pea soup and tree hunting

Sunday was the most beautiful day here on the west coast of Canada.

We had planned to go to our favorite mountain tree farm to look for our Christmas tree.

Leaving the farm. . .looking south. . .appeared to be somewhat brighter.

Looking northeast. . . looked like pea soup.

We headed towards the pea soup.

We went up the mountain. . .and down the mountain ...

and crossed a gorge. . .

(well actually it was a meadow. . .but I don't know if I'll ever be able say I crossed a gorge)

We spent a good hour and a bit. . looking.
And it was worth every moment.
When I spotted the tree and my beloved droppd to his knees to commence the sawing of the trunk. . .
He said .. . "the needles are prickly".
I said. . . "that might work in our favour"
While we were paying and enjoying our mulled cider. . .
the man was pointing out interesting little facts about the different types of trees.
He noted that often families with young children buy
Colorado spruce because little children find the needles uncomfortable. . .
we smiled. . . and put the tree in the back of the truck.
We might be getting older. . .but we are a bit smarter than we used to be.
Back to decorating. .my fingertips are a wee bit sore. .
I suppose what is good for the goose. . .is good for the gander.
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. What fun! I have memories of my firstborn rolling up to the tree in her walker. She never removed the ornaments, but she would grasp each one and squeeze repeatedly while gasping and grinning as each light flickered.

  2. You have the most beautiful pictures on your blog. I love to stop by and take a look. Thanks!

  3. What beautiful fog pictures! Can't wait to see the end result!

  4. Tree hunting in the fog (and even crossing gorges) makes it all sound like quite an adventure! Our local tree farm is not nearly so romantic...and wouldn't make such a lovely picture. And prickly is good!

  5. Yup, those spruce trees are prickly! Our Eastern Spruce got tipped for the window box. I had to get gloves pronto to finish the job.

    Hope that the Colorado Spruce works great...I'm sure that it's a corker!

  6. i remember tree chopping with my cousins...what fun. my dad always had the perfect tree and the house just smelled wonderful.
    i really miss not haveing a real one. i can't convince scrooge, oops i mean my darling husband that a real tree would be better,grin. well not yet anyway, i am not giving up hope.

  7. Ah. I've been wondering how to handle having a Christmas tree with a little one around again. Colorado spruce, huh? Thanks.

    I like pea soup days occasionally. We are having one today.

  8. I'm sure you picked a wonderful tree Lovella..even if it is prickly! That's some fog..or pea soup! That expression is a common one I think!
    Waiting to see the decorated tree!
    Oh and I don't think I've ever crossed a gorge..I wanted to use that word too!

  9. hee, hee. It will be such fun for you this year as the little ones discover more of the joys of Christmas! Enjoy....

  10. I remember having a prickly one
    once or twice . . . I think I finally put on some gloves.
    Can't wait for you to see the lights in their eyes . . .

  11. I love the post...and what fun, to pick a tree...just like I remember!

  12. It's me again. I will be in Seattle till this Saturday and then I fly to San Francisco to meet up with Dear who will be at a conference there for work. I'll roam around San Francisco till Tuesday the 9th and then back to Southern Cal until December 25th. Sheesh I'm getting confused :0)

  13. I think I know exactly where you were !
    what a fun post! I'm eager to see your 'somewhat-uncomfortable' tree!!
    We were up in pea soup on Sunday-- I do prefer it served in a bowl!

  14. Sounds like you got the perfect tree, considering.
    Thursday will be our tree with our little one, who will help his Opa cut it down.....
    So much fun...I've been watching the weather to plan for this event....
    In time you'll get also....


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