basking in the canadian sunshine

Yesterday the sun came out and we went out. It was a balmy 9 degrees Celsius. We relaxed off the back porch and basked in the sun like sun deprived Canadians in the middle of winter are known to do.
We realized that the day could not be wasted completely so we ventured out for a walk. Up until a month ago we lived in the countryside where the mail man delivers the mail to the mail box and then one day we received the dreaded notice with a key. Now we have joined the throngs of people who go to the community mail box to retrieve the mail. They say this is for our benefit. Our mail won't be stolen as easily. True perhaps but I felt a bit sad that our "country" living was shaved a bit thinner. So . .it gives us another excuse to go for what should not need an excuse anyways. . .walk. This is taken about 15 minutes from our house up a slight hill. I never tire of the snow crested mountain in the background.

I have no idea how I continually talk my beloved Mr. T. into yet another pose but I suppose that is just one more reason why I love him. Even Otis was feeling rather in a mood to follow us about the fields yesterday.

I checked the nest . .its still empty.
All in all it was a wonderful weekend. In the evening we felt somewhat spontaneous and invited our friends over to help us eat the rest of our Christmas Appetizers from the freezer. Pretty funny . .I served shrimp in a variety of ways. Coconut shrimp, shrimp in tempura batter, shrimp in a crispy fillo . .phylo ? dough. Oh and then so as not to seem redundant for variety I served some more seafood. Crab cakes and bacon wrapped scallops. I'm laughing at myself here. I didn't even have a crusty bread on hand. I tossed together some salad and made a quick berry crisp and we called it a meal.
I trust that you will feel full of hope as you go into this week.


  1. I always find that the meals that you just throw together are always the best. And it's even better when you have good company to share it with. Lovella you are so creative with your posts. We need to have coffee.Julian would love to see you. Let me know when you have time. I am almost always free!

  2. Let's see...The Delicate Little Flower of the North (you) in a jacket, Manly-man Mr. T in a tee shirt.
    That makes sense.
    I gasped out loud at the picture of the mountains (gorgeous) and my Mr. B came running.
    I showed him the picture and he made a semi-strangled sound; "Oh jeeze.." in the tone he always uses when he's jealous, envious, and generally disgusted that there is such beauty out there and he isn't getting to be where it is.

    This is the first time we've had a locked mail box at the end of the street. Knowing I have to walk past neighbors to get my mail is sometimes my only motivator to tidy myself up on a day when creative energy outlet has trumped personal grooming efforts.
    Thanks for sharing your balmy day!

  3. Hi Lovella.

    Good for the Sun. We've been fogged in solid here in Maple Ridge.

    I have not written too much on my blog or read yours recently. The Docs of got me on a 17 perscription pills a day routine just to get a little handle on the pain and stuff. Hopefully I'll be back at it soon.

    I apprectiate what you have to write about. Good for you.

  4. Beautiful pictures , Lovella..I do miss seeing Mt. Baker .. I took it for granted the many years I looked at it daily but we have the beautiful Mt. Cheam range here so I shouldn't complain.
    Your 'throw together' meal sounds so gourmet... hardly the typical Mennonite Sunday Fastpa!!
    I understand about losing your mail box.. just one more broken link to "how it used to be".

  5. Such a calming effect at the end of a busy day(weekend)

    Need some r and r and don't see an end in sight.....maybe a hot summer's night on the porch and enter a thundestorm.

  6. No snow! Makes me want to go back home for a quick visit!)

  7. You crack me up! No ped yet, had to work tonight. I got my new laptop and my address bar doesn't pop all my favorites yet. You are in there now, first thing! Gotta have my Lovella fix!
    Oh, and your dinner menu was outstanding. No wonder you have so many friends!


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