matchy matchy

Why wait until we are retired to do the thing that we say we will never do?

We've already noticed since we have the travel trailer. . .

that folks slightly older than us. . .that are in love. . .like to dress matchy matchy.

We smile at this. . .and promise ourselves we will maintain our own individual sense of style.

But wait .. .yesterday, I was going through old photos. ..

and would you look at us?

I made those sweaters. . .when we were dating.

I surprised him with his for Christmas one year and then worked feverishly to make a sweater to match his.

We continued to wear them at least until the birth of our second son. . .which was when we purchased the Subaru.

No wonder we are still married. . .my beloved was obviously smitten enough to wear the sweater to please me. We still have those sweaters . . .safely stored in the attic. . . and perhaps I'll test the waters once again and suggest that we put those sweaters in the travel trailer. ..

to wear camping.

Our children would be so amused.

Speaking of being still married.

We're off to a marriage retreat this weekend. . .

woo hoo. .

All for now. . .with love,


  1. How sweet...Doc and I sometimes dress to coordinate colors, but I don't believe we actually have ever worn anything that matches.

    Enjoy the retreat!

  2. Perhaps you should bring the sweaters to the retreat- you know, for chilly evenings! Funny as you talked about dressing to match my parents are so afraid of doing this that they change when they are even wearing the same colors!

  3. I'm very impressed with your knitting capabilities! those are not easy sweaters to knit!!

    I bought matching (in color) shirts for Michael and me for our honeymoon (only one pair -- we didn't wear them everyday). Guess I didn't realize it was tacky (or a sign of older age). :)

  4. You two are the cutest couple! I haven't noticed that matchy thing with older couples in love...I'll keep looking. Have a wonderful weekend so deserve it!

  5. I love it! They are perfect for camping.

    This is just too funny...because I also knit an Indian sweater for hubby 'way back when' and then I knit one for Pierre (a Swiss exhange student who lived with us one winter). A few days ago, I had an e-mail from Pierre's wife asking me if I still remembered the sweater...they had pulled it out for old-times sake.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Cute 'matchy matchy' ! Can't say that hubby and I ever did that.
    But it would be such a hoot to put them on again and see what your children would say!
    I think you need to get them out of storage and into the trailer. So cozy it sit around a campfire wearing them!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Way to go! I was never allowed to wear matchy matchy. It's amazing the things we made during those days.
    I used to knit sweaters at Manning Park while the little ones napped in the tent.
    The good ole days!
    Good on you that you kept them.

  8. Well I am quite impressed with your knitting skills! :0)
    Have fun at your retreat! Would love to see a now photo with the two of you in those sweaters ...

  9. Very cute photo! Here in Victoria I notice the matchy thing a lot - red jackets and a certain kind of cap seem to be a popular choice among elderly couples...most of whom are still holding hands - lovely.
    When I was small my mother dressed my sister and me in matching dresses all the time - she'd buy two of everything, sometimes in different colours, but always the same style.

  10. You're a cute couple.

    And I'm sure you'd be a source of amusement to your kids if you sported those sweaters at the next family camping event :)

    Have fun at the marriage retreat. I"ll be interested to hear about it.


  11. How cute! My husband and I had matching wool plaid shirt/jackets when we were first married!! Today we make our own choices for church and we often end up wearing matching colors!! Our children groan!!

  12. It must have been ok to wear mathing things at that time, because we did too. I remember we went to Bootleggers in downtown Vancouver and bought matching plaid ( soft Indian cotton kind)shirts and Seafarer jeans. I say, no wonder we got married. Everyone thought we already were. Nothing like making it more obvious than a promise ring.

  13. I can't believe you made those sweaters! We found kids size versions at thrift stores (couldn't believe the deals we got!) and had semi matching ones for the twins. Boy did we got a lot of compliments on them! Yours are lovely.

  14. That is so fun. I can't believe you made those by hand. I think they would be great for camping if only to take some pics to bug your kids. But really they are quite nice and would be a wonderful conversation piece. Have a great weekend.

  15. I knti one of those sweaters for Scot but never did have a matching one. We had matching Seafarer jeans too and also enginer style striped overalls. i must have a picture somewhere to prove it. Enjoy the weekend....this is your chance to by matching souvenier T-shirts...smirk! Kathy

  16. Oh Lovella, I am impressed that you were able to knit those sweaters. Well done! Yes, yes, put them in the trailer to wear while roasting smores at night and drinking that first cuppa in the morning by the campfire.

  17. I believe it was you, Lovella, that some time back had a post about losing a camera. To me, that is the ultimate "slap in the face" you might say. I hope you will look into my blog today and see what I found about lost cameras. It is a way to safeguard yourself. I do so enjoy your blog and also the one with all your "sisters". Susan

  18. Ohh ! that photo brings back memories! Everyone either had one of those Indian sweaters or wanted one! I lost count of how many I knit!
    Yours look great !!!

    And yes.. Vic and I used to dress matching... I remember a blouse and shirt of the same material. smile...
    We still often find we are dressed in co-ordinating colors - unplanned!

  19. I seem to remember you too dressed matchy matchy just this past Christmas in your very large sleepers. Very cute.

  20. cute. Hey...I like the signature...never noticed that before. Must get back here more often. You have been doing some snazzy things here Lovella.

  21. Dressing matchy matchy is my worst fear. Ok, not really.

    Instead of pulling those sweaters out from the attic, I vote you purchase new nylon tracksuits complete in neon colors and wear those while you go for walks together!!!!!!! And then take pictures. See how amused your kids would be then!! ;)
    I'm smiling just thinking about it.

  22. Dear Lovella,

    I agree with the other poster(not sure which one) that you and your husband should wear the matching sweaters, invite your kids over, and just have fun seeing the expressions on their faces(LOL!).

    Kind regards.

    p.s. I was very impressed with your knitting skills. And what nice keepsakes they are.


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