I watched helplessly as my beloved. . .
removed the door. .
and put up plastic . .
with me left inside.

I could hardly blame him .. .

I yelled at him through the plastic .. . ."fumigating . . .are you?"

NO. . . "I'm painting the door"

Just to be sure though. .
I started to clean and air the house today.

and he painted the door. . .

He's still a bit leery of Flu. . .
but . . . things are settling down to normality once more. .
The lil' farm hand called last night. . .
and hinted .. .
he might be by. . .
All for now. . .


  1. Oh, I do hope the flu is all in the past today and that you get to play with the lil' farm hand!

    The front door looks so nice!! What a great man you have!

  2. Love the black door! Let's all just banish that flu right now! Hope your weekend is wonderful!

  3. You sure have a great way with words! Hope you are soon back to 'normal' - whatever your normal is!

  4. Love that door! So that's how to paint a door...you carry it off to the painting booth? I'll try to remember that for next time.

    May you have a wonderful, flu-free weekend!

  5. Oh, cute post...and my goodness, things happen fast at your house! I still need to paint the front door and I'm thinking I need a couple of days!?
    Glad you're feeling better.

  6. I'm glad to hear that the flu is making it's departure - if slowly.
    I love that black door!

  7. Mr. T. has a hardy immunity system, if he was shaking hands with you each night instead of waving at you from another room!

    We've got door painting (black also) on our "to do" list this weekend. It is funny how often similar tasks show up all at one time around blogdom.

    Personally I'd like to see a run on one of these tasks:

    "Yesterday we cashed the million dollar check we unexpectedly got from a long lost relative's estate"

    and "We're painting the living room in our vacation house in Hawaii."

    Just day dreaming again. Back to reality and mundane living!

  8. So glad you are better. I love the look of new fresh paint. It says 'somebody loves this place.' Good weekend to you and yours.

  9. I had to smile at the comment on how fast things happen at your house. Your house looks sparkly clean and ready for that special someone to come over. I wonder if he'll notice the door?

  10. Your newly painted door looks wonderful !!
    and the farm hand back ?? that sounds like the flu has passed on - I'm so glad to hear it !!
    Enjoy this perfectly beautiful day!

  11. Thankfully you are feeling better. Thanks for sharing the photo of the outside of your home. It is beautiful and so well manicured. "Fumigating" is a great blog post title even if it isn't true. Hope you have a good weekend and get to spend time with the lil' farm hand. Speaking of...my youngest ones are taking a nap right now.

  12. Glad to hear that you're feeling better Lovella.

    The door and the flowering bushes look lovely! Terry is a handy fellow to have around :)

  13. Love the 'new door'.
    By now that flu is gone, right? I sure hope so.

  14. Your house is looking lovely!! And the door is terrific!

    BTW, the stuffed chicken breasts came out perfect! Everyone loved them and the shower was a success -- I'll post pictures next week.


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