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Yesterday I had the privilege to serve tea at a birthday party. It was held at the B&B where I'm occasionally found helping in the kitchen. It was a surprise for this dear lady and she was delighted at the kind gesture of her daughters.

The two daughters along with the granddaughter had fussed over tiny little sandwiches and beautiful table settings. In the decorations they incorporated the quilts that their mother had made over the years and had blessed her family with.

The guests were treated to a lovely afternoon, visiting together in grand style. What a special outing for them all. What fun it is to serve ladies who are absolutely delighted to have "just one more cup of peppermint tea".

As I observed the preparations for the afternoon, I realized once again that the blessing in giving is not merely for the receiver. I saw the biggest blessing is for those who offer their time as a gift of love for their mother. I can't imagine how proud that mother must have been that her daughters would have done this "all " for her. I heard her say several times. "Can you imagine?" and "will you look at this? "

I just couldn't resist one picture of the sunset while I was there. What beautiful gifts God gives us so freely. Sometimes we just have to pause and take note.


  1. Lovely tea and lovely B&B! No wonder you enjoy helping out there.

  2. Oh I know, it isn't a hardship at all.

  3. Terry's shoes look really fun and comfortable (in the dresser picture) and peppermint tea is my favourite!!! Looks like you had a great time helping out at the tea party. I think I have a picture of the same sunset...I'll have to post it sometime.

  4. Demara, the shoes are rubber slip on shoes. They can be purchased at most Work Wear stores. He says "yup, they are comfortable all right". Show me your sunset pictures girl. I'd love to see them too.


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