little dresser

When I was a little girl, I had a little dresser. By the time it was used by me, it was already well loved.
It's the same dresser that I hid my dime in that was meant for the Sunday school offering. I believe that was the only time I stole something intentionally. (one can't really count a middle aged mind walking out of a card store with a card in hand . . .realizing in horror that you've shoplifted and hurried back to the store)

No, that time with the dime, was completely on purpose. As sometimes a mother does . .she asked. .Do you still have your offering? Even then, I was a pathetic liar and my face revealed easily that I was guilty.
That is the only time I can remember receiving a spanking from my dad and the sadness on his face is firmly etched in my memory. Forgiveness came quickly and also his trust in me returned . . I was truly repentant.

Oh, yes and the drawers were properly christened during one of my famous sleep walking episodes. I'd like to think I was quite young, I can't remember. My mom had a bit of laundry to do after that night. My older brothers had fun with that.

Now my beloved Mr. T has transformed the little dresser into something "differently" beautiful. The little dresser has been stashed in the crawl space of our bungalow for the last 12 years. It really didn't suit a big boys room and our space was limited during those years.
Now our space is spacious enough for us to shelter a childhood dresser. I'll use it for my place mats, napkins and tablecloths.

It proudly displays one of my mothers crocheted dresser scarves. . . .and a touch of spring. Snowdrops. They are the first flowers to peek out of the grass in spring. When I was a child, snowdrops would be cut and displayed in the same little vase every year. Have you found that as a blogger, you've learned things about yourself? I certainly have. I've realized how senitmental I am.
After the dresser was settled in its spot. My beloved Mr. T looked at me and said .. is that it then? Have we finished all the pieces? I just smiled and said . . .nearly. There is still this little round plant stand. I said. . ." just give it a little squirt of black". He said . ." just give it a little squirt of black" . . and I said . . "uh hu." and I smiled when I said that.
He took it with him. It's all good.
I made him his "Anneliese's Tomato Soup" for supper, he was happy. I'll post the recipe tomorrow.
Do you have a piece of furniture that holds memories that are waiting to be told?


  1. Lovella the dresser looks wonderful. Terry did a very good job. I have so many special things like that. But my favorite is a old kitchen table and four chairs i got from my Grandpa and Gramma Schroeder. They got it when they first got married and it was already used then. I have to wait for my dad to help me finish it though. So i can have it in my house. Furniture that has a past is the best.

  2. Hi Lovella, I am very sentimental about a lot of things.. and just recently I found there is a name for my condition ( and yours?) -- it is nostomania .

  3. Love that piece! Open the drawers and let us see inside :)
    The view you have in your yard is beyond spectacular! Once I dreamed that I had a view of the mountains...

  4. That is a very beautiful dresser. It's the perfect size to fit all the stuff that you wanted to fit in it!

  5. My memories of your Dad are fond. He was a quiet and kind soul. His smile and hello were genuine. I remember he and your Mom often pulling up to your place in their Van and your boys would run to greet them, with my girls not far behind. We have often shared how our parents had the same loving and forgiving hearts. I know that forgive and forget way so well. We were blessed to have Fathers who taught us that through their example. I pray you and I will work at continuing to follow the great Truths we were taught by our parents and pass them on to our kids and grandkids. Speaking of Grandkids. Summer has inherited Adrienne's dresser which has a fresh coat of white paint. Soon the mirror will leave our crawl space and join the dresser for this Little Princess to stand in front of as her Mommy did. It had many treasures hidden in it over the years that I will give to Summer when she is old enough to have fun snooping through them. The old jewellery box will be a favorite I'm sure. Carissa's dresser will one day makes it's way to her place too. She already took one that sits in her sewing room that her and Jason will work on together one day. Treasures will follow that one too. Your dresser is perfect! I love the glass knobs you put on it. Looking forward to seeing the plant stand. Possibly it is done already!:) Kathy

  6. Cute! Love the knobs! I have a soft spot for crystal door or drawer handles. They alone remind me of my grandparents home. I remember visiting their old house on the farm (Gladwin Road just beyond the power lines heading North). It seemed to always be dark, with squeeky floors. As a child, I never felt too comfortable in that old house until one single momentary event. They had an iron crib (can you even imagine that now?!), and one of my siblings was sleeping in it. As I was about to sneak a peak into the room, I reached for the door knob and a spectacular prism of colour bounced off of it onto my hand. Since then, I have always loved crystal, and the colours it throws.

    The only piece of furniture I have inherited is my grandmother's treadle sewing machine with its matching stool. I use the stool all the time in my sewing room. The treadle cabinet needs the veneer (sp??) to be replaced on the lid as it is cracking and peeling off. I have read about doing it, and it seems pretty straight forward, I just haven't found any veneer sheets that I really like and are within my budget. Oh, well, ... I don't have the time any way. Make sure Terry gets a snack every now and then as he works so hard!

  7. haylee, I'll tell Terry . .thanks, that table and chairs sounds wonderful, I can't wait to see it.
    Julie, nostomania . . . I have it quite bad . .smile
    shabby in the city, thank you, I need to fill the drawers and if I can do it neatly . . I 'll take a pic. I do love our view . . I hope that you can venture out of the city now and then to see some glorious mountains too.
    danna, thanks, it is the perfect size for tablecloths and such.
    Kathy my sweet friend, what a wonderful heritage we share. Now we can watch our children pass that on. What better thing is there than that?
    Becky, I love the light on the handle story, thank you for telling it. ah, yes I keep him fed. I gave him his favorite for lunch . . fresh egg salad on fresh brown bread. . .and a coffee in the sunshine to boot.

  8. Hi Lovella,
    Wow! That dresser has sure come along ways and now it's looking as beautiful as ever, I think the handles look maybe a bit too fancy for the old thing, but the flowers now that is so pretty with the whole ambience...I think the doiley and flowers bring it all together...Looks beautiful!!!

    I changed some things over there at my place, I'll give you a hint: it may be a lot easier on your eyes and maybe a bit of a shock to you too...hope it's a good shock though. (;

  9. Enjoying the green template! Reminds me of ... spring!

  10. That dresser looks great! Especially with the crocheted dresser scarves (we call doilies) and the pretty snowdrops.

  11. Your new blog "look" is so peaceful and elegant. It's nice to be able to drop by and see what you've been doing and read a memory or two. Made me think about my church dime, which was always kept in a little felt duck pin that I wore to church. And absent-minded shoplifting seems to be rampant amoung my "hot flash" crowd. Yikes!
    If I can't figure out how to drop pictures into the side bar,like you have, I might have to *ask* you for help. March is going to be "figure out blog designing month" for me.


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