dating on a friday night

Terry invited me on a date. He scooted around the farm yesterday quickly gathered the eggs, and by 2:00 we were set to go.
I debated whether or not to take my camera but the poor guy has lost so much privacy since i started to blog, I thought I'd give him a bit of a break. I was of course sorry that I had that moment of compassion. Some things that I see out there are well just really "out there".
One of the things we have found that since our kids have flown the nest, we have ample time to ourselves and yet we still need to plan to really be together. For that reason we really enjoy going for coffee and talking.
First we stopped at Starbucks.
We ordered 2 Americanos which we just love and Terry ordered a Date Bar (fitting don't you think?).
Well the fellow misunderstood and presented us with something that looked dangerously close to those Suet things that you put out for birds. Hmm, not our first choice and I wouldn't recommend it. It wasn't even a granola bar, it was a seedy thing with a few cranberries tucked in for our amusement. Terry cut it in half and then kept slipping little bits more my way. Throughout this whole experience he kept making farm animal noises as he declared it grain for the barn yard.
After that we went to Wal Mart. I know, I know, you can't believe the things that we do to treat ourselves. Now this is where I am so sad that I didn't have my camera. I had my cell phone with which I can take pictures but my middle aged mind chose to forget this.
I found this delightful valentine chocolate box that said "To my gitterdone Valentine".
I hunted him down in the men's section of Walmart and presented him the the box. I often do that and then I don't have to waste money. Sometimes we'll be picking out greeting cards and we'll pass cards back and forth and say . .this is for you. Well, he gratefully accepted the box of chocolates and then we left it there.
After that my good man took me to Macy's where they had a 65% off sale on their winter coats. I've waited for coats to come on sale and there they were. Racks and racks of long black coats. I found an Anne Klein coat for 106 dollars, taxes in. I was pretty excited.
I can't wait for church. Somehow our church has discovered exactly how to point the fans so the wind blows directly down my neck. Well, bring it on, I'm ready.
Then we found the first season of "The Office" that our kids have us hooked on. We weren't into it in the beginning so now we can catch up.

Ah yes, a little dinner in the mall and we headed home. That was about as much excitement as we could handle for one evening. Such fun.

Well, it's Saturday morning which in this house is translated into cleaning and baking. I'm hungry for some Cinnamon Buns. I know this will not help Terry's and my resolve to get in shape but perhaps one cinnamon bun won't hurt, will it?

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  1. Lovella, I'm so happy for your new coat! And thank-you for confessing to sometimes 'not paying for cards' ! Vic and I do that too...Vic will come up behind me in the store and say "this is my...card to you!" I look at it ..say thank-you and we put it back!!
    Sounds like you had a wonderful 'date'.

  2. I beginning to wonder if all churches now have a "frozen choosen" policy...I bundle up for church and wear hats to keep drafts off my neck too. Scarves help as well.
    I've known several people who routinely stop at the card shop on anniversaries and Valentine's Day to "select" a card for reading, as it is the thought that counts, right.
    Your date is pretty much the same as what we do for excitement. Starbucks is always in the mix. Whoo-hoo!
    Loved the pictures. Can't believe you didn't get one kissing. Those are always the best!

  3. Jill,
    Ah, yes, I tried to kiss him, but he's gotten too smart for me. He knows full well where it would end up.
    I have to confess, as I was trying on the coat, I thought to myself, "I bet Jill my millinery friend would have a perfect hat to go with this."
    Just a word to the wise about sharing the sweet sayings on the card with your beloved and not then buying her one, wait until you've been married a few years before attempting this.

  4. so sweet! I am ready for a date too, it's amazing how "busy" life can get, and before you know it months have passed since the last one. Unless you count that sweet time when the kids are all in bed, and fast asleep, they are done there "Im thirsty/hungry/have a tummy ache/can't sleep" runs out of their rooms. Those nights where he doesnt work early, and I am not on blogger, and he is not watching hockey or hockey highlights, we love those times!! Lots of rummy, cribbiage, scrabble - until the next 'official date night' !!!
    Glad to find a new 'Office' fan! We laugh so hard it hurts. We just rented season one, and are onto season 2.
    I love the one where he is holding up his "WORLD'S GREATEST BOSS" mug, and says "I think this explains it all... I got it for $5.99..."

  5. Your second comment finally showed up for "the girls" posting. I wonder where the first one went? Sometimes blogger comments can be so fussy, sometimes I have to enter the letters several times before it takes, makes me wonder what the deal is.
    Thanks for playing along trying to guess where I was. I'm sending the link to friends that don't read my blog (some friends, humpf!) as a way to encourage them to get their appointments scheduled.
    Daughter LauraRN posted a tip on how to avoid the ouch on the pasties. Take a look before you go for yours. Wish I had known before hand.
    I told Bernie about your date & photo booth picture. He immediately asked where there might be one near us, as he always loved pictures in booths. Um....the last time we did that was in 1990!
    I LOVED reading what your date night was like, so very much like most of ours are like.
    So...picture of new coat please. Don't all you Canadian ladies have fabulous fur hats to go with your coats? With fur muffs to match? That's what the school books always showed for Canadian National costumes! Don' disillusion me now...

  6. Yum! Cinnamon buns!!! Can I come over, please?
    What a great date night. Sounds like a lot of fun for just the two of you and I like the idea of giving the gift and leaving it there. :)

  7. Sounds like you had a great date!!! Wal-mart and picking out cards for one another is just the thing my husband and I do too sometimes. However our dates, instead of coffee we usually go for husband won't even kiss me if I've had any sort of I shy away from it now.


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