words of encouragement and the weekend to come

Yesterday was one of my favorite Christmas celebrations of the season.

We met with our industry friends for a luncheon. . .

it is meant to hobnob with everyone.. . .but I have a confession to make. .

I look forward to visiting with the few same ladies each time that I ordinarily only see twice a year. . .save one very good friend, who I see every week.

We chit chat. .. .never about the industry. . .catch up on what our families are up to. . and what they plan to be up to. . . and promise to get together very soon.

This year in the lineup, a young woman in front of me. . . .casually mentioned that she reads my blog. . . .

We chatted a few minutes about it as we moved down the line. . . .

and I felt so encouraged afterwards.

Just a word to tell me that she reads my blog consistently. . . .

and I felt encouraged.

I had to wonder, who I have encouraged this week. . .

it is a small thing to build someone up. . . isn't it?

On another note. . . .guess who's coming over?
We have invited the girls who cook together with me. . .in their own kitchens. . . with their menfolk. . .
to come and get properly acquainted.
Not everyone can come. . .but I'm delighted that there will be a quorum in attendance. . .
and who knows .. .we may decide to hold an annual meeting of the
Mennonite Girls Can Cook.
We'll be taking pictures. . . .and you can well imagine my Monday post.
Oh goodness, I have cleaning and cooking and baking to do. . .
Good thing that even a Mennonite Girl that Can Cook. . .knows her way to Costco.
All for now. . .with love,


  1. Lovella, your blog is inspiring and encouraging. I can't imagine "forgetting" to check in with you each morning for a little laugh or an uplifting thought. This is definitely a ministry.

    Your photos are so pretty...I enjoy the lights and colors of this season, but there's something peaceful about the tiny white lights and simple white theme.

    I'm looking forward to a "report" on the MGCG get-together! It sounds wonderful!

  2. Oh Lovella...How exciting it is....can't wait to meet you all this weekend. You are right about encouragement....and the reverse is so true as well. A sharp word or criticsm can cause such pain. I am glad to hear of your special luncheon and the pictures are lovely...from the function I am gathering?

    Oh don't go to too much trouble for the weekend Lovella....we're just 'family' after all....see ya then

  3. Now that's my idea of community...meeting with long time friends and then meeting with new friends. Your blogging has created so many smiles and warm ties between those who have and have not met. Bravo for following those little nudges that made such relationships possible.

  4. I agree that your blog is inspiring and fun, Lovella! I'm excited about the MGCC get together and I'm not even coming!! Although I so very much would like to..but I do want lots of pics and a long write up..hehe

  5. I come by here regularly as well...for my dose of humour, encouragement, or just plain good-old-fashioned tips for life. Keep dishing it out, Lovella...we count on you. And thanks for hosting our first annual MGCC Christmas social...I am so looking forward to meeting everyone.

    By the way...did you do your Costco run yesterday? Our paths may have crossed!

  6. Your industry get-together sounds like fun! And I'm so excited for you about the MGCC meeting!!! can't wait to return and hear all about it!

  7. I'm thinking every really good cook knows how to buy well too! :0)
    Have a wonderful time with the girls!! Oh I wish I could be there. Maybe in the future when I happen to be in Washington for the month of December instead of in California :0(

  8. Lovella, you certainly don't have to worry if you have encouraged someone ... it flows naturally and plentifully from you, in word AND deed!

    Looking forward to pics and snippets of your conversations!

    By the way, it snowed at my place yesterday! Can you believe that? It hasn't snowed at our house in 15 years. I posted a few pics on my blog.

  9. Have a grand time with your MGCC friends on the weekend!.......and yes, be encouraged by the people who find something uplifting everyday in your writing.
    We'll be hopping onto the ferry tomorrow to visit the big city of Vancouver for a little shopping at the Danish food store - the Great Dane has a birthday right around Christmas and it calls for a few special ingredients.
    I look forward to reading about your weekend reunion.

  10. Wow! Sounds as if you will have a great time with your MGCC group. I so look forward to seeing Monday's pictures!

    I'd be horrified if someone casually mentioned that she reads my blog. I'd keel over in a dead faint. I do have a new sister-in-law who reads because of someone's slip-up and she says that she feels that she knows me from reading. I don't know her at all. LOL! That's the crazy thing.

    Have a fun weekend, Lovella!

    Oh, I thought it was very encouraging of you to acknowlege that I was a tired grandmother. We know why young women have children now, don't we?!

  11. I'd love to be there at the party!

    I think that even a smile encourages people, and a smile is so very easy to give.

  12. And guess what I'm one of those who cannot attend....
    But I am sending the best representative in the whole world.
    You will all have to wait for Monday's post.
    Encouragement is the greatest gift in life!

  13. I so love to come here as well! It's always fun and encouraging to read your posts and feel like I'm in good company! Oh, and I'm so looking forward to Sunday too!

  14. I just want to encourage you as well! Your blog continues to be interesting, fun, inspiring and thought provoking. Love the photography too! Your blog would definitely be my "mentor" should I ever move from "anonymous" to "blogger" status! Lori T

  15. it is always so encouraging to hear good things about your blog. especially when you put so much of yiour heart into it.
    i too like it when i get comments or some one emails me.

    now don't get me started about sunday, sniffle sniffle, blow, honk wipe....i will miss you all!!! what a great time to bond beyond the computer and blog land.
    lots and lots of pictures and recipes and stories and every little detail!

  16. Yes... Lovella .. you don't have to worry about touching people's lives in a positive way. You do it just by being yourself and what better way to encourage is there??
    YES ! I'm really looking forward to Sunday and putting faces and movement to the women I know by name!
    I met Marg today for coffee and we talked up a storm .. like we'd known each other for years ! I'm sorry she won't be there.. but I have a sneaking suspicion who her 'representative' is !!! smile.....

  17. Have a wonderful weekend Lovella! I can't wait for Monday's post... I am sure all you will totally enjoy yourselves!

    You have been encouraging me along the way in blog land. I have gotten into a little slump because my camera is broke... but I guess I should still write something, even if I can't post a picture that I took also, right? Take care, Janine

  18. haha, so awesome that you ladies are all getting together!! I don't think we can even begin to imagine all the great food you'll be eating tonight :) Looking forward to seeing the pics!


  19. Your blog always encourages me, Lovella. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your constant cheer and friendliness.

    And how wonderful that the cooking girls are coming to cook! Totally awesome! Take lots of pictures and be sure to sign up for 'smell-a-vision'!


  20. What fun to be had at your house.

    Glad you got a little boost of encouragement about your blog. Nice to be encouraged, nice too to be an encourager.

    Happy cooking sweet friend.

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted


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