fun .. .revisited!

It occurred to me while watching the grands this weekend. . .

that every thing that they did for the first time last summer. .

is as if they have never done it before. ..

this spring.

The advantage of being seventeen months old ..

is joy in having a simple life. .

like . . .

swinging from a tree. .

from seeing up close. .

the behaviour of a rather healthy earth worm .. .

and the pleasure of a good game of hide and seek.

What did this mom find pleasure in this weekend?

(besides this tasty Eggs Benedict that I served at brunch?)


Time with our kids . . .

Time with the wee ones ..

Time with our mom. . .

Time in the kitchen . . .

Time for a long walk ..

and on Sunday evening .. .

a husband who grilled me the loveliest dinner . .

for two!

All for now. . .with love,


  1. Sounds perfect! While I did not have a grilled dinner for two, my darling brought home a pizza and for that I was truly grateful.

    Having grands for whom everything is fresh and new again with each season is a particular joy. My oldest is three and he still hasn't caught on to the seasons or that things are cyclical. I'm hoping that he doesn't for several more years.

  2. We, too, are lucky enough to be experiencing lots of 'firsts' with our 19 month old grandson. Aren't we lucky to be sharing all those wonderful discoveries all over again?
    You mothers day sounds a treat!

  3. It is a joy to be able to step insise your world for a few moments each day. To be able to identify with some of the same thoughts and experiences that you are going through. You have a real special way of expressing yourself, which makes each visit enjoyable. Sounds like you had a very special day!

  4. Your pictures are worth a thousand words. Your eggs benedict looks wonderful! Oh, and I'm finally remembering (before clicking publish) to tell you that your new header is beautiful too!

  5. Sounds like a fabulous weekend. Oh Lovella your eggs benedict looks divine!! I think the grammar is all shot in that last sentence. Looks like you got some decent weather. Blessings...

  6. The grands make every season...and every special much more special. It looks like you had a fine Mother's Day...from start to finish.

    The eggs benedict looks most yummy!

  7. awww... perfect ! smile..

  8. It is in seeing young children grow that we see time go by so quickly! It is amazing to me that 17 months have already passed since you were telling us of his birth.

  9. And in Germany I received the most beautiful bouquet of flowers.
    Keep it simple....
    A simple swing, made of home made ropes.
    Have a wonderful few dazs grilling together....
    We-re óff to Sallzburg to hear some good classics.

  10. Isn't it great to have grandchildren??!

  11. Sounds like you had a very blessed Mother's Day. Your family is beautiful.


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