Saturday Morning Extra!

  • lil' farm hand came to play .. .nap and give the toddler pool it's first splash. .
  • baked up a rhubarb platz. . .because it sounded yummy!
  • (when the sitters arrived. . .aka "the parents"). . . ran inside to get showered and changed. ..kissed the lil' farmhand goodbye before he knew what was happening. . .
  • driving off the yard .. . picked up by Richard and Dorothy.
  • stopped by Todd and Nancy's to pick them up . . . and sent them to the way back of the van. . .since they are the newest wed.
  • headed west . Vancouver. . .
  • parked in the Sutton Place parking garage.
  • went to the hot dog stand that we were all craving. .
  • walked Robson. . .the shopping district
  • stopped at Mac. . .all us girls shopped for a new lipstick
  • went and browsed through H&M
  • went to Gap .. .Nancy had a return. .. I came out with a bag. . .Terry found this amazing.
  • at precisely 8:30. . .arrived back at Sutton Place for their Chocolate Buffet.
  • enjoyed an hour and a half. . .of relaxing .. and delicious. . . celebration of Dorothy's Birthday .. .(thinking to myself. . .we are so blessed to have friends)
  • went down to the parking garage. . .laughing all the way. .
  • Terry continued with his jokes .. .on the way home. . .more laughing. .
  • Dropped Todd and Nancy off first. . .since they are the newest wed. . .
  • and then us. .
  • Happy Birthday Dorothy my friend. . .you have the best parties .. .and you deserve them!


  1. That sounds like os much fun! We are going to the city today too! Thanks for the Saturday special!

  2. I agree with you, friendships are one of life's greatest blessings. Looks like you all know how to plan a fun party. It is so good to know you are feeling better. Hope you have a relaxing weekend.

  3. Oh sounds like such a good time. deserve it...having been unwell. The weather is great.. but don't overdue it this weekend. Sit back in the shade.

  4. What a great way to celebrate a birthday - MAC, chocolate, a new bag........and friends - and it wasn't even your birthday! Your friend is a sweetie to share!

    PS loved the collage

  5. Sounds like a great celebration. I'm glad you were feeling good enough for a hot dog and chocolate :0)

  6. Oh what fun! Good friends and chocolate go so well together :)

  7. Now that looks like the perfect way to end a 'sick week'! It's always fun to include friends in a birthday celebration...makes it that much more memorable. We're heading out across that same bridge this afternoon...and found some friends to join us.

  8. Next Saturday my daughter and I will go to the city to see "Menopause, The Musical." My mother's day gift.
    It will be good to be with her alone. I love the kiddos dearly but you can't talk much with two children constantly going, Mom, Mom, this and that.

  9. Fun times! The chocolate buffet sounds like the absolute BEST birthday dinner.

  10. Oh, that sounds like fun! I'm glad you were recovered enough to go and enjoy!


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