1970's furniture reborn

For years and years now we've known it was time to refinish our coffee tables in our family room and last week we finished the job. OK to be fair I should say Terry finished the job. I am primarily the support group to cheer and to bring coffee and to say "it looks so good, good job Honey". What can I say? It's our system and it works.
I'm just so pleased with them. We have nearly gone through all our furniture and redone it all. Even our original Sears china cabinet has been redone.
There is something so satisfying about the work that goes into a project and then being happy with the results.
Yesterday as I said we were invited to friends for dinner. We had such a nice time talking about our last bike trip together. After dinner I offered to help Kathy build a blog.
You won't find her linked to mine just yet. She asked me to give her some time to learn her way around the blog. We'll give her a few weeks to become familiar with being in this world and then I'll introduce her properly.
It gives me satisfaction to know that someone has seen the enjoyment I have derived from this hobby. Kathy has become acquainted with my friends across the world by the stories that I've told her and she wants to become a part of this community.
It is raining buckets here today but I have to say . . . what a blessing to be in a warm dry house. Thank you Lord for the rain. Thank you for the blessing of a husband who works hard to make our home a cozy one.


  1. the furniture all looks fantastic!! and being cozy does sound great on a rainy day like today! I think i will go cozy up myself!! :)

  2. Being in the redesign industry and doing this kind of project all day long... I can say he is most excellent!

  3. Very nice job Mr & Mrs Martha Stewart!! :)

  4. I'll second that~It does look good...good job Terry!
    Your home does look cozy and everything, just as a home filled with the Spirit of the Lord should look and feel like. It just glows.
    It simply amazes me how the Lord does that.
    And it amazes me that I know what your living spaces looks like, and yet I know people whom I have welcomed into my home repeatedly and still have never seen the inside of their homes.
    I think it is a Texas thing...state motto is "Friendship" but pretty much ONLY if you were born here.
    How far does it go? A friend married a Canadian. Their daughter was born here. When she was six, her parents explained she had dual citizenship, and could one day choose to be either an American or a Canadian.
    Little Victoria burst into tears, sobbing loudly: "I don't want to be an American OR a Canadian, I'm a TEXAN."
    My cousin moved to Texas when her daughter Kim was four. Kim's little friends never let her forget she was not born in Texas. When Kim grew up and was expecting a child, she was dismayed to find that she and her husband would be assigned to another state when the baby was due.
    What to do..oh, what to do!
    Simple: She gathered a jar of Texas soil, and had the dirt sprinkled under the delivery table sheet, so the baby would always be able to truthfully say she was "born on Texas soil"
    (I shoulda told Heidi that...oh well, too late now!)

  5. Oh, Lovella...if you promise to keep sharing pictures of your grandpuppy, I'll promise to share pictures of pretty flowers that you can pretend you picked in your yard.
    Then later I can pretend to have gotten baskets of raspberries and freshly gathered hen's eggs.
    I think it will be a good kind of jealousy, don't you?

  6. When does your show air on TV? I think its ready for syndication! You two are quite the amazing couple! Definately displaying some of the Mennonite frugalness, with today's style! Great job of creativity and smart thinking!

  7. Great Decor and refinishing job. A++ -Thanks for posting :-)


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