the old salmon cannery

Semiahmoo Resort was built on the grounds of an old Salmon Cannery.

The boats that sit at the dock are for enjoyment only.

Buildings that appear abandoned. . .and useless. ..

hold a quiet beauty that begs to be captured. .

In the meantime. . .I enjoyed my fair share of seafood. .

it wasn't canned. . .

but . . .fresh. .. .and it smelled . . quite wonderful.

Oh dear goodness. . . looking at my calendar. . .

shows . . a cousin camp. . on a rainy day in May.

I best be ready when they run in the door.

Anyone want to play. . .forts?

All for now. . . with love,


  1. Sounds like fun to me! Lots of pillows, blankets and sheets are necessary to build a really good fort (my kids were pros).

    Isn't fresh seafood wonderful? Yum. Enjoy your day!

  2. I do! I do! I remember as a very young girl playing forts at my Memere's house....blankets across chairs held down with books of all sorts. Nothing like a fort on a rainy day!

  3. Do have fun! (I hope you nap when they do...)

  4. That's a lovely spot to retreat to!

    Forts is a favorite over starts with the ping pong table and blankets galore.

  5. At 19 months my grandson has just begun to discover the pleasure of forts - it all began on Sunday with some upended couch cushions.
    That resort looks beautiful - I hope there will be more photos.
    PS the verification word today is 'predove' which is, of course, an egg - quite appropriate, I thought!

  6. Ha! I just got a kick out of seeing a indoor fort my 19 year old nephew created just last week :0)
    Have fun. The shots of the cannery and boats, etc. are really nice!!

  7. The memories of forts as a child has had me building them in our place for our grandkids quite often. It is so much fun...for us and the kids. Enjoy your day. Kathy

  8. Hey - we are on opposite coasts but blogging about the same thing!

    Well, fish anyway.

    No grandchildren - yet :)

  9. I've played all weekend and I'm weary. We made hot tubs outside in the gravel, and they were so messy and dirty, but wow did they have fun.

  10. My most recent memory of a fort is watching Tehya and Paeton build it so the Makenna would not be able to get in and wreck everything. Here you are building forts with kids just a bit older than Makenna.

  11. I can just imagine what the cannery must have been like in its day. Back then I bet the roof gleamed and reflected the water and sky. Fish must have been the scent that powered the surrounding air and men and women must have left very tired after a long day at work.


    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  12. I'm glad you told us it smelled....good! Old salmon canneries bring to mind the smell of old salmon. But those buildings do have a beauty of their own, as you say.

  13. I still build forts/tents for my you ever outgrow the novelty of sitting in a blanket fort?
    I love old buildings!

  14. Building forts in the neighborhood "empty lot" was the best!

    Stay Cozy, Carrie


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