The Mennonite Girls Can Cook. . .and Visit

Last night we had the first of hopefully many more Mennonite Girls Can Cook .. visits.
We missed the girls who couldn't come. . . but we did have two special guests that represented Marg. . she sent the cousins of William and Anna for a visit. Judy brought them all wrapped up in blankets that their new momma made.
They had a little nap together, shared one high chair. . .oh they had fun.
They promised to come again with their new momma.

(Kathy in white sweater, Trish on the floor, Judy in black sweater turning around, and Julie beside her, Annelieseon the couch to the right with Bev behind her.. . .Trish left before we remembered to take the imcomplete group picture in the top collage)

Since we are who we are. . .the ladies ended up in the room where Terry and I spend our evenings. . . . while our menfolk took over the greatsmall room. . .
we were happy to hear a conversation continuing down the hall.

Us girls had no trouble at all. . .finding things to talk about. The food was wonderful. . .everyone brought a share plate. . . and it really did seem like meeting old friends. The evening ended far too soon. . .we'll be seeing each other again.

Oh the enjoyment that comes with girls that enjoy the same interests. . . on so many levels.

All for now, with love.


  1. Thanks again Lovella for a most wonderful evening. It WAS like a meeting of old friends wasn't it? The food was great, of course, and the company was fine....the fireplace cast a glow and smiles were everywhere. Never mind that the wind howled outside but in a way...I am thinking...that was our 'prairie' contribution which was so sorely missed. Thanks again Lovella..until the next time.

  2. i had to get up early before amy took off with the computer again just to check in and see what betty and i missed. it looks like you really enjoyed the visit. how wonderful........maybe next time.

  3. oh how can i forget!
    i clicked the pictures to get a better view...what was all served? it looked beautiful.
    are all the recipes on our site, i think not. i don't recognize all of it..;-).
    do share pleez.....we're waiting;^D

  4. Looks like you all had a wonderful evening together!!

  5. Everyone is smiling, the table looks yummy, the house looks warm and inviting, and I can imagine that cameras were clicking away, too! It looks like you all had a wonderful time together!

  6. Love it all! The food looks fabulous (of course). So hoping it works for me to meet some of these lovely ladies in the future. But wait!! You forgot to name them so I know what face goes to what name!!

  7. Mmmmmmm - that looks like a wonderful spread! I'm sure you had a good time, by the look of that table and the smiles on the faces.

  8. Oh everything looks so wonderful..Char and I missed a good time for sure..meeting 'new' but 'old' friends. I feel like Char..want more details!!
    Thanks Trish for thinking of us 'praire girls' as the howling winds! lol
    Thanks Lovella for being so quick in sharing the knew we'd be sitting on the edge of our chairs here..

  9. Oh the cousins look like they're having so much fun! I'm glad they stayed warm in the howling winds!

    Everything looks yummy and the atmosphere so very inviting!

  10. Thank you, Lovella for hosting a wonderful evening! Your love for making your home welcoming and beautiful is very evident! I love it! I was able to meet two new friends and I hope to meet the rest of you soon as well. Right now the winds are howling so bad, I wonder if I should just turn off my computer!

  11. Well I'm excited to see that Cousin Camp turned out just perfect.
    This is way too funny from my end.
    Sounds like a typical Menno night.
    Men in one room/girls in the other.
    I'll have to see when I can pick up my little ones, maybe after the winds slow down.

  12. The cooks look cozy. I'm so glad the weather cooperated so all could arrive and enjoy the gathering.

    (Oh to be a fly on the wall to discover what the "Mennonite Boys Constantly Chow" group talked about.)

  13. Thanks, Lovella, for bringing us all do that so well! It was a wonderful evening...and I look forward to more get-togethers in the future.

    I love 'Thoughts on Life's comment...we have no idea what the menfolk talked about...but they sat right next to the buffet table all evening!

  14. I echo the above! Everything was perfect .... and it was wonderful to have that 'friendship' feeling with people I met for the first time! Thank you, Lovella for being a wonderful hostess ! I do hope you are feeling better today.. your cold 'outside' !! (pun intended!smile)

  15. Thank you Lovella - you and Terry are great hosts and made us all feel so welcome. Yes the food was terrific and the company even more so. I was so pleased to make new friends and reconnect with those met before. The men didn't seem to have any trouble finding things to chat about either- there was a constant buzz coming from their corner! Perhaps the next get together can be in summer on our patio. Happy Christmas to all of you.

  16. I'm so happy for you! It sounds like a wonderful evening. Friends like that are a gift from the Lord.

  17. I hope this post makes it. This computer is just not working yet. Thank you Lovella for hosting a wonderful evening. What a treat to finally meet Trish and Julie. Your home is so beuatiful and had such a cozy feeling. The food by all was delicious! We missed the other gals, but we did get a sample of Marg's cookies. They were so yummy....and pretty. We all left with a party favor...a mini egg beater....NO EGGS? What a fitting gift from the cutest chic on the farm. Thanks again. Kathy

  18. I was sewing when I remembered that you gals were having a get-together and that you'd be posting about it on Monday. Well, it didn't take me but a second or two to zip right down the stairs to check back. Oh what I missed!

    You gals are all so beautiful and t.h.i.n. How do you DO it? With all that wonderful food you're baking up all the time. Lawd, what wonderful genes you all inherited.

    Looks as if even the menfolk did all right and you gals look like old friends for sure.

    Wonderful to see you all together having fun!

  19. wow, looks like you guys had a blast lovella : ) You're such an organizer! That's such a wonderful talent, and it is a talent. Anyway, food looked great! Sorry i don't keep up as much as i should, but isabel i sometimes just a little more work that i thought : )

    lots of love and merry Christmas!!

    love lisa

  20. Thanks For the names Lovella!! I appreciate it ...


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