I call her Mom. . but you can call her Pauline!

Thirty one years ago I started to call you Mom. . .

and you have been an amazing mom in law since then.

I have been amazed at your courage amidst chronic illness. . .

and your determination to keep doing everything you possibly can.

You love your children .. .

grandchildren. .

and now the

wee ones.

When I look at my beloved . . .

You share the part. . where you love doing things for others. .

and that is how you show love.

You are always the first to ask. . ."is there anything I can do?". .

You are a giver of yourself.

I have been the receiver of many gifts that have come from your kitchen. .

and that has left an imprint on my own character. .

and I will pass that on now too.

This year. . .my mil. . "(mom by love) bought a computer. .

and now. . .I know. . .that there is one person . .

everyday. .

that will read my blog. .

because. . she loves me.

You are really beautiful. . .

and I'm proud to call you Mom.


  1. Lovely! Happy Mother's Day to you Lovella and your your MIL Pauline!

  2. Happy Mothers day to you and my cousin Pauline. Great to see Pauline's picture. Hope you all have a wonderful day.


  3. Thankýou so much for your wonderful tribute to our mothers.
    I hope you had a wonderful day with your family. I#m typing on a German computer and itäs a bit different, so never mind...
    Hope to keep an eye on you girls.

  4. Happy Mothers Day, Lovella. How lovely that you have your MIL still with you, online!!!

  5. It is truely a gift to a mother in-law to be loved by her daughter in- law. It is also a gift to a daughter in law to be loved by her mother in law. Lovely post...Happy mother's day to you and to Pauline. Kathy

  6. Oh, my goodness, what a heartfelt, loving, and uplifting tribute to this very special lady. As a mother-in-law myself, my deepest prayer would be to be the kind of MIL this dear lady is to you. You inspired me today Lovella. Thank you! Happy Mother's Day from another person who enjoys reading your blog everyday.

  7. Happy Mother's day to you both!! I also have the blessing of a wonderful MIL. And I hope to be the same to my dear daughters by love.

  8. Very sweet! Happy Mother's Day to you!

  9. The world needs to see more of this kind of example of a mother-in-law/daughter-in-law relationship. I can just see her saying, "Is there anything I can do?" I think she is one where her actions speak louder than her words. Beautiful tribute!

  10. I check in on your blog regularly, but am guilty of not commenting near enough. Thank you for sharing your heart. I am so encouraged as you share about your life... what beautiful posts in honour of your mom and mom-by-love. It is obvious that you have been inspired by some amazing women. Happy Mother's Day to you too!-- Amber

  11. What a pretty lady! I know that you two share a very close bond.

  12. Beautiful tribute to your mil. I love mine too!!!!!!
    Happy mothers day, Lovella, my beautiful friend. Hope you feel special today.

  13. How wonderful that you're able to pay such loving respect to your mil and that she's able to read it online! Just more proof that anyone can learn to use a computer - my 75 year old mother and 87 year old mil can attest to that!

    Happy Mother's Day, Lovella!

  14. A great tribute to your mil.
    Having just lost my mil 2 weeks ago, her absence was really felt today.
    I am so thankful for the love and respect we had for each other.
    But I am still fortunate to have my own mother and gave her a big hug today.
    It reminds me of the Scripture passage in Ecclesiastes 3.
    In verse 4 it says:

    "A time to cry;
    A time to laugh;
    A time to grieve;
    A time to dance;"

    We did a bit of all of that today, well almost! We did not dance!
    Went to the cemetery and then went and celebrated Mother's Day with my mom!

    And so the pendulum swings, minute to minute and only God knows what lies ahead for each of us!

    Wow! Sorry about the length of this comment.

  15. Beautiful tribute to your mother-in-law! What a blessing for the whole family. May the Lord give you many more years of joy!

  16. What a blessing to have a lovely mother in law! Thanks for introducing her to us.

  17. Since Lovella said it was OK to call you by your first name...

    Hi Pauline! I've met your son, and have seen first hand what a fine man he is. You should be proud of him, as I know he and Lovella are of you as you continue to learn and keep up with the ever changing world of electronic communications.

  18. How lovely! Pauline reminds me of my late MIL, Helen, who treated me like a daughter and had not a malicious bone in her body. Her freezer was always filled with homemade chicken and rice soup and applesauce to take to someone who might be ill. She's been gone 24 yrs. now, and I still miss her!


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