eagles in our tree

I went to town this morning with Terrence and he helped me buy a scanner. I wanted to be able to show you what our big Cottonwood tree was like in Spring in 1998. Stuart and I sat behind the barn one morning and just watched the eagles. It was a memory forever etched in our hearts and minds.


  1. Those are awesome pictures! Sometimes, when the eagles are around, I'll take my lunch and head down Downes Road, park in some farmer's driveway and just be mesmorized by the regal eagles! I love it! Should you ever have them at your place, I would love to sit there are stare! Let me know!

  2. Gorgeous, and nice job scanning! I haven't had the courage to do scan and post. I just take a picture of a picture with my digital camera, and then photoshop through picasa. It helps to have a bright day so no flash is involved.


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