self help

Here is the test how you know when you are sick. . .

Groaning on the couch . . .

watching the Today show. . .

but pressing mute and turning face to the back of the couch. .

to avoid the food segment.

That was Monday.

Tuesday morning. . .

I opened up my notebook computer. . .

from the couch. .

a good sign. . .

I still feel some degree of responsibility to you my loyal readers.

By Tuesday afternoon. .

I noted that I was a bit thirsty . . .

for an iced coffee. . .

my beloved . . .

arranged for that.. . .

and I slowly . . .and tentatively sipped it. .

while looking through my new favorite foodie magazine.

The food did not look disgusting. . .

I didn't want to cook it mind you. .

but . . .it looked like something I might want to try another day.

Then. . .

around dinner time. . .

Terrence called and told me not to be offended. . .

but the lil' farm hand and his entourage. .

were staying clear until .. .

enough time had passed to deem us clear of flu. . .

Perhaps. . . if I begin to cook again. .

they'll come by.

We'll see who can last the longest. . .

In the meantime. . .I have my disinfectant wipes. . .

All for now. . .


  1. I'm so sorry you had the tummy bug! UGH!!! Glad you are on the mend. Food magazines are so wonderful to look at! I really miss the BBC Good Food. Haven't quite found one here that is just like it, but there are a number here to enjoy.

    Yes, I've been drooling over the rows of peonies that I drive past, and have actually wondered if the owners would sell some stems for a future wedding, or just as a bouquet for my sister (since you said you'd had a request). I'm sure I won't get the guts to go and ask (at least not until there truly is a wedding and mine don't grow). However, Michael came home from a friend's last night with a sweet bouquet of 2 peonies and 2 rosebuds. Lovely!

  2. Glad you are on the mend.

  3. Oh yes that is a good sign when you can look at food again! Glad you are feeling better Lovella!!

  4. Things are definitely looking up for you. I think sitting outdoors in a comfy chair with a good read (even if it's about food) and a soothing, cool drink is a good sign...and a great way to continue the recuperation process!

  5. I'm glad to read that you're feeling a little better - don't jump up too quickly. I'd say that another day on the lounge, another iced coffee ........

  6. Did you get this from the little ones? I get everything that my little ones have to offer...that pedi-crud can be intense.

    Keep feeling better, but you don't have to tell anyone in the family. Milk it, Lovella, milk it!

  7. I think "Fine Cooking" is an awesome magazine....beautiful photos!
    As for being on the mend, nothing is better than sitting around with an iced coffee checking out foodie magazines!

  8. This too shall pass...and you'll be cooking before you know it!

    I'm just wondering where you found that sunshine you were sitting in yesterday. It was missing from the picture at this end of the valley.

  9. The presence of the mag and the coffee are evidence you're feeling much better.

    When you call for ice cream cone delivery we'll know you're cured.

  10. Lovella..'This too shall pass' as they say..take it slow for now. Before you know it you will be up and running!
    Love that what food pics!

  11. That picture of the plate of pasta? I thought you actually had the plate in your lap! I thought, "Woah, that home remedy must have worked!" =)
    Only pictures. . . but don't we continually need to study and take refresher courses to keep up with the times. Can't leave work for too long now. I'm glad you're feeling better.

  12. I'm glad that you're beginning to feel a little perkier. Was it a Tim's iced coffee? They're known for their medicinal qualities:)

    I love Fine Cooking magazine - our middle boy, who worked as a chef for awhile, got a subscription for a Christmas present. It has such gorgeous photography.

    Hope today finds you completely recovered and ready to try some of those lovely recipes!

  13. Glad you are feeling better. I have been eating tea and toast for 3 days myself, but I believe I just over ate this weekend.

  14. Glad to hear you're on the mend. There's nothing so awful as having the flu.
    That's my favourite food magazine you're perusing there, Lovella. I discovered it a number of years ago when I bought Vol 1 of their "Quick and Delicious" special editions for our kids. My DIL raved so much about it that I went and bought one for myself. The recipes always turn out and I learn something new from each issue. It's the one magazine I subscribe to!

  15. I'm glad you are feeling better than you did.. and hopefully you will soon be completely hale and hearty ... allowed to once again engage in 'farm-hand' training!

    Try to enjoy guilt-free resting!!

  16. Oh get better. Sorry I haven't been around to wish you well. But it does sound like you are on the mend...and food magazines....well that will just get you all the more motivated, right?! Grin...take care.

  17. Oh, sorry to hear that you have been take care!

  18. It seems to me, that the picture of the ice cream cones would have been the necessary cure for you. Only you, can post while not feeling good and still have it be an interesting and attractive post.


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