in the year of my jubilee

On Saturday .. .

I was busy in the kitchen . . .

and my beloved came in ..

I said. . "could you take a picture of this for a future recipe post?"

He smiled. . .and took several for me to choose from . .

continued to smile. .

and went back outside.

That my friends. .

is what happens when a girl turns 50. . .

she forgets she has curlers in her hair. .

If you happen to see me in town. . .

with curlers in my hair. .

tell me. . okay?

From now on. . .

I'll try to remember to look in the mirror first.

but. .hey we are all friends. . .right?

All for now. .


  1. Love it! Yup, I'm over 50 too and have "those moments" too. But the food looks great!

  2. .........I'll let you know if you've got your T-shirt/sweater on inside-out too! (Yes, I've done that!)
    Those pans look full of delicious treats!

  3. Ha..before I read your post I looked at the pic and never noticed curlers..what age group does that put me in??
    More rhubarb delicious..ness!!

  4. Lovella,
    Stumbled upon your blog recently and what can I say? I'm hooked! I absolutely adore your posts, your snippets of wisdom and wit! Helps me feel no so "alone" in the world and your humor makes me smile. Just wanted you to know that you touched the heart of an almost 50 year old Cincinnati Woman today! Blessings to you and yours! L.T.Schulte, AKA "The Serial Room Arranger"

  5. Ohh .. Lovella ! I'm soo giggling at what Terry must have been thinking .. but how sweet of him to just take the picture trusting that for some reason the curlers had purpose !
    But you didn't tell us what you were making ! or is that the future part ?? smile

  6. You're the cutest little curler head I've seen lately!

    If I saw you in the store wearing your curlers, I'd think nothing of it. Have you seen what's going on out there? Flannel jammie bottoms worn like slacks, jeans so low that not only plumbers reveal more than they should, but young ladies, too, aprons (I'm guilty of that one myself), and shirts so short that tummy rolls are on display. Oh horrors! I'd be happy to see someone in rollers. :D

  7. How cute...a good chuckle first thing in the morning is definitely ok :)
    And look at you, you've accomplished all that before the hair even set!! I'll bet your beloved didn't even notice the rollers :)

  8. Ahhh, you still look cute...curlers, glasses, hearing aids...whatever eventually gets stuck to your head as the years roll on, it is still the sweet spirit that catches the eye.

  9. I love it!

    If we couldn't enjoy ourselves in our 50s, we'd never have any fun!

  10. Made me smile too! Good thing you know how to crop, right? And just look at all that yumminess all over the kitchen! That's why he smiled!

  11. Perfect, Lovella...down to the purple curlers! Who would even notice what the hair looks like with all that good cooking happening in the kitchen? It's all good!

  12. It actually looked like you got all perfect...with the curlers in your hair for the photo shoot. Most of us (if we did curlers) would also not be dressed nice and look all in place. I have seen afew grandmas with curlers in the mall and just smile...but you ar not the typical look of what Grandma brings to mind. Smiling....Kathy

  13. Are you really 50? We are only getting younger and younger!!!!
    Live the good life!!!

  14. I just cannot tell you how much I smiled when I read this post. You see, I have a story that will make you feel much better. About five years ago, on a Wed. morning, I had a meeting with an accountant and then was meeting my mom, grandma and sister for lunch at a big local family restaurant. I had taken out all of my hot curlers except one on top of my head. I thought I would take it out right before I left, but totally forgot it. I went to my meeting, sat across the desk with this gentleman, finished our business. Left the firm and went to the restaurant. Said "hi" to the owner, stopped and talked to people in the booths on my way in, and finally arrived at my mom's table only to see my mom, grandma, and sister doubled over the table in laughter. It was only at that point that I realized I had never removed my curler...and through all of the transactions that had taken place, not one person had mentioned it. I still laugh hysterically when I remember this story. I got all kinds of cards from friends...crazy cards...when the story got out in our town. So there, hopefully you feel better about having your curlers in for the picture. I loved it!!

  15. Oh Lovella ... What fun you are! I LOVE having you for a friend (even if it is an 'internet' friendship). You are so very real ... and you have such a tenderness for the Lord. You bless me on a regular basis!

  16. That is just so great! :) At least you look good with curlers in your hair. :) And, that rhubarb tray bake (I think) looks very, very good.

  17. You may be in curlers - but your nails are fabulous!

    Actually, the last time I wore those big curlers was in my teens. I had to look very closely to see if you'd posted a picture of yourself in your twenties - baking up your first big rhubarb pies.

    PS Tell me if I need to pluck my chin. OH - did I just write that out loud?

  18. You are such a natural...and so cute!

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted


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