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I have inherited some beautiful original postcards from my Dad's mom. I plan to post some occasionally and today's Postcards feature Stanley Park in Vancouver BC. I can't find a date anywhere so I won't venture a guess at their age. They appear to be painted. I have others that say that they are real photo's hand coloured.
This one says it is the Seven Sisters. With all the destruction from the recent storms, I would think it is safe to say they are gone. Isn't it interesting how we work so hard to maintain, and preserve and set aside and then in an instant a storm removes all of man's futile attempts.
Every once in a while Terry and I take a weekend away in Vancouver. On beautiful sunny days, Terry and I love to go down to English Bay and sit and watch the people walking on the seawall. We've enjoyed the fireworks from the harbour and I remember extended family picnics at the park.
That was when the kids could run and play for the afternoon and the only concern was not to get lost. That was when the zoo was still in full operation. I miss the zoo. Even the aquarium just isn't quite the same without our killer whales.
Oh well, we'll have to be content with the memories, because I don't think the park boards idea of restoration is bringing back the animals and whales of our childhood. I'd love to hear some Stanley Park stories if you have any. As you remember, I told you about Terry being hoisted out of the wheel chair at Stanley Park in my post about Tim and Flo. Good times.
Well tomorrow morning I'm off to the B&B for some cooking and serving and chatting. I'll talk Terry into coming up and sampling some of our lunch. That usually isn't a difficult task.
It should be a great day.


  1. The dresser in your last post looks fab!! Great job Uncle Terry! I have always liked Stanley Park too! I always enjoyed my school fieldtrips there! We went last summer with our boys and they had alot of fun. They only had a few large animals left there! The killer whales were definitely the best! I have pictures in my childhood albums of them. We also went to the Vancouver game farm a couple years back and Ryan got to see Tina the elephant before she got shipped out. I actually rode on that elephant's back when I was 5 years old. I hadn't thought of that in a long while. Have a great day at the B&B. Someday I'll come and check that place out! Love ya!

  2. Stanley Park... I loved that place too! I remember going there on field trips a few times. I remember they had a small train too. I wonder, do they still have it?

  3. I have loved my two visits to Vancouver, and especially Victoria and trudging through the fabulous gardens there. Everyone in the USA goes to Butcharts, but I also loved the other gardens there.
    I collect old steroptican slides, which are basically old post card with two pictures side by side for viewing for a three dimensional effect. The ones with stories on the back are such person looks at the slide while the other reads the back of the slide. Great old fashion courting ploy for getting a little closer than otherwise might be permitted! {swoon!}
    How does Terry keep his boyish figure with all that lovely tucker you feed him?

  4. Hmmm...ya I remember when I went to Stanley Park for the first time. I was about 6 years old and I remember it was rather cold out so I was wearing mittens. I was standing up over the edge of the sea otter pool when I saw them all piling up on eachother and I thought WOW they're coming up to see me...and then as I went to pet the one that was on the top of the pile it bit my mitten right off my hand and in doing so it bit the tips of my fingers...I was taken to the emergency first aid room there where they badaged me up...To this day I still think those sea otters are pretty cute, they just thought I was feeding them because my mitten looked like a fish.

    Oh btw apparently my auntie Pauline was best friends with Flo in Grade 7. It's a small world hey? and I wonder if my auntie Monica is a relative of Tim's? Monica's parents are Herb and Verda...

  5. Lori, I didn't know that Tina was from Stanley Park. I guess the whales went to San Diego Sea World eh?
    Danna, I think they still do have the train, although it's closed now because of the storms.
    Jill, How delightful that you've been to Canada, then you can picture my part of the world. These courting slides sound tremendously fun, perhaps they could be utilized at Valentines. Ooh and Terry keeps his boyish figure because he rarely sits down. He's a busy one, that boy.
    If I didn't keep feeding him I'm afraid he'd become gaunt.
    Demara, amazing otter story. You must have attracted a bit of attention with the bleeding fingertips and all. Did they give you a treat at least?
    Perhaps Flo could try to leave a comment on your relatives Demara. You are right it is a very small world.

  6. Truth be told, I would say these postcards are from the late 30's...have a little experience in buying and selling antiques and I I have a nice collection of "postcards from the edge" of vintage...

    keep em' in the family


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