good night handshakes

You also know you are sick when no one kisses you goodnight.

I'm a bit weary of being offered a handshake.

Yesterday .. .my optimism was short lived. .

and the powder room and I had lots of time to rethink repainting.

But. . .as I type this. . .I once again am optimistic. ..

and am certain that it is all but over.

In the meantime. . .

I can't complain one speck.

I've sat in the back yard. . .

calling out to the farmer. . .

offering him cold drinks while he works on my latest project idea. .

and I offer him a bit of company in return. .

So far so good. . .

he's not succumbed to flu .. .

All for now. . .


  1. Oh, I had so hoped that you were well along on the road to recovery. Perhaps its all behind you now and you'll be in tip-top shape before the weekend.

    How funny that you should ponder the paint in the powder room during your indisposition. ;)

  2. This flu business takes its time, I guess. But certainly every day brings you closer to your goodnight kiss. The scuttling storm clouds over the flag are the perfect metaphor for this must go and it will. I'll pray that your beloved skates off without any harmful effects whatsoever. You have such a fun way with words!

  3. My daughter living in the Midwest called yesterday, and it sounds like she has what you have. Hopefully, today you are feeling better. If you have to be sick, it seems like you have created a way to get through it, especially with the farmer nearby. I hope that you are never too sick that you loose your great sense of humor.

  4. Oh Lovella...I hope the flu we had here hasn't reached fun, and almost a week's worth!
    Saying a little prayer for you. Thankfully you have some sunshine to brighten your day, but sounds like you could use some good homemade chicken soup!

  5. I hope the Farmer stays well and that you are tip top soon :0)
    Beautiful photos.

  6. oh dear - I was hoping to read that you were up and at it today.

    Well, there are many ways to show affection and a beloved working on his beloved's project ideas is one of the best in my opinion. Mine has been doing the same and it makes me feel like kissing him, that's for sure! Yours will be in for a loving when you're past the contagious stage. Wonder if he has that in mind?? :)

  7. Goodnight handshakes are no fun, and neither is contemplating redecorating the bathroom. I'm so sorry for the reoccurrance!!! I sure hope you are finished with it!

  8. Oh have a nasty one! Let's hope the end really is in sight and that out and about...and being kissed the very near future.

  9. This is a nasty bug!
    At least you are putting your down time to good use - supervising a new project and contemplating paint colours......I look forward to hearing all about the new project.
    Gutte besserung!

  10. Maybe the Loo is the last stop. I fell like the tummy bug has to work its way out. Loved your copping mechs though.

  11. You know, Lovella - that's about all I do with garden projects even when I'm not sick! Hope you can get a goodnight kiss again soon!

  12. FLU! Oh, I am sorry Lovella.

    Praying for you to be kissable once again (not that you're not...just the germs need to go first!)

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  13. aww... I'm glad you are finally feeling better !
    And here's a big HUG ! I'm not afraid of flu bugs!!

  14. Yuck! a tummy bug! -- What nice surroundings you have to recuperate in and good magazines to catch up on -- trust this will all be "history" soon! --

  15. Oh dear! I had hoped that you were feeling a whole lot better by now. Maybe once recovered you will have "done it!" and be "good to go" for the rest of the year. Do take care.


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