Oliver and Sweet Pea

Today's post is in honour of International Cat Lover's Day. Actually if the truth be known, I have no idea if it is that day or if one even exists. What I do know is that I have several friends that are Cat Lovers and I will honour their love of cats.
The first friend I'm thinking of is Lorna. She had an adorable cat named Mitzie. Mitzie was always a bit shy around me but I was never disappointed in her keen sense of smell. She could be sound asleep in the bedroom upstairs and would be down in a flash if Lorna opened up a container of Yogurt. Mitzie liked to sit in a high chair to observe family dinners.
The second friend that I'm thinking of is Dorothy. She has two somewhat obscure boys cats named Girly Girl and . . . Trudsy. Dorothy's cats are seldom seen but occasionally they are sighted making a quick run for their private domain. They live very comfortable lifestyles and are loved dearly.
Then I have a new pen pal friend named Jill who has two ridiculous boy cats one of which likes to pose for pictures. Reading her posts lately I have thought about how my two boy cats liked to pose for me in pictures and I dug some oldies out to prove it.
The big white cat was Oliver and we brought him back with us one year from well. . . Oliver, where we had gone on Vacation. He would not be considered tractable but I liked him nonetheless. I featured him in a story with our dog Otis on November 20. He was quite a handful if I'm honest. Our guests were a bit afraid of him and would quickly glance around the house when they entered to be sure there would not be an imminent attack. His favorite trick would be to hide outside the washroom door where there was just enough space underneath for him to reach his leg and swat people while they were . . lets just say . .otherwise occupied. I would know he was up to no good when I would hear screams coming from down the hallway. On one occasion I had to have him sit down and write a letter of regret at his lack of hospitality. Fortunately this was to my friend Brenda who was a cat lover herself and understood the ways of Cats.
The black and white cat was Sweet Pea and he was pretty happy to go outside and torment our dog and often brought me back a present from the field. He was quite happy to sit on someones lap and be entertained as you can see in the picture of Sweet Pea and Stuart.
We are without felines presently. It became apparent that I was maybe allergic to cats and so the cats then became farm cats and well. . .they just don't live forever do they?
All this just to say that my cats and perhaps all cats really have quite good amounts of self esteem. While they offer us not much more than entertainment and the occasional snuggle we somehow are amused by their antics and personalities.
Well, this was just a silly post and I'm determined to accomplish great domestic things today and have a walk so I won't waste one more moment deliberating whether this post was at all intelligent or not. I would love to hear your cat story so leave me a line so that your cat can be honoured as well in my comment section.


  1. At present, we have two cats...Kissy Face, a female about 10 yrs old, and the best mouser, and Fussy,(aka the white weasel) a mostly while male, who finds great delight in pestering Kissy. (both are neutered, tho, so it's not pester in THAT sense of the word!!)They make their way around here just fine, in spite of the Golden, Beau, the 15 or so ducks in the pond, 10 chickens in the hen house, and the numerous wild birds that feast at the feeders. (tho, on occasion Fussy has been known to steal one of the baby ducks, at which the mama duck went beserko, I heard the ruckus, screamed at Fussy, and he let the darling baby run back to mama duck...moments later a wild bird in his mouth...same scenario...Cyn goes berserko, Fussy lets bird go, and it flies off, hopefully wiser!)
    Who needs TV when you have pets like ours???

  2. What a gorgeous boy Oliver was! No wonder he was inhospitable, probably no one took the proper time to acknowledge that he was much better looking then they.
    My grandcat Meowsie is Iraqi (Persian, but we insist on reminding him that he is on thin ice politically speaking) and for some reason people who normally are allergic have no problem with his fluffy fur.
    You are so sweet to write of my rediculous two cats. Thank you, and I am enjoying having you as a "pen pal" as well. What a fun thing to have happened to us, just because Heidi and Josh decided to go to Caperwray!
    And please let your handsome dog know that he has an admirer in Texas, where all things are big and where he would therefore, of course, fit right in.

  3. Ohhh...and congrats on inserting a link! I was hoping there would have been one to the B&B.
    Maybe next time?

  4. Ah yes, my dear cat Mitsey, queen of her domain. I still miss her cuddling up with me on the couch and fighting for space in front of the fireplace (minus the fur, litterbox, and occasional hairball). It would be so funny how she would come running to sit and have dinner with us. I guess she just wanted to be with the family during dinner. The highchair was replaced with a cat bed placed up on a perch so she could still see. She never got over her dislike of little kids. My nephews made her so nervous that they knew her has the mean cat. We also used to take her to the cabin with us and I was determined to get her used to the car. Thinking she would feel safe in her cat carrier turned out to be wrong -- after hearing her pathetic meowing when she got car sick solved that. She had free reign of the car first by crawling by everyones feet with the occasional glance out the side window and then eventually settling on top of the luggage between the kids as if she belonged there. It also would upset her very much to see another cat outside in her yard. This would cause her to run from one window to another to peer out almost hyperventilating. Yes, very entertaining.


  5. As you know from my blog, I have 2 adorable 8 month old kitties - Bailey & Meisha. I always considered myself a loyal dog lover and hadn't cared much for cats until these two. Moving to the farm this spring, we decided to get barn cats to keep the mice population down. Well, I've evidently pampered them TOO much and now the first thing they do is run to the house as we open the barn door in the morning. They snooze on our couch for most of the day and from what we know, have yet to kill ONE mouse! Okay I admit, I am now both a dog AND cat lover!

  6. Here are some pictures of our cats, since June the 1st of last year we've had a total of 14 cats. Now we have 3 total and we're hoping to keep it at that. We love them dearly too! Salsa loves to talk, Nacho loves to protect us all and Rufio loves to cuddle. Nacho and Salsa are Rufio's parents.


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