spring showers

Oh. . .I wanted to show you what my little grandgirlie had tied to her wrist. . .

upon arriving for brunch on Mother's Day.

I couldn't help but think. .

it was such a suitable gift from a little girl.

Darling. . .and the balloon was adorable too.

I love this time of year.

It seems that Mother's Day. .

marks the end of having to buy fresh flowers in the market. .

and I can collect a fresh bouquet for my table everyday.

My new hanging baskets had a bit of a surprise on Monday evening.

When they say that planting before the middle of May (in Canada). .

is a tad risky..

they speak the truth.

I'm going to wait until the weekend to plant the rest of my bedding plants. .

surely. . then it will be safe.

I watched out the window as a thunder storm passed through yesterday.

Yesterday . . .we took the lil' farm hand out to vote for our Provincial election.

I marked the spot. .

and I folded it up. .

and he slipped it in the secret box.

Leaving with a sticker proclaiming him to have voted . .

we went out for lunch to celebrate.

Great fun. . .

All for now. .


  1. It is great that you took the little one with you to vote. Here we have started "Kids Voting" for about three years now. I have been privileged to set up and arrange for "Kids Voting" twice at our community voting poll. How are things economically in your country? Are they as bad as they are here. My prayers are everyday for our leaders and all over the world.

  2. We, too, had snow and cold blowing winds up here in central Alberta yesterday! Love your bouquet of flowers. Gorgeous! Your photography is wonderful. I especially enjoyed yesterday's shot of all the yummies in the pans and the curlers in your hair! What time do you get up in the morning? I enjoy reading your posts!

  3. Was that SNOW? Ackkkk... As I was telling Judy, the poem in my sidebar speaks to this weather perfectly.

    Oh my! Your grandgirlie might have been in danger of floating away with that wonderful balloon tied to her wrist. Ha! I'm sure that you got a photo of that and I can imagine how cute it is.

    Yay for the election going well!

  4. Oh is that why it is a bit nippy here this morning...I am discovering that we get your "used" weather a day later! It is SO tempting to run amouck with petunias and other tender flowers right now but I too have been warned and am restraining myself until June 1st. Lucky that you have a lovely garden even in variable seasons!

  5. Isn't it wonderful to have your own flowers on your table? I'm working on it!
    We had terrible high winds two nights ago, but no thunder. Lots of branches on the roads though, as evidence. This morning's sky is grey and cloudy and I see from the weather thingy on my laptop that we're in for more showers. I never go out without an umbrella at this time of year!

  6. I hope that thunderstorm marked the end of the winter for us, but I keep hearing rumors of snow. Can you believe that? I hope not!
    The peek into your yard is pretty!
    And the balloon is so cute!

  7. I love running out to cut flowers...we're good from now until October.

    Thunderstorms, downpours...and snow on the peaks...I'm ready for a little warmth!

    Our voting is done...until May 14, 2013 (yikes...that sounds far away!).

  8. I was awakened by the thunderstorm that came through during the night here in MB...LOTS of rain, but thankfully no snow!

    Love your flowers

  9. Thankfully, snow doesn't typically happen here, especially not in mid-May when we've been melting under 90-plus (F) degrees for weeks now. Rain would be nice...and we did get a tiny, pop-up thunderstorm yesterday.

    I'll bet you nearly melted at the sight of your little darling with that big balloon tied to her!

    I used to always take my children to the voting booths, too, even coaching them about pulling the proper switches to place each vote.

  10. You are teaching your grandchild a good lesson on the importance of voting. What a joy to have lunch together. Your hanging basket has a beautiful combination of flowers in it. I like the way you arranged your bleeding hearts. On of my favorite things about summer is having flowers to cut and arrange.

  11. We have been having our share of storms here in Oregon too! We experienced a "15 minute Mini Monsoon" the other day! Happy Mother's Day!

    Stay Cozy, Carrie


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