In Honour of Queen Victoria

My very considerate American friend Jill. . .

sent me a link to a recipe for Queen Victoria's favorite sponge cake. . .

knowing of course. .

that I would want to honour Queen Victoria. .

since Canada . . .. a Commonwealth country ..

observes her birthday.

Appreciating Jill's efforts for us to celebrate with proper decorum ..

I ran straight to town to buy more butter. . .

and I whipped this tender moist cake ..

and invited just the perfect amount of . .

Queen Victoria's Birthday party .. .

guests .

I would have posted it today on the Mennonite Girls Cook ..

but. . .I won't butt in . . .

we're scheduled ten days in advance.

How are you observing Queen Victoria's birthday?

After a three day entertainment marathon . .. .

I'm resting. .

All for now. .


  1. I am terribly interested in this "vintage" recipe having just done a "vintage" recipe from a First Lady of the 1800s. It certainly looks delicious!

    Happy Victoria Day to you and yours! Resting sounds like just the ticket for today.

  2. You've made this cake look absolutely stunning and delicious. Reading the recipe comments on the link you provided, I found it interesting that for some people it didn't work out and others raved about it. If they followed the recipe to the letter one wonders why!

    Enjoy your week-end! Snow in Edmonton!

  3. Looks like strawberry season..well not here, we shall wait a bit.
    Beautiful cake!
    Hope to do some yardwork today.
    Enjoy your day!

  4. Oh that does look fit for a Queen! Beautiful. Have fun recuperating :0)
    I'm headed across town again today to say goodbye to my brother, his wife and little Hope. Friday we fly to Seattle for 5 days! Yippee...
    Blessings on your week.

  5. A cake fit for a queen...for sure! It looks beautiful...and yummy. And I'll be checking out the recipe in 10 days time.

    Have a relaxing day.

  6. That cake looks delicious! I'll be heading over to read the recipe.
    I'm still in the marathon entertaining mode, but it's all kids and grandkids and a barbecue to end it all this evening. Would we have it any other way?

  7. Exactly the kind of thing I like to bake!!! It's just gorgeous!!!

  8. Dang...wish we celebrated Queen Victoria's birthday here, just so I would have an excuse to bake that cake.

    What the heck...I think I will make it anyway. I've always been fond of the Victorian Era, and we owe it all to her that such an era was possible.

    Your picture has pushed me over the edge! I'm adding butter and strawberries to my shopping list.!

  9. Lovella, I love how you always find an excuse to celebrate! It was fun to run into you at Jacob Connexion! What a beautiful weekend it was - even for those who got to stay home!
    Oh, and the cake looks beautifully delicious!

  10. Oh my Lovella....that looks simply wonderful. And I am wondering if tomorrow we shall see pics of your guests....or is it just the two of you? You did mention you were resting.

  11. Look at you and your baking capabilities. Lovella, you need to instill within me this baking gift of yours. It's just sad how much I CAN'T bake. (That and I kill if you have any words of wisdom there, I'll take that too).

    Moving right along, no more moping and salivating at your baking concoctions that you just so happened to "whip up." I'll be inside studying on this fine day, for a final exam I write next week. Yay. Oh yay.

  12. Of course on a birthday, it is very appropriate to be baking cakes. So I am too. I am baking an old-fashioned chocolate - very yummy! I will be trying your sponge when our strawberries come in. The ones in the store now look good but have no flavor at all. Happy Victoria Day!

  13. It seems appropriate that you would share this cake with all of us, in honor of Queen Victoria. Your finished cake looks like it should be served in a fine restaurant. Great job!!

  14. That looks so very delicious....all that gorgeous whipped cream!

    Thank you for letting me know it is Queen Victoria's birthday! shall I celebrate? Sounds like the perfect excuse to put scrubbing the kitchen floor on hold and instead go out and have some dessert in honor of Her Majesty.

  15. Mmmmmmm... bet Queen Victoria herself never had a more delectable cake served on her birthday!!!


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