snow day and spaghetti sauce

This is a picture from about 1965. Clearly the gutter was either non-existent or else plugged and not draining. Sometimes I have to laugh. If that was 2007 the mother who would be taking the picture would be saying . . don't stand under those icicles, they'll break lose and you'll be killed. We just didn't worry about safety details back then. In the picture you see my brother Gerrytrying to injure me in some way. I was obviously oblivious and I obviously survived . Bea had a snow day yesterday and so we took the opportunity to to go outside for a bit and watch Terry shovel snow. Once again I'm glad I'm the lady of the home. Otis was happy for some attention.

It was snowing so heavily, I just couldn't resist just a few more pictures for my friends out there that have to deal with automatic sprinklers year round.

So, yesterday I once again made the really complicated and delicious spaghetti sauce. Bea practiced her teaching skills by reading the entire 5 pages of instructions to me upside down. It was pretty funny. Sorry, I didn't have time to take a picture of that, she didn't stop reading and I had to keep cooking.
Terrence was supposed to work late but because of the storm they were sent home early. The dinner guests that I was planning on having today needed to postpone and so we decided to pack up the Spaghetti Sauce, pasta, Caesar Salad and Garlic Bread and head out to Stu and Karlee's for a quick dinner together. Now, those of you who know me best know that one of my character flaws is that I tend to hurry.
I put the Spaghetti sauce in a bowl and put it in a grocery bag so that it would be convenient to carry. Most people would have a warning sign go off in their heads that the bag might not be strong enough. I probably had that sign as well, but because we were rushing, I chose to ignore the alarms. I made it as far as the laundry room, where the bag split and the bowl and the sauce went flying onto the tile floor.
The bowl was smashed to pieces and the sauce travelled further than physics should have allowed. We used a dustpan to scrape it up. Fortunately I still had a bit of sauce left in the pot so we were not without dinner.
Well, at least I had something to write about today. It's all good.


  1. Hello Lovella.

    Great that you have some of those pictures. Somewhere I have one of us by the barn but they are somewhere in the hidden masses of collectables.

  2. Yes! It's the barn picture that I was exactly looking for. I should have asked you. I spent a ridiculous amount of time looking for it. Oh and I'm sorry that I called you names yesterday for not leaving me a comment. I wouldn't have expected it to have any effect. It never did years ago.

  3. My brother used to enjoy putting me in jeopardy regularly too. Boys!
    Thanks for the snow picture, such beauty deserves to be shared. And isn't it just AMAZING how far dropped semi-solid fluids can splat. Weeks later I always find spot I missed.

  4. Oops, Ladyjillanna is my "work-around" site where posting a picture works. It's still me, but just pictures, and tests to see what will happen if I dare to mess with blogger features.

  5. I love snow days especially when you don't have to go out anywhere. I heard that your neck of the woods got the storm the day before we got it. Have fun getting around in all that snow! I'm gonna try your spagetti sauce I'm always looking for new and different recipes.

  6. Are you wearing a skirt in the snow?
    I love skirts and dresses (LOVE Dressaday...) but never imagined snow and skirts at the same time.

    Blogger hickup'd, and now you've posted twice.

  7. Hi Lovella, I can see your laundry room through tears of laughter! We are the queens of hurry! If we hadn't taken a rain check on supper this would never have happened. I will be looking for red dots on your walls on our next visit. These are the oops's that make us either frustrated or bring a good laugh and a story to tell. I know you well enough that you were able to laugh out loud. You should have taken a picture. You know, a picture of Terry walking in the the splat! Kathy

  8. I know I should have taken a picture, but somehow, even though the blog was already in the back of my mind . . well, I just didn't have time. I was in a hurry.


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