the chicken leftovers

Upon returning home from our romantic weekend away. .

the roasted chicken that I had purchased for the kids to make wraps. .

was waiting in the fridge for me.

I lifted the lid. . .and smiled.

Two wings. . .a bit of meat clinging to the bones on the back. .

and they saved it for me.

This is not really a recipe. . so I won't insult the Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog with it. .

but. .

I tossed the "leftover" roasted chicken in the pot. .

covered it with water. . .

simmered it several hours. .

tossed in a chicken bouillon cube. .

pulled out the bones. .

and picked off the last of the meat. .

added some carrots . . .

and some noodles. .

and offered it to their children for lunch yesterday.

Who doesn't love chicken noodle soup?

After a good bunch of slurping. .

they napped for two and a half hours.

Good times .. .

All for now. .


  1. What a great idea for the little ones! I know the noodles were probably everywhere by the time the meal was over!

  2. Who doesn't like homemade chicken soup, indeed? I love it when the grown up kids come through the door sniffing 'what smells SO good' and it's the soup. Nothing like it.

  3. Noodles are always a favorite with the wee ones...the messier the better! I'm just wondering what your floor looks like after lunch?

  4. I just did the same with mine last week - for hubby and moi!Learned it from my mom and it's become a habit. Great flavors! Great stuff!

  5. Of all the things that I make for the grands, they still prefer yogurt. I don't know...they're fussy little guys. So glad that yours know a good thing when they see it!

  6. Hey it looks like some of those noodles made it all the way to their mouths!! So sweet. Looks like lopsha to me :0)

  7. The matching high fun!
    Like the commercial says: "Soup is Good Food!"

  8. aww.. Lovella .. how sweet !
    I melted when I read a school assignment of my youngest granddaughter who was supposed to write about her favorite place ... she choose Nanna's house.. and one of the things she said that she loved was the 'smell in the kitchen' ... smile... Grandmothers don't need better rewards that that, do we ?

  9. 2.5 hour nap after soup! I need some of that for my baby :)

  10. Yum-yum! I cooked a turkey Sunday and last night did the same with the carcass. Oh the soup was so good and there were leftovers for lunch today -- perfect for a cool rainy day. Your grandkids are so cute!!!

  11. Lovella, what are you talking about? That IS the Mennonite way, isn't it? Having to write specifics down for some of these recipes that have always been " a little bit of this, a pinch of that, and a handful of..."
    is really not always easily done. The writing, I mean. This is the way to make soup and I love that they slept so well with their full tummies.

  12. I missed you! I enjoyed catching up on your latest posts. This sounds like a great idea to me. Easy, delicious and I can imagine how good it would smell cooking on the stove. I tried to picture my little grandchildren eating soup...that will come. I will remember this good tip.

  13. Oh, it look delish, and I've always wanted to learn to put together homemade chicken noodle soup! I must try this the next time I bake a chicken.

  14. I think soup is so good , its quick and cheap to make, fills a family up fine and feels so satisfying to make and eat!

  15. How many little pots of noodle soup have I made in my life for my own kids when they were young and now agian for their children. My sweet Mom did that for me and my siblings and for all her grandchildren and so did my MIL. (she still for the great grands))I think it is one of those meals that kids remember and ask for often even as they grow up. Love the two high chairs side by side. Kathy


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