having a sons(s)

. . .and another thing I love about blogging. .

is the reason it creates to look through my pictures. .

again. .

and again ..

and again.

Yesterday's reason was today's birth date of our second son .. .


It struck me again. . .

how most of our pictures are with our two sons. .

full of vim and vigor ..

always up to one thing or another ..

and always having fun.

Terrence being 19 months older ..

has a small repertoire of pictures of him by himself. .

but Stuart. . always had the buddy shots.

You always had fun with the picture taking ..
always making us laugh. .

Always. . .taking risks. .

and always wearing your bruises with pride.

It's been twenty eight years since I first laid eyes on you. .

you are not my little boy anymore. .

but when I look through all the pictures. .

I thought. . .

he's always been such a good kid. . .

I'm glad we had two sons.

Happy Birthday Son. .

I'm off to make your cake. . just the way you ordered it.

all for now. .

with love. . .Mom


  1. Oh, what fun! I love looking through old photos...perhaps when the reno is complete I'll have the time.

    I'll bet your life has been filled with laughter because of having two happy, active boys. Happy Birthday to Stuart, and happy birth-anniversary to you, Lovella!

  2. How fun! I hope you all have fun celebrating!!! I'm glad my boys have each other -- just wish Rachel had a sister too. oh well, she has brothers, something I never had. :)

    BTW, Andrew is SO excited to send you his flowers. He's written a note and has been begging for me to mail them. :) Maybe today....

  3. Those smiles are beautiful!
    I'm so glad that my little grandsons have each other, and at 15 months apart they'll soon be up to the same things together.
    My big 'boy' turns 29 on the weekend - where did those years go?

  4. Oh so wonderful. Sounds like our 2nd born who is 28 too :0)
    Look at that little girl at Disneyland with them! Is that you??

  5. He certainly was a good looking lad that grew into to a good looking dad. The wild shorts and the short shorts brought back memories. Oh so styling they were at the time.

    I wonder how much you would have to pay him to wear similar outfits today? Hee hee...not enough money in the universe I'm guessing. Wouldn't it be fun to have the boys model such outfits in a "through the years" fashion show. Wouldn't everyone just die laughing?

  6. Sons are THE BEST! My two have grown so quickly as well! Enjoy the memories. I sure do enjoy mine!

  7. Boy, when I see those shots of where they are little, I remember them so well! On that Disney picture you look like an older sister, Lovella!
    I don't know if Stuart reads your blog, but Happy Birthday to both of you because a mother celebrates too!

  8. Awww, gotta love looking at the family photos. Stuart has changed a little, but you not so much. What handsome boys you've got! Hope there was a happy happy birthday. Was that first shot taken just yesterday?

  9. Interesting..our oldest son will be 28 at the end of this year...and, looks like they had the same bike!
    Looking at old(er) photos is so much fun..could spend hours doing just that!
    Cute post.

  10. Awwww...such sweet boys...and what fine young men they grew into! A happy birthday day to Stuart. Thanks for sharing those wonderful memories. By the way...like the ponytail there!

  11. Old photos...memories of the past...two grown up sons, how blessed you are. It is fun to look at the pictures, especially the one of you and the boys made me smile. How quickly time goes. Happy Birthday to your son today! At twenty eight he is in the prime of life. Hope you all have a wonderful evening together.

  12. What wonderful family memories. I wish the world could see the happiness that I have found on these blogs. There is too much in the media about heartbreaking situations. Every family has problems but I can't imagine allowing the media to butt in. Blessings to you all.

  13. A very fun post Lovella! But I must say that in the Mickey picture you look about 15!!!

  14. A big Happy Birthday to Stuart,
    love your pics.. they always bring back memories for me! smile...

  15. happy happy b-day.
    from the little i know about you, i do know that your parents did a fab job in raising such a wonderful young man... may your future be filled with loads of fun (less bruises, wisdom and joy as you raise your own family.
    lovella.....two sons, what a blessing. no wonder you are such a good cook....to keep teenage boys fed takes skill, and stocked pantry and a large grocery budget....lol. i love looking through the old photos and lovingly remember the yester years.

  16. What great pic's! Happy Birthday to Stuart.


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