Happy Victoria Day Weekend

I love a long weekend. . .

Gone are the days....

when we waited with baited breath to find out what whether or not my beloved would be working at Safeway that day. . .

More often than not. .

he'd be working.

For the first twenty five years of our marriage. . .

we'd watch the freeway flow out to the sunny spots in the province. .

and we'd have our little holiday after work ..

in our backyard.

Now we know what our schedule is. . .

and we are content with it all.

Perhaps. . .

when you know you can have something. . .

it loses its appeal a bit.

Besides enjoying some time with friends tonight. . .

we'll do our chores. .

and do some gardening. . .

and sit in our backyard.

having our own party.

Today roads will be busy with the trailers and campers and motorbikes. .

all heading east.

We'll watch the traffic flow out to the sunny spots of the province. . .

and on Monday we'll watch the traffic flow back in from the sunny spots.

May you have safe travels on Victoria Weekend. . .

all for now. .

with love,


  1. Lovella, A few years ago hubby and I took a cruise to Alaska from Vancouver. When the ship returned, we rented a car, caught a ferry to Vancouver Island and Victoria. We were in Victoria, at the Queen Victoria Hotel on Victoria day. Now, we are ramblers and like to get out and ride, so we left town before the parade got started, but then when we returned to town we walked through the town, and it was so much fun, such a happy atmosphere and gorgeous weather! We had a wonderful time walking through town and visiting stores and vendors on the harbor. A memory I will always cherish! Have a great weekend! Becky G.

  2. Contentment...it is the underlying theme that runs through your blog today. Sounds like a fun, relaxing and needed break in this busy world. The photo you shared is exquisite!! I wish you a special holiday weekend.

  3. Just this morning hubby and I talked about the long weekend..how we used to look forward to that because it was an extra day off work..now a long weekend makes no difference to us..as hubby likes to say '6 Saturdays and 1 Sunday = 1 week'. Ahh..retirement!!
    Enjoy your weekend Lovella..I have plants waiting to be potted up! The weather just hasn't been co-operating..

  4. Your photos - and the flowers in them - are absolutely beautiful.

    While you're enjoying your Victoria Day Weekend, I'll be giving lots of Grammie hugs and cuddles!

    Back to packing those bags... ;)

  5. Happy Victoria Day Weekend to you! Everything is looking so glorious in your yard! Beautiful. The older I get the more I like to make up my own holidays :0)

  6. Have a wonderful long weekend...in your own backyard...and enjoy all those beautiful blooms! We intend to watch the freeway traffic from our back patio as well. (The field work is calling, so we stay close to home.)

  7. Mmm...I am content to sit on the front porch and soak up the scent of the lilacs right beneath me! (they are pretty much the only thing blooming right now!)

  8. Oh this weekend is Victoria Day weekend. I don't know why I had it in my head that it coincides with Memorial Day weekend. I hope that everyone has an enjoyable long weekend and stays safe. There's lots to be said for a weekend at home enjoying friends and one's own backyard and I know you will!

  9. Good Morning Lovella,
    Your flowering bushes look so beautiful!
    I just enjoyed some of your multigrain no knead bread, the sun is shining and I'm happy to be home this long weekend too. Maybe we'll go into Vancouver tomorrow, maybe not.

  10. Are there some special recipes that honor HRM Victoria that will be served this weekend? I'm vaguely remembering tea cakes or something. If there isn't...maybe you or one of MGCC can create a treat in her honor!
    (Can't have you loafing in the garden all weekend, now can we?)

  11. What a lovely visit here today to see all your wonderful blooms! Love Lilacs, taking a deep breath! Have an awesome week-end!

  12. Lovella, I wish you a week-end filled with the things you love best!

  13. I still appreciate being at home on weekends and holidays after a time, years ago, when I worked over every one of them. For me, the loveliest thing is to know that the car doesn't have to leave the driveway on a weekend - that I can stay in my own backyard.

  14. Your lilacs are gorgeous!! Wish I could smell them. Someday I will get one for our yard.

    Your hanging basket looks like it is at the hairdresser's. :)

    Have a good weekend!

  15. We love our own backyard for long weekends especially the Victoria Day one as it can get quite scary on the roads.

  16. I wish you all a happy Victoria's Day weekend. We will celebrate Memorial day weekend, next weekend. Our family has a Memorial golf tournament and family reunion. The golf tournament is in honor of John and Clara Jones, My in-laws. It is the 15th year for it. It is funny neither John or Clara ever saw a golf course. No golf for Tom and I, just the reunion. Your flowers are beautiful.


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