the colour purple

When my mom suggested that I begin collecting china in grade eight I willing complied.

I went to Bartsch Jewelers the local jewellery shop that sold china. . (we had no malls in our town back then). . and selected Sweet Violets from the Royal Albert line.

In 1973 purple was very popular and I had a deep purple bedspread and matching curtain in my room.. . .

So ..purple flowers on the white china seemed to make perfect sense.

I got boring china gifts all through high school ..

and by the time I was married. .

I had enough to serve dinner on.

In the meantime. . .

purple went out of style.

If I wasn't sentimental . .I might have sold it and started again. .

but I am sentimental. .

and today. .and many other days. .

I'm glad I have white china with little purple flowers.

Every year .. .I appreciate lilac season. .

for it is the one time of year. .

that my china agrees with my garden.

Since you couldn't all come for lilac season. .

I have you sitting at the end of the table. . .

where you can see the whole width of the bungalow. .

OH and about color .. .I'm off to have my roots looked at once more. .

for the life of me. . I can't make them behave. .

All for now. .


  1. How beautiful!!! Definately keep the china. It's fun to have different dishes for different times of the year.

  2. Yesterday I cleaned and organized our bedroom closet. In the process I discovered a bag with packs of deep purple floating candles left over from our middle daughter's wedding. She did her weddding in deep purple, magenta, lime green and coral. I thought to myself when I found these candles, that I wish I knew someone who uses purple on their table...can you believe it!! I was so surprised when I read your post today. Your table with the china looks so beautiful!! You, my dear friend will be receiving these pretty purple floating candles to use however you wish. What a fun story.

  3. woo hoo .. .who says blogging doesn't pay. . thank you Judy. .

  4. I'm sentimental too, Lovella, and could never get rid of something like your china. Now you have a grand daughter and perhaps one day you can pass it along to her. Sometimes I think that there's not enough of the pretty in life - and your china is definitly pretty.

  5. It is a beautiful set of china. Everything comes back in style if one waits long enough.

  6. I love the color purple - the color and every shade thereof and the movie! Your beautifully set table looks wonderful and inviting. I was just hoping that you are not changing your hair color to purple - like I've seen some little ol' ladies. Smile!

  7. Ohhhh...are you hinting you might be getting a wild violet purple streak added to you hair? LOVE it!
    You go girl!

    Seriously...your mom was so ahead of her time while being old fashioned. If more mothers would encourage their young daughters to select china early on, and begin dreaming of weddings and making a home, I'd be willing to bet the co-habitation practice would come to a screeching halt.

    The only downside: I started my antique fine china collecting and my every day dishes collecting at my mother's urging in high school as well. My groom was a fan of modern...and my collected dishes didn't appeal to him!

  8. Oh I am so glad you are sentimental. Your Royal Albert is fabulous!! It looks great on that black tablecloth. Oh and you brought up roots and I don't get mine taken care of till June 30th. Maybe my hairdresser can squeeze me in since I'll be in Seattle till Wednesday! I hate to go to someone new for color...

  9. Oh yes - I can remember purple being in. I decorated my room in purple - tie-dying a bedspread :)

    I have my mom's china - Petit-point pattern. I've always loved it.

    I'm can almost smell your lilacs from here. Ours are just starting to form buds.

    Happy weekend!

  10. That room looks absolutely beautiful! You found just the right color tablecloth too to accentuate your china and I also love purple lilacs. I know purple isn't alwasy in style, but it reminds me now of a comment someone left on my blog recently . . .
    This entry reminds me of a quote from "The Color Purple" which is one of my favorite novels. Celie is walking in a field of flowers and says something like this, "You know,I think it ticks God off if you walk by the color purple and don't notice it!"
    I had to smile about how this is one season that your plates match your garden because I think most of us who have a set of Royal Albert feel that way at different times of the year. My set (which I've never really liked)finally matches my living room.

  11. Purple's good...especially at this tme of the year. Your table looks lovely.

    You weren't thinking of going purple with the roots though...were you?

  12. I am sure your sons have never expressed any appreciation of that china, but when the women come along they will be oohing and aahing. It's not the pattern that counts. It's the memories and the symbol of your family's start up. I think. Love the photo.

  13. China is something your not sure you need but it's so fun when you are having company over and then you remember "oh i have good china!" I have a Royal Stafford teacup that's called "sweet violets" i wonder how similar the pattern is. see you tonight!

  14. I love purple, too, and especially anything that blooms in purple. My mother's wedding china had a violet pattern (I can't remember the name) and when I chose mine, I searched in vain for something just as pretty as hers. I found it, but it had tiny blue flowers to please my DH instead of the purple ones I wanted. Oh,'s still very special to me!

  15. You set a very pretty table Lovella and the purple is just perfect! I can't bring lilacs indoors, it would have my hubby sneezing.
    And I really love that white cupboard!!

  16. Yep....I can't remember which sister collects this pattern but yep...each girl was encouraged in our home to pick a pattern early. Of course, being the tomboy that I am...I never did! BUT.....after mom moved into a senior's lodge she divided up her beautiful collection of Royal Alberta, white with silver all us girls. Now I finally have china...grin! Lovely picture. Thanks for placing us at the head of the table ... the view was terrific!

  17. I think they are beautiful!

    My daughter is calling my current stage in life my "lilac-purple stage".

    I don't know why but about the time we moved into this house, I became attracted to this color. As it turns out, the dining room area here has this color in the wallpaper (it did have deep purple drapes before I put the lace curtains up).

    It was at this time I found my Royal Albert Lilac Rose pattern while thrifting.

    It is such a peaceful and calm color. Love it (and love your china!).

  18. I love china, and have often thought that I would like a set for every month of the year...the problem is the expense, the storage and having enough friends to share "tea times" to make good use of it. But isn't there a pleasure in just looking at a well-set table. Delightful, and thank you for sharing this post.

  19. Your china is absolutely beautiful! Everything comes back in fashion, and purple is hot again! But never mind, even if it weren't, living with things we love (or love now for sentimental reasons) is enough. Your table is stunning. What a wise mother you had.



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