected when women just are "there" watching as they (the men) are engaged in working on projects?
    I think your picture would be perfect illustration of that point.

  3. that is so sweet! It is so great to see how you and your hubby are so close, I love to see married couples who are so in love, after many years married. You are an inspiration! I want to stay "best friends" with my hubby, I think that is the way to keep a strong marriage!!

  4. I Love, Love, Love that you have chairs in the workshop to be in there with your husband and that he is okay with that! You are a really great example of what marriage should be! :)


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