happy birthday heidi

Well, . . if you don't know her, you love her anyways . . just from the stories. I found that Hallmark card this year and I gave it to her.

Heidi and I have been sisters ever since my brother Gerry married her. She is impossible to describe in less than ten words. It's a bit sad really that I have so very few pictures of her not behaving herself.

These are the basic facts of my reality as I know her.

She is intelligent. She learns difficult things easily. Her present job now involves keeping money straight which is mind boggling to me.

She is determined. She started to train last year for the half marathon and finished the race, in quite respectable time. Last year she won the Canada Day race in her community in her ladies division. I could also say here that she is a fierce competitor. She always wins when we play croquet because she cheats and doesn't care if you know.

She is compassionate. She listens with great interest to all my sob stories and whether I'm right or wrong she'll take me in her arms and say "oh, I'm sorry".

She is a devoted wife. She has for the most part of their marriage been a pastors wife and she has stood by her man. She is fiercely protective of her family and marriage. Way to go Heidi.

She is a fabulous Omi . . .(grandma) to her grandchildren. They love her to bits.

She is a wonderful aunt. When my boys were little she could be found hiding with the boys feeding them red licorice just because she could. She has since been hospitable to our sons and their fiances during marriage preparations. Gerry performed the marriage ceremony for both of our sons.

She is the funniest thing ever. Never ever dare her to do something that would cause you to blush. If we suggest some silly practical joke. . . she'll say . . should I? We always so . .no don't.

She is quite beautiful. She is so put together. She cuts her own hair and it is always the cutest style and people always ask her where she gets her hair cut.

She reads my blog and I love it that she supports me in this way. That is why she is getting treated to a post all about her.

Most of the pictures I have of her are at parties. She is the funnest one there. I just asked Terry if there was anything he wanted to say about her and he called her "the crazy Brazilian". I wouldn't go quite that far but yes she is a bit crazy at times. If you notice in the pictures, she loves to pose. She not only is in pictures with her husband, she has managed to be in pictures with my husband as well.

She is a wonderful sister. The first memory of our real sister time together was shopping for the fabric for the bridesmaid dresses for her wedding. We went into Vancouver where her single sister who is a bit older than her had a flat in a beautiful old Victorian house. I fell in love with the idea of living in a flat except for the fact that the washroom was shared by other tenants in the lower level of the house. To save time we all trudged down there together to bathe and was quite shocked that we would be naked together. This was so funny to her that I was a bit bashful. We were sisters for goodness sake. I had never had a sister of my own, I didn't know this was done. After that episode I really did feel like we had bonded.

Well, I must post this now. I could tell stories all day that would make you smile. I love it that I have a "sister" who is all these things. I have been taught so much from Heidi about keeping Faith in her Lord even during difficult times.

Thank you dear girl and have a wonderful day. My prayer for you today is that God will bless you and that His love will be revealed to you in a very special way.


  1. Well, my dear Lovella. Who wouldn't love a sister like you? Gracious and encouraging to the core. Nope, wouldn't change a thing about this blog - you wrapped her up pretty good. Thanks for the good whishes.
    Loved you from the first time I laid eyes on you - you too Terry.
    Sorry, gotta go party!!!

  2. What a beautiful tribute to Heidi!
    At Tammy's baby shower when her voice announced to the others that she had arrived , someone said, "Oh, Heidi's here... Now the fun will start !"
    I too wish her a wonderfully blessed new 'birthday year' !!

  3. Those of us who had no biological sisters REALLY appreciate sisterhood when formed in the heart.
    You are lucky to have each other, both in the heart, and by law!

  4. Well said Lovella,
    Although I have only been in the family for 13 years I was drawn to the personality of this women from the day I met her! Not to say that a get together isn't fun without her... but you know the parties gettin started when Aunt Heidi arrives. I would also like to wish her a wonderful birthday through your blog and tell her I love her and pray that she has many more wonderful years ahead. She brings joy to my heart.

  5. It is a beautiful tribute to Heidi and it's also a reflection on the beautiful person you are. :)

  6. Happy Birthday Heidi!!!


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