In Pursuit of Spring

I know that I'm several months too early but yesterday I braved the elements for any small indication that Spring is on its way. I was delighted to see that my pond plant has sprouted some fresh green shoots.
Ah, the magnolia tree. Did I not tell you that it would send out its buds early, when winter has only just begun? If that's not a vision of hope I don't know what is.

Perhaps you are wondering what that gnarly blurry thing is. That my friends is a Rhubarb shoot. My mouth watered when I spotted it. Stay tuned for Rhubarb Platz recipes and Rhubarb sauce to put over New York Cheese tarts.

I had to sneak a shot of this without Terry seeing me. After he reads this post he'll head straight out doors to delete this dandelion from further expansion. He'll be out there for a while looking for it.
These shoots are Day Lilies. I had a patch of them in my flower garden but they continued to overtake everything so I planted them at the back of the field bordering the ditch. They are in a row of other bushes and plants that needed relocation. It's turned into a impromptu garden.
Now if I could just find some Pussy Willows, I'd know that Spring is coming but I think I'm a month early for those. My Dad worked outdoors and every spring without fail he brought in a bouquet of Pussy Willows. The long range weather forecast is suggesting a bit of a cold snap approaching. They are talking a bit of snow and then some cold sunny days. I've had no complaints in the weather department this winter. Stormy and blustery at regular intervals.
I love it.
This morning when my good man has finished the chores I think we'll head out to see if we can find some eagles. If we do, you'll know tomorrow.


  1. Wow! That is one thing that I early Spring. I can't wait for your recipes with the rhubarb. I have an OVER abundance of rhubarb and raspberries at this house:)

  2. Well, I found an eagle without having to leave the house! There we are, sitting at the table for lunch, and overhead of our eaves, flys away a beautiful bald eagle. Ray was sure it was a seagull, but I have enough other eyes at the table to side with mine. As it flew into the blustering gusts, its massive wing span stretched out a wave goodbye to me. I am sure of it! I love those eagles! Hope you found at least one too!

  3. Now I feel better...I was mentioning to some friends that now that the new year had begun we could look for spring... I was laughed at... but your pictures prove that my hope was not unfounded !! And yes, rhubarb !! My favorite pie !!

  4. Does "pond plant" = "water lily?"

    My neighbor has a lovely pond and I so admire her lilies. Glad you have a tickle of spring up there.
    And eagles to boot.

  5. Jill, I'm actually not sure what that plant is called because my sister-in-law brought a small clipping from her brothers pond. It has lovely little yellow flowers in spring which I'll be sure to post when they pop out their blooms.


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