sweet baby camryn

Posted by PicasaMeet Sweet Baby Camryn. I am her "Taunta" Lovella. I'm not sure that I spelled that right. Taunta is Auntie in German. These pictures are not current and I will post her Christmas picture. Camryn is my daughter-in-law's little niece. Her mommy and daddy are Shawn and Priscilla. The top picture on the left she is with TT (uncle Terrence). The top picture on the right is the little coat I made her. I also made her the fleece housecoat. Her BB (auntie Bea) picked out the fabric for both of these sewing projects. In the second row she is with her daddy and on the patio with her "Aami" . . .her grandma.
I'm not sure why when I make a collage not all the pictures show up and then I end up with duplicates. I'll need to post some more pictures of the ones I missed another time. In the middle pictures she is with her daddy and her Aami (grandma).
Now, I know that I'm not directly related and yet I love her as though she is truly my little niece. I just really like this little girl , she is such a smiley little thing and well. . . she likes me.
This weekend we were in church and Shawn and Priscilla came in with Camryn and sat just in front of us to the left. We were already standing singing. I kept trying to catch her eye and felt a bit bad for doing this during worship but . . well, I like her.
Priscilla sees me and squeezes her little cheeks together and whispers something in her ear. She turns right around and spots me. She puts on the biggest smile and then . . .well, quite frankly I thought I would cry, I felt oh my goodness Lovella , get a grip.
I hear as clear as a bell. . . Lalalalala. I'm thinking is she singing or is she trying to say my name. She was one year old in August surely I'm just being hopeful. Then, she turns around and looks right at me again and says Lalalala. Well, I didn't want to even ask Priscilla, so I asked Bea yesterday and yes, there was a confirmation, she not only calls me Lalalala, she also calls Terry . . Teaee. Big sigh.
I'm a bit embarrassed to say, I don't remember my boys calling me Mommy for the first time, but I assure you I will never forget Lalala as long as I live. It felt like I received a gift from a little girl.
Now permit me to say that she is quite clever. She is learning English and German at the same time and she responds to both equally well. She speaks so well already, I'm just amazed.
Last night I asked for permission to post pictures of Camryn and I thank her mommy and dadddy for their kindness in allowing me to share their little girl.
I pray that God will bless this child and that she will grow to become a woman that will not only be a blessing to Mommy and Daddy, but to all those whose lives she will touch. I know she has already touched my heart. I Love you little Camryn.


  1. Awww... Lovella , the grandmother hormones are definitely kicking in.... but Camyrn IS very sweet.. and she loves you!! How can you not respond!!
    The German word for aunt is Tante,but you can spell it anyway you like - it still spells 'love'.

  2. That's so sweet! She sounds like an absolute doll! Tante is also Dutch for aunt...interesting.

  3. I've got a mist in my eyes too...those grandmother hormones are fierce things to contend with.
    Camyrn's little coats are gorgeous! And clever little red head that she clearly is, she's got the sunscreen and a lovely hat about her to protect her gorgeous complexion from the sun.
    My daughter is a redhead. There actually is an entire book about redheads, they are physicologically different in several interesting ways.
    Lovella, lucky are you to have such an angel girl in kissing and hugging range!

  4. She is a cutie! Grandmother hormones? Let me get this straight, you gush over puppy dogs, and other peoples children? Girl, can you even begin to imagine how you will be when your heart has been captured by your own grandchildren?! Is Terry bracing himself for this? I suggest he just jump right in because there will be no stopping you at just sewing, or babysitting! :) Ah, to be related to you, Lovella, must be a wonderful thing! You treat every one around you with such an overabundance of specialty seasoning! Truely a gift! Thanks for letting us be friends!


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