happiness. . in a bottle

I admit it. . .

it looked like such a fun bottle to sip a cool beverage from. . .

and all the while . .

I was planning how I would funnel my own cool sippers back into the bottle. ..

planning my guest lists ..

The labels are all soaked off ..

I kept the caps .. .

good times.

All for now. . .


  1. Aren't unusual bottles fun? I love to be able to repurpose a bottle for something useful...keeping it out of the landfill for a while longer.

  2. A lovely shaped bottle! As long as I can remember, PEI had a law - no canned pop - so we drank all our pop in bottles. But a year or so ago, the law was changed and canned pop was permitted. But I think I would have perferred to stay with bottles. They're nicer to drink from.

    I haven't seen that drink around here. I'd love to get some of the bottles too.

  3. 'Keeping it green'..I like that Lovella! What a pretty bottle, I would be re-using it too. You said you kept the cap..any special use for that??
    I love that bouquet!

  4. Very cute! I love shapely bottles myself :0)

  5. Love that bottle. I have not see that brand either, but I might other bevs in a bottle like that. The flowers make me feel happy.

  6. Oh too funny...I've often wanted to try that drink just so I could have the bottle, but resisted...so far :)
    Hmmm...so what the guest list all about?

  7. I've been known to buy a drink just for the bottle too!!! I'd rather use those for vases too.

  8. Orangina vases...just perfect. The guys need some drinks brought out to the field today...and I'm thinking they might just like Orangina. I may just have to do some hunting...since I've never actually seen that beverage.

    My word verification is 'peonine'...maybe the next flower for your vase. peonine

  9. Doesn't that make a sweet and unique vase? Love it! Guests? Oh now that sounds like blogging fodder for sure...

  10. It's so much prettier without the label!

  11. And I thought I was the only one who did that. In fact, I have gone so far as to buy the drink only for the bottle. Perfect touch! Fortunate guests!!

  12. Cute idea. Now you've inspired me to buy some of the Martinelli apple juice bottles that are shaped like apples and do the same thing? Do they have those up in Canada?

  13. hmmmm, what could she be upto now....always planning the next guest list...that is you lovella, the hostess with the mostess. (hospitality that is)....smile.

  14. Ohh ! what a perfect vase! I love when we find treasures where we least expect them !!
    And your flowers are soo pretty as well !


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