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This is one of the Russian Postcards from my postcard collection. It is one of the few that actually has been sent. I'd love to know what it says. Russian anyone?
I'm interested in the fact that it needed to be stamped so many times before it was actually at its destination. It is written in pencil.
Well, I'm off to have a walk on the treadmill. We are socked in here with fog this morning. We have promises of sunshine and that will be a delight.
Early this morning I was booted out of bed. It seemed that I was suffering a form of a "fever" again. I can't figure it out hot and cold and hot and cold. My beloved Mr. T was not getting his well deserved rest because of the fanning of the covers. Big sigh, I went to wait for morning on the couch. We would have been a bit grouchy this morning but then we were treated to a comical comment from Jill on yesterdays post and our morning was off to a good start.
Last night we went for our weekly visit to Walmart. I picked up some candy canes for 25 cents and I'm going to make Valentines.
My beloved Mr. T and I are creatures of habit. I was once told that it seems as people age and you do lovely things for them, that once you've done them three times in a row . . it becomes a "thing".
Three Wednesday nights in a row to have a Walmart date . . I guess it's a "thing". Well, I hate to say it but I can see a bit of truth in that in our own empty nest. We do the same thing week in and week out. We like it. Who's to stop us? We are a team and we'll continue on in our pathetic little routine.


  1. Pathetic??? Nah. there is a certain amount of comfort in "routine". I love the fact that when farmboy comes in, I am ready with a kiss, and some sweet smellin' perfume splashed on! (why save it for a "special" occasion??)And he loves coming home, knowing that I will be there for him, smellin real sweet!

  2. The Russian letter really hit my "ponder" button. Nowadays we get junk mail, email, business mail. Letters? It's been a long time since a personal communication arrived on paper.

    I think we'll always use mail for some documents, but how long will it be before we'll have people wondering how that paper "thingee" worked. Last night B. couldn't send a large scanned document and was irked to have to find an envelope, address, stamp, take the thing to the mail box...

    Re: Walmart date night:
    Spice up the Wal-Mart date...
    Each of you grab a cart and head into the store. When ever you happen to wind up in the same aisle, work on coming up with a good flirt. Use a southern accent if you can manage it. B. and I have been doing that for years on our "cheapskate" dates at the store.
    I never flirted as a young woman (not a Christian thing to do I thought..) but here in the South, flirtation is a "clean" gentle pasttime, that has the same tone/meaning that happens when you "ohh" and "ahh" over a darling child or an adorable puppy.
    Another book recommend: "The Southern Woman's Guide to Flirting" is being passed around here. The world is a much nicer place when everyone flirts with everyone else, because who doesn't like to hear "Aren't you just the sweetest thing!" coo'd at you for doing something totally mundane like giving the cashier the exact change!

  3. thanks for the tip Jill, my best accent is English. I've read so many Maeve Binchy and Rosamunde Pilcher books in an English accent. Do they flirt, do you suppose?
    I'll head to Chapters and see about the book.
    Perhaps I'll even take farmgirlcyn's advice . . go past the perfume counter and splash a little on.


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