the quick fort

This is not from the yesterdays Grammie Day Photo ops...

but from last week when the lil' farm hand visited.

Apparently. . .the forts are a hit. .

and now. .

every space about 2 feet by 2 feet. . .

is commandeered for private fort space.

This one made me laugh. .

because the rule is. . .

moosey and soosey stay in bed.

The only way moosey and soosey (which is attached to moosey) can be visited with. .

is to go to bed. .

but eighteen month arms are reaching much further . . .

and when I found this little fellow ..

hiding in his fort. .

he was not alone.

He was smiling when I found him. .

and together we carried moosey and soosey back to bed. .

All for now. .


  1. I could see him in a RCMP red jacket, with a bigger moose sculpture nearby, and him wondering why he suddenly was wanting to suck.

    I've never seen the pacifier/stuffie combo before. It is a brilliant idea.

  2. Awwww! That's precious! My kids and grandkids all loved their forts - inside a box, under the dining room table, you name it - with a blanket it became fort! LOL

    Word Verification was frebabi!

  3. I know all about those ever growing reaching further arms... there are things in our house that are supposed to stay in the crib that I find in the strangest spots!

  4. Too cute! He wanted his favourites with him.

    I've never seen a stuffed moose toy - very Canadian!

    We call a pacifier "soosey" too. My American friends call it a binky.

  5. Love it! Must remember to try the fort again...last time didn't work out so well. What a little cutie pie under there with his friends.

  6. How sweet! My kids did the fort thing, too...all over the house. Some of them were fairly elaborate. They never liked the pacifiers, however...they much preferred their thumbs.

  7. Ha! Too cute. Oh I'm glad I read the other comments to know what the soosey was and there it is in his mouth :0) Some of us Russians call it a Soska or Sosa...

  8. We have similar rules for the soother, but you're right.....little arms are getting longer. Very sweet photo - I can just imagine the twinkle in the eye!

  9. So cute, and fun! must have a marvelous collection of photos and memories by now. I'm surprised at how young an age the concept of a "fort" can take hold.

  10. A fort is a good place to hide in! What a cute pic..I can imagine that smile on his face!

  11. Ahhh...that is too cute! Good sooosey rules...for sure. We have a lil farmhand over here who had a sad parting with his soosey not so long ago...and he is now three. They had a 'no more soo-soo' party on the day it finally bit the dust...with treats bags and all.

    Forts are the best...and a great way for them to use their imagination.

  12. As my boys got older it was definitely time to impose limits on the 'soos' addiction. Bed only. I would often find my boys running in their rooms to sit on their beds for a quick fix!

  13. I like that combo too! It may make things a bit easier when the soosoo has to go because the part he can hold is still there. So cute!

  14. Lovella, the fort thing will get a lot worse - be prepared!
    My grandgirls were barely in the house when the command would go forth! "Help us build a fort, Nanna!" And anything movable was moved! and the fort built...As the years went on the forts just got bigger and better... and I just hoped the doorbell was not going to ring... giggle..

  15. OK..after all this time.. I've finally figured it out! The guy hired to read 'verification words' is speed challenged!
    I have to type the requested word r e a l l y slow or he makes me repeat it over and over !!!!

  16. Oh yes...we're getting into the 'fort' fun too! We have little ones who like to make them, and then those who like to break them. Always fun!

  17. Smile~ when The New Boy sees a blankie and Edward together, he knows it's nap time.


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