real chenille (love that title)

When I was a little girl ..

my mom would make her bed every Sunday with her special Chenille spread.

I was not to sit on it. . .

no babies bottoms were changed directly on it. .

and though we lived on a farm. .

with four boys. .

and one. .

little girl ..

the spread remained clean and free of tears and missing chenille.

Now the spring has sprung. . .

I had a longing to see it once more. ..

and so the double bed spread ..

is spread on the queen sized bed. .

stretching as far as it can. .

and meeting the white bed skirt that sweeps the floor.

I read the instructions. . .

all over again. .

I may not use flake soap. ..

but Chenille does enjoy a good windy day.

Speaking of babies bottoms. . .

guess what today is?

I'm off and running.

All for now. .


  1. Oh the memories these blogs bring back. Every so often I am tempted to buy a chenille spread, but I would not be the same as being mom's. I went to a consignment shop yesterday to try to find material for a quilt I want to make using my art on fabric. I can't believe I found muslin, just what I was looking for. I saw many chenille spreads in that shop. Enjoy your day.

  2. That is one gorgeous bedspread!!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a wonderful real chenille spread! I'm so glad that you brought it out of storage and shared the washing directions, too. The one for mine are long gone.

  4. Wow - that brings back memories!! And yours is in such excellent condition. I, too, was looking at chenille at a fabric shop while visiting with my daughter on the week-end. Interesting!

  5. Just the word - chenille - brings back memories. All those sweaters that snag and run don't deserve the name.
    My mum had a mint green chenille bedspread and I remember tracing the design.

  6. Oh what fun and what a treasure :0)
    Enjoy those little ones...

  7. Oh that bedspread is so pretty! My mother had a pink one. I remember the little bumps and patterns on it. I think we were not so careful with it as your mom was with hers. It was, long ago, relegated to the rag bag.

  8. It is in amazing condition. Your mom had a lovely color sense. Everytime I see a chenille bedspread I think of Erma Bombeck who wrote humour about being caught napping in the middle of the day because of the chenille design pressed into her face.

    If someone were to have a hankering for a 50's era chenille bedspread, the Vermont Country Store website has some pretty ones.

    I'm eyeing the pleisse cotton spread for summer.

  9. I have a teal-ish(is that a word?)colored chenille spread from the 'old days'. Sure brings back memories. I also remember the 'chenille design' pressed on the face! grin Your Mom kept hers in mint condition as you are doing now. Love that the washing instructions are still there for you to see.

  10. I had to smile at that last comment, but I guess no one would have been cought napping on your mom's spread. The look brought back memories, but I would not have known what it was called.
    It's so good how memeories come back to you with these special treasures you have from you Mom.

  11. What a beautiful bedspread! It's wonderful to have treasures from home that bring back such good memories.

  12. That is a treasure, Lovella...a well kept one too! Chenille brings back many memories...but I have no heirloom pieces to my name.

  13. is beautiful and filled with special memories...Stay Cozy on that spread...


  14. Oh yes, we had real chenille at our house too and at both grandmas! Lovely memories!

  15. Your chenille spread takes me right back to my home on Main Street of a quiet little town. I loved my mother and dad's bed with the bright colored chenille spread. We were not allowed to sit on it either. My mother took good care of it. I wish I had it today. Yours looks like new. Thank you for sharing it with us. Did you enjoy babysitting today? I sure did.

  16. So the question remains, will you allow babies bottoms on the bedspread?

  17. Thank you, Lovella, on the chenille washing instructions. Yesterday I brought my mother's chenille bedspread in to be washed --- and I didn't know I shouldn't use flake soap. Your post is so timely. Your mother's chenille spread is beautiful! And in such perfect condition! I don't know if it is true or not, but to me chenille is a very Canadian 'thing'. Although I have seen 'some' in the states, it was mostly my Canadian aunties who covered their beds with such pretty chenille spreads --- so for me chenille is uniquely Canadian! With fond memories.



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