it's those nights

Since hanging my Mother's Day baskets up in their summer spots.. .

I've been a bit leery of the big clouds flying by at great speed. . .

and dropping enormous sheets of rain.

What bothers me more. .

is what happens at night. ..

while I sleep.

When I would appreciate a bit of cloud cover for them. .

the skies clear and the moon shines . .

and the temperatures drop.

After leaving them to figure it out on their own the first night. . .

I came up with what seems to be a bit of a blanket for them at night.

I took five garbage bags for each basket. . .

and made them green houses tents.

So far. . .so good.

I planted a few of my pots yesterday too. .

and have them on my back porch. .

where I easily bid them . .

good night.

All for now. . .


  1. I'm sure your plants appreciate those pretty blue blankets on those shivery nights!

  2. I'm sure your plants are happy for the TLC you provide!

  3. The last few days and nights have been wild over here, Lovella. There will be lots of debris to pick up later today. Yesterday it felt cold enough to snow, and I ended up wearing clothes that I'd packed away a week ago - it was thar or freeze!

  4. The temperature dropped quite a bit here last night, it was -3.
    No plants hanging outside here!

  5. That's an excellent solution! I've been hauling everything in and out every day. It's getting old. That hanging basket is exquisite!

  6. Pretty clever! Good thing you have a lot of bags- otherwise your little beauties would be shivering...or dead.
    (your new header is PRETTY!)

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  7. I know what you mean, Lovella. My big planter has an golf umbrella on it righ now. The summer that Julene got married, I wanted to have lots of pots and flowers ready at the lake where the outside wedding was to take place. The only problem was that we had to start early (end of April)because the wedding was on June10. We managed to construct a sort of greenhouse effect with plastic at the cabin for the flowers that were planted against the cabin. My pots that were to be transported later grew but did not get too many flowers. I have the garage and places where they are more protected, but they stil needed sunshine. The cabin and yard at the lake never looked nicer, but the wedding ended up not being there because of rain.

  8. A "Planter Blanket"? Does that scream new invention to you?

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  9. Good idea Lovella! I love your hanging baskets and I hope they survive this crazy weather year. Your bouquet and balloon were pretty sweet too. I'm trying to recover from chasing my niece around at Disneyland ...

  10. What a gorgeous hanging basket - Where did you find one so big ? WOW !! Have you got the travel home packed for a long weekend trip ?
    Take care as always Ruby


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