wedding fairs and souvenirs

While we were at the marriage retreat. .

the resort was holding a wedding fair.

oh. . goodness. .such lovely and romantic notions all about.

We walked past this pier. . and branches of apple blossoms were waiting to be attached to the arbor. .
quite lovely. .

I wondered what it would be like to be a bride. .

walking down this gorgeous aisle. .

to be wed looking out over the ocean.

I wondered about the couples that will put enormous amounts of time. ..

planning weddings. . . and hoped they put as much effort into the marriage.

Fantastic news. . .

Since we've been back from our marriage retreat. .

we've watched the clock every night. .

waiting for bedtime. .

and every effort has been made. .

to shave a few minutes off our speed in which we make it from the couch to the bed.

I heard once that souvenirs should reflect the holiday.

If it makes sense to bring something home that reminds us of our time away. .

we did well.

We're sleeping like babies. . with our new 3 inch memory foam topper. .

and we are quite pleased.

All for now. . .


  1. Aren't those things great? I'm mighty tempted to say more, but, for once, I'll shut up. ;>

    Those chairs look amazing! They look like bridesmaids.

  2. Like Vee, I'll not say much, except that those memory foam toppers are heavenly! I'm smiling...

  3. Wow...that kind of wedding decor calls for a professional wedding planner. So beautiful!

    Your souvenir is most appropriate...enjoy!

  4. Oh my those chairs look fabulous. Love the apple green ones!
    Quite the view with the two of you under the arbor :0)
    Sweet dreams!

  5. Well - that's what a wedding planner does, I guess. I've never been to a wedding with that much decor!
    Your souvenire made me laugh - but what good sleeps you must have now! We bought one last year and every night as I sink in I tell The Great Dane "I love our bed" doesn't take much!!

  6. Sounds like you came away with great memories from the seminar..and a foam bed topper 'to boot'. I also pray that couples who put so much work into wedding preparations will put even more mork into their marriages.

  7. ' mork??' Of course that was meant to say work...the m isn't even close to the w!! grin

  8. If the marriage mentoring program ever expands to "booster" sessions for old married folks, you could add the counsel to get such a topper for the old mattress, as well as getaway weekends to such romantic spots.

  9. So that's why you want to go to bed earlier . . .
    To tell you the truth (and by now you've made your own decision) but on our last stay at the condo, when I stripped the bed, I found out that a simple mattress topper was the culprit and I wished I'd found it sooner and taken it off. I know, I'm not normal, but I like a firmer bed. Believe it or not, I get a sore back.
    I'll bet the bed looks nice, though. Like someone said, sweet dreams!

  10. Wow - what gorgeous wedding decor! I think it's over the top though. Such pressure. For one day. I'm a firm believer in simple.

    and now I'm going to google memory foam toppers. My foam egg crate topper is getting worn down.

  11. PS

    you had me a little nervous about what you were going to share :)

  12. Don't we all wish to be brides again to the same person? At least I hope so...
    I'm trying to figure out what it's like to go to the internet cafe and log on....
    I'm doing it...Aha!!!!

  13. From your "true empty nest" friend...smiling as I read your post, and remembering all that can result from weekends away together. Like those before me, I will not say what comes to mind, but close by thanking you for another fun post. Even though we had many comfortable beds while away...ours remains "THE BEST"!

  14. I love a firm mattress too. None of those soft toppers for me!

    I agree with Betty, I hope these couple spend as much money and attention to their marriages as they do to their weddings.

  15. Oh I meant to tell you that I would recommend chicken noodle soup to The New Boy's mama--he doesn't sleep much!

  16. And why not enjoy each other?Grin! A weekend away is such a wonderful thing to refresh our relationships as we leave the cares of life behind for a wee bit. A rekindling is important and goes a long way. A good nights rest is also so good. By the way...I saw the King size mattress toppers today. I guess I had just looked past the right pile. Kathy

  17. Enjoy each other!!! It's God's design! I work with seniors and every day we see the loneliness, the sadness, the depression that wants to overwhelm one when the other becomes ill - physically and mentally - and their couple dynamic totally changes. At least we have independent apartments right next door to the long-term care centre and they can still see each other daily. I actually think that this state is harder than becoming widowed!

    Gorgeous setting for a wedding!! Hmmm, fancy and fabulous! We attended our nephew's seaside wedding that looked similar! That was the only time ever that we attended a wedding at such an amazing location. Their marriage is great! He was a paraplegic when they got married. Their story is very special!


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